Sunday, April 18, 2021

Lesbian Party

 Fairly recently, I was booked  for a birthday party for a girl who was described as "masculine and only into women." The customer went on to say that just about every girl there was gay, but they wanted to "change things up this time" by hiring a male stripper, as opposed to a female. I've been a male stripper for almost 20 years now and have seen many interesting things during this time, but even this was out of the ordinary.

Needless to say, I was intrigued. 

I arrived and pulled my typical cop routine act, and the birthday girl fell for it. Then once she realized I was a male dancer, she laid down on the sofa and spread her legs and told me to "hump" her. So, I did. Then, she felt my legs, which she commented were smooth (I shave), and my ass, to which she remarked how nice it was. She was incredibly into it.

After a few more minutes, she said, "I think I might be bi," and, "This is better than hiring a female stripper."

I was flattered... And curious. Therefore, I asked why that was.

"The other girls we hired either had saggy tits or looked like they were run ragged and hung up to dry," she answered. "I'm actually getting turned on."

Fair enough. 

The other girls were equally, if not more, motivated by my presence. Hands caressed my body, soft lips brushed across my skin, and eventually, someone pulled my thong down, exposing me to the entire room. Now this was where things became even more interesting.

The girls paused. Some flattered me with comments about my size. Others, stared in awe, as a few claimed to have only been with women and have never seen an actual penis up close and personal. One of the short-haired, macho-type girls asked if she could touch it. Well, this was uncharted territory for me.

"Go ahead," I said. 

She gently tapped it, then quickly retracted her hand and giggled. 

This produced a series of copy-cat behavior. Other girls wanted to feel, too. Two of the girls, I soon found out, were straight, and began taking turns jerking me off. The lesbian who initiated all this continued touching me, like a mischievous rascal, giggling all the while. She then produced 150 dollars, and handed it to me.

"Here's a tip," she said, "for showing us your cock... And letting me touch it. That was awesome!"

 Things started to get more interesting from there. The two straight girls began exploring my body more and more. Some of the lesbians, some of whom were extremely attractive, began indulging themselves with each other. The birthday girl sat back with a grin and enjoyed the show with a grin on her face. But before things ventured to far, I had to call an end to the festivities. At least for my participation, not theirs.

I had another party, for which I was now running a bit late to. I was disappointed (and so were two of the straight girls) to leave the fun, but I had a commitment I planned to keep. Besides, I've earned all the money I was going to here (which was A LOT). Now it was time to earn more money at the next party. 

 The life of a male stripper, I thought with irony. Enter a hedonistic fantasy any man would enjoy and leave when the fun really starts.

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Two-Man Parties

 COVID-19 really crippled the world last year, but here in my area, bookings have returned to normal... almost. The volume still isn't quite up to speed, but close. 

One thing different is the number of bookings requesting two male dancers. To be clear, I hate when parties book two dancers. Even from my early days, I have always liked performing solo. I don't have to split tips, worry about what the other guy is doing, or whether he shows up on time. Plus, I like running the show my way.

There are some who like the "safety in numbers" factor from having extra help. Bad party? An extra guy can be handy in damage control. Big party? Two men can attack large crowds better than one. And for two dancers who have established a great rapport with each other, they can ultimately make a better performance and have the shared experience of a good time in some cases.

Then there is the advantage when having a seasoned veteran along, because he can provided an invaluable training experience. Being a seasoned veteran myself (closing in on 20 years now), I'm often the more-experienced half of the pair during these two-man shows, so the burden of running the show or training the new guy often falls onto me. While this isn't a problem in itself, I often get stuck with new recruits who cause absolute train wrecks of a performance. Either they aren't just cut out for the job (lack of charisma and the ability to read a crowd), or their ego far outpaces their ability to actually impress. Now being a former teacher, I like the prospect of passing on knowledge and helping someone learn (thus my blog here), but the problem is, much of my advice is ignored. After a few frustrating situations within the past year, I told my companies to leave me out of two-man bookings at all costs. 

To be fair, companies love two-man bookings. It's double the profit for them, so they get a two birds for one stone deal. The problem lies mostly for dancers like me. I simply request to only do one-man parties. Fortunately for me, there are hardly any other male dancers in my area, so the companies rarely have the ability to send another dancer.

Thursday, August 6, 2020


 I'm still alive. Coronavirus has crippled the industry for several months, but now things are booming again, because I've had scores of bachelorette/hen parties during the last three months (June to August, 2020). There are few things to note:

Are these parties isolating? Hell no.

Do they wear masks? No.

Is it business as usual? Yes.

It is what it is, I suppose. Anyway, I'm back to posting. One thing I may cover is corrupt booking agencies. I've worked for many - good and bad - and I'll be happy to share some stories.

Monday, February 10, 2020

Pay Rate of Male Stripping

For the past 15 years, the industry standard pay for male strippers has not changed much. It is -- and has been -- around $125 to 175 in the United States for a bachelorette party, depending on the location and how far the dancer has to travel. Here are things that have increased in the last 15 years: inflation, minimum wage, and salaries for pretty much every other job out there. The typical pay rate for male strippers still remains unchanged, and with inflation added to the equation, it actually has decreased.

On average, I get offered $150 a show, not including tips. This sounds nice for one hour, but when factoring in the time for preparations and commute, a male dancer (who actually cares about looking presentable to clients) will often consume about 3 to 4 hours per party. For my rural area, that number actually increases to about 5 hours: An hour to get ready, an hour or two to commute there, an hour perform, and then the commute back. Sometimes it takes more than 5 hours, but let's say that takes 5... Then that's roughly $30 an hour, not including tips, which aren't even guaranteed.

That money doesn't factor in the wear and tear on the body, personal vehicle, and costumes a dancer needs for the job. Nor does it count the cost of fuel or other means of transportation. So really, that number shrinks even further.

These facts do not necessarily mean the pay is bad, but with the rise of inflation and other wages, the perks of male stripping are diminishing compared to 15 or 20 years ago. Now for a college student needing a quick weekend gig, this job is perfect. The same goes for a lot of people who have the free time to burn on weekends, or just need some extra pocket money on top of their day job.

Here's my point: I received $150 (not including tips) on average back in 2005 for a party. Now in 2020, I still only get offered $150. The salary hasn't changed, but the price of goods and everything else has.

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Terminal Cancer

Last week, one of my agents pushed for a party for a girl who was dying with terminal cancer. Having a male stripper was on her bucket list. The agent felt a deep sense of sympathy for her and vowed to get her a dancer.

Lately, I've been too busy to strip much. I've been doing fewer and fewer parties each year due to not having weekends free. This weekend was no exception, but my agent asked when free. He was trying to make it work for this girl. I actually had that particular day off, and hearing the story, I had to do the party.

Unfortunately, when I showed up, the girl with the terminal cancer was so sick that she was continuously throwing up in the bathroom and couldn't even watch me. I tried to stay as long as I could until she got better, but she didn't. I danced for her friends, but never got a chance to meet her because she couldn't come out.

It was also her birthday.

There was a notebook that everyone was signing for her. I wrote a long personal note and left her the badge for my police costume as a souvenir. Then I had her friends take some risque pictures of me in a thong just for her. It wasn't much, but I hope it would bring her a smile later.