Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Spring Break Update

The bachelorette crowds have finally arrived on the Emerald Coast. I wondered why there wasn't so many bookings in March, but the parties this past weekend told me that they were waiting for the spring breakers to leave. Drunken high schoolers and college boys didn't suit their tastes. As a result, I worked five parties this past weekend, and netted over a grand.

Here's a pic from the first party on Friday, April 10, 2015:

Posing with the bride.

This bachelorette party had a Fifty Shades of Gray theme, which is a first. I showed up in a business suit with handcuffs and a blindfold, because sensory-deprived bondage makes for a great time. I predict many more bachelorette parties will carry this theme for the remainder of 2015.

I apologize for the lack of material lately. It's difficult to write with all of these parties. However, here are some upcoming updates on the horizon:

- More pics and details from my recent parties.
- The editor is going over the manuscript for my memoir right now. Just a little longer.
- A humor comic strip about male stripping.
- My review of the novel, Fifty Shades of Gray.
- More e-mail Q & A's.


  1. Love the pic ! The bride to be looks like a little Hottie !

  2. Any hand jobs go on with this one?

    1. Not this one, but I'm sure there will be some crazy ones on the horizon. The year is still early.