Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Highlights From September, 2013 - Part 2

Mother & Daughter - September 14, 2013
A mother hired me for her daughter’s bachelorette party in Destin, Florida. As strange as it sounds, it is not uncommon. I had met many mothers throughout the years who liked to enjoy a male stripper alongside their daughters.

I met the mother prior to entering the resort hotel to collect payment and was pleasantly surprised by the sight of her. She epitomized the term “MILF” in every aspect. Fit, beautiful, tan, fake breasts, and a pretty face. She seemed very excited to see me and greeted me with a hug.  
I assumed the role of a maintenance man arriving to fix a broken shower head, which was actually broken. I tried to fix it, but it was missing a small piece. The daughter seemed suspicious despite my act.
When I emerged from the bathroom, she had already assumed that I was the stripper, so I began stripping for her.
“I knew it!” she said with a nervous laugh.
The crowd consisted of her friends and her mother’s friends. Most of them participated, and were a very nice bunch.
The mother was the most enthusiastic. She wanted to take a body shot off of me, and she was very flirty. I suspected that she secretly hired me more for her enjoyment than her daughter's. She even invited me to go out with the group; they were going in a limo to Panama City. I had work the very next morning though, so I politely declined her offer.
The daughter came up to me towards the end and asked, “Did we give you enough money in tips, or do you think we should give you more?”
I shook my head. “Tips aren’t necessary. A male stripper shouldn’t demand or expect it. I’d prefer to have a friendly crowd like y’all were rather than a rude crowd who tipped a lot.”
My words caused her to melt.
"Awww, you are sooo sweet!" She reached for her purse and pulled out a wad of cash. “Here.”
“You really don’t have to…”
“Take it,” she insisted.
I tried to refuse once me, but she thrust the cash into my hands. I thanked her with utmost sincerity.
Before I left, I took a picture of the bachelorette cake, which was of a muscular male torso with a large erect cock popping out of a black thong.

The cake
“That’s you,” one girl said to me.
“Yeah, I have a black thong on too,” I said.
“You should pose next to the cake.”
“With my cock out like that?” I joked.
“That’d be nice,” she smiled.

The mother asked me once more if I wanted to go out, but I really did have to work the next day, so I had to leave. Once I got home, I counted over $300 worth of money from this party. Not bad for thirty minutes of performing.
A few days later, the mother sent me this text message:
Hi Dion – just letting you know that we thought you were awesome this past Saturday! Thanks for a fantastic time!



  1. Love this story! So what'd you wear for your handy man costume? Are there rip-away overalls?

    Also, that cake was a little shocking. I saw it on Facebook in the newsfeed and didn't realize what I was looking at until I clicked on your blog post. Then I was like, "Whoa!" So, did you pose for the pic next to it, like they requested?

    1. I didn't pose next to it, just joked about it. I'm sure a few girls would have loved for me to do so, but a few others would also object to it. When in doubt, play it safe and keep it tame.

  2. I would also like to know if you were bold enough to pose just like the case especially with that girl's reaction on your joke. ;)

    1. No, there were too many ladies. I would have definitely upset a few of them. If it were a smaller party where every girl was for it, then I might have appeased them.

  3. You must be a really feisty man. Luring happily married and involved women into cheating on husbands and boyfriends who respect them for who they are.

    1. So did I "lure" these girls into hiring me in the first place? Even if it was their idea to throw a bachelorette party and hire a stripper? I'm the aggressor here and they're the victims, right?

      Could you provide more clarity for me? Because I'm having trouble understanding your thought process here.