Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Random Request from Instagram

My e-mail account ( gets fewer and fewer e-mails these days. I realize that's because everyone is using social media apps to communicate. My Instagram account, for instance, gets bombarded by interesting messages.

Here's one example:

Believe it or not, I get tons of messages like these or worse. 

But this is a good example of how NOT to introduce yourself.

First off, his opening line is a rude way to address someone for the first time. Second, I'm not going to take a complete stranger along with me to a bachelorette party. As I've said, girls hate it when an extra guy comes along unless its a new stripper and the company has cleared it with them earlier. Besides, what's in it for me? You want me to put aside extensive time and effort to include you, a random person from the internet, into my customers' parties even though you offer nothing in return? Third, you cannot be like me, nor should you try to be like me. What works for me may not work for you. Instead, you should strive to be a better version of yourself.

This may look like the ultimate dream job. Party with girls. Get loads of cash. Possibly get laid. Yeah, I know it looks fun. However, this job is about "entertaining" the girls and ensuring they have a good time. It's not about you. Most guys don't get that. They want to enter this job prioritizing their own personal pleasure above all else. Well, that's a good way to piss a group of girls off.

A male stripper's goal is to ensure their customers a memorable experience and a good time. It's our duty to take care of them. These girls in my photos look like they're having fun because they feel safe and relaxed around me.  

The last thing the male stripping industry needs are a bunch of men using bachelorette parties as their personal hook-up joint while tossing customer service into the trash. It ruins business and gives guys like me a bad name. 



  1. I worked as a stripper for several years while pursuing a career in opera (in know...not the norm.)

    I got gigs all the time from my booker becasue I showed up every time! It's amazing how many guys can't even handle that basic part of the business. Plus, I always kept it professional.

    1. Many people have trouble showing up for work these days. So did you ever sing for your customers?