Monday, March 28, 2011

Male Stripping: Myth vs. Reality

Whenever I strip at parties, I always hear a lot of misconceptions about male strippers. For example, some girls assume that I'm gay, or that I can't hold a relationship, or I'm uneducated. Many readers share these stereotypes as well, since I tend to receive a lot of the same questions. Allow me to tell what's real and what's not about male stripping.

Myth #1: Male strippers cannot hold relationships.

Reality: Bullshit. Some male strippers are married or hold down relationships very well. While it's true that some of them may cheat or jump from girl to girl, there are plenty who treat this profession as a business and focus on the money. For professions with the largest amount of marital problems, look at law enforcement and lawyers; they have some of the highest divorce rates.

Myth #2: Male strippers are usually gay or bi-sexual.

Reality: Perhaps those male strippers who strip for solely gay clientel or at gay bars are gay or bi-sexual. But the majority of male dancers who strip for crowds of women are straight. Some women at my parties think that all male dancers are gay. Where the hell do they conjure up an idea like this? Wouldn't a gay man prefer to have gay men groping him rather than straight women? Of course. The same applies to straight men. Part of the thrill of being a male dancer comes from the idea of getting fondled by hot women. Besides, gay parties don't call up my agents asking for a male dancer---they get their own entertainment elsewhere.

Myth #3: Male strippers don't make much money.

Reality: Wrong. I make quite a bit of money per gig. For as little work as I do, the money is great. A slow night with just one gig always net me close to $200, and that's only doing around 30 minutes of work.

Myth #4: Male strippers have to strip for the gay crowd to make any money.

Reality: Bullshit. I don't know where people come up with this shit, especially when they don't know anything about male strippers. I only strip for the female crowd and I do fine. Believe or not, some girls are great tippers, especially those who have worked for tips before.

Myth #5: Male Strippers must have a harem at home---like Hugh Hephner.

Reality: This notion really depends on the individual. Some guys assume that I have hot girls at my house at all times. A lot of them ask to party with me, because they think I'm going to introduce them to a lot of chicks. Not so fast--that kind of party is elsewhere. Do you think I'm going to share my spoils? Hell no.

Myth #6: Male Strippers aren't successful in life.

Reality: I'm sure that there are some male strippers who live hand to mouth, spending every dollar as soon as they earn it. According to my agent, however, most male strippers have professional full-time jobs, myself included. Of course, some women express surprise when I tell them that I do "normal work" for a living.

There are many other myths floating around about male strippers, but these are the most common ones that come up. Overall, male strippers are entertainers, meaning that we're just like everyone else until we start performing. While working, we put on the entertainer's mask and act out our roles at these parties. After work, we're just like everyone else again, except we tend to have a higher chance of getting laid.


  1. "most male strippers have professional full-time jobs, myself included"

    Is that the only reason you went into stripping was for the extra money or is there a little bit of your self-consciousness that said you also did it cause you wanted to get laid easily?

  2. Hell yeah I wanted to get laid easily. That's one of my favorite perks of the job. On top of that, I'm an exhibitionist. I find it thrilling to strip in front of a crowd of women and have them shower you with praise and attention. What kind of a guy wouldn't like this?

  3. Well yeah,sure its a perk of the job but did you strictly only go into it to get laid or did you go into it for the money?

  4. This guy speaks with gay vernacular. Sorry but who says "Not so fast--that kind of party is elsewhere?" Your gay or at the very least bi.

  5. To answer Anonymous from March 30, 2011 (yeah, I'm a little late on that), I went into the job in hopes of attaining both.

    To the previous poster who thinks I'm "gay" or "at the very least bi" based off of one sentence, how the hell can you tell what gay vernacular is in writing when you can't even use "you're" correctly in a sentence? Noam Chomsky, move over----we got a Linguistics professor full of new theories here.

  6. Well atleast you tell them the truth Dion

  7. Wait, are you sure most of them aren't gay? How do they not get hard?

  8. I've heard many male strippers, probably more common at clubs, have to wear a cock ring or take Viagra to stay hard at all times.

  9. "Besides, gay parties don't call up my agents asking for a male dancer---they get their own entertainment elsewhere."
    Why wouldn't they ask for male dancers from your agents and how do you know they get their entertainment elsewhere? Also, most female strippers are lesbians, so I doubt it's any different for male strippers, being gay. They just don't want to ruin the fun for the women they dance for.

    1. Gay parties just don't ask my agents for male dancers. Simple as that. I don't know why. My agents just don't get many calls for them. So from a simple logical deduction, a reasonable person would assume that they get their entertainment elsewhere.

      And when I worked at French Addiction, most of the female strippers that I met were straight. Perhaps in your neck of the woods, they're lesbians.