Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Bachelorette Party Souvenirs

Over the years, bachelorette parties have given me many souvenirs and trinkets to take home in addition to tip money. These have included custom t-shirts, penis straws, penis whistles, koozies, condoms, necklaces, bracelets, feather boas, various hats, sex toys, thongs, panties, and much more shit that I didn't really need. 

Here's a small collection of things I've received over the last month:

What do I do with these? 

Easy. I pass them out at future bachelorette parties as souvenirs. As for the panties, I can give them as a gift to an intimate girlfriend--and the best part is that I didn't have to pay for them!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Salary for April 2016

For those of you who have asked me questions in the past about a male stripper's salary, you're in a for a treat. I'm actually going to share some info on what I made in April, which is peak season for my neck of the woods. The amount consists of my initial deposit the customer pays me plus tips.

In April of 2016, I performed at 13 parties and made approximately $2,900. These parties took place primarily on Fridays and Saturdays. They were mostly bachelorette parties with maybe a birthday party or two in the mix. All of the clients were female. 

All in all, not bad for working only on the weekends, and it combines well with my salary from my day job.

I could have made more, but I turned down a total of 8 parties because of schedule conflicts (with either my day job or prior engagements). Therefore, it was easily possible to have made over $4,000.

Keep in mind that this does not reflect the industry average. There IS NO industry average. Each and every male stripper out there makes a different amount. Some guys are more popular, some are not. Some may live in areas where they get too few bookings, while others have multiple bookings a night. Some guys do gay-for-pay, which substantially increases the payload, while others like me only stick with female clientele. 

For those of you who are also in the industry, feel free to share your numbers.


Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A Thief at the Party

Women rarely steal from their stripper -- at least from my experience. Sure a few girls tried to swipe my handcuffs as a souvenir, but never anything beyond that.

Two weeks ago, a girl at one of my bachelorette parties attempted to swipe all of my tip money. This party was rather large for a private one, numbering at approximately 27 girls. 

The bride's mother hired me, paid me the deposit up front, and even supplied the additional tip money. She cashed out four stacks of ones. The girls distributed this to me in a chaotic manner, often "making it rain" on me, so I could do little to keep track of it all. After my show, a kind family member, the bride's aunt, gathered all of my tip money and placed it in a pile next to my clothes. It was a substantial amount.

Before I donned on my clothes and collected my tip money, I posed with the bride for a few one-on-one photos. After taking a few pictures and hugging her one final time, I went to where my clothes and money pile was... The clothes laid there in a heap, but the money was gone.

I asked the bride's aunt if she moved the tip money. She looked appalled. "I thought I had put it all right here! Who took it?" She inquired around on my behalf. A few other girls joined her. 

I waited patiently for a few minutes, and finally a young short girl with chestnut hair dropped a wad of bills in front of me. It looked noticeably smaller than the pile the bride's aunt had gathered earlier. I stared at her, but she avoided my gaze and sauntered off quickly. My gut feeling told me that she was the thief, but I gave her the benefit of the doubt. I had my suspicions at this point, but that was it.

The next day I counted the tip money, and it was only 38 dollars. Judging from the stacks of ones that the bride's mom pulled out for me initially, I knew this was not the correct amount. So I called her and explained everything. Usually I wouldn't make a big deal, but if there was a girl taking the tip money, that means that she was not only stealing from me, but she also stole from the bride's mom, because it was her money in the first place.

The bride's mother listened to everything and said, "Well, in addition to the you should have about 62 dollars in tips, because you left 38 of it behind with me."

"I only have 38 dollars in ones, so there's some that's unaccounted for." I proceeded to tell her about how the money disappeared for a few minutes and about the girl who brought it back in a smaller amount.

"Do you know who it was?"

I described the girl in question, but since there were 27 people in total, my description didn't narrow anyone down for her. 

"Personally, it's not a large amount for me to fuss over," I said, "but I just wanted to give you and your daughter a heads up that one of her friends may have ill intentions. I just hope I'm wrong and I apologize for the inconvenience."

"No. Thanks for letting me know." 

I have done hundreds of parties, and this hasn't been a problem in the past. Usually if there's money left behind, it's my fault because I didn't gather all the bills up thoroughly and left the occasional stray ones that somehow fell to the floor and went under tables and couches. 

This is the first time I had someone try to steal money from me. Hence I prefer smaller parties -- easier to manage the crowd while keeping track of my belongings.


Sunday, April 24, 2016

A Quick Note

April and May are busy months for stripping --- at least in my area. So combining my day job and the evening strip shows of spring, I haven't had much time to sit down and write much, because I've been motorboating some boobs and teabagging some brides.

A lot has happened, though, and I'll touch up on the highlights during the next update with some possible pics.

For now, I just want to say that I no longer plan on using Twitter. I never really liked it much in the first place, considering I'm not one to condense what I have to say down to a few words.

I'm also phasing out Facebook. Many pervs have been adding me on there and harassing me. The fans have been great, but it's the nasty ones who ruin everything. Seriously, when a granny sends me pics of her vagina and several guys send me unsolicited pics of their dicks, it's time to move on. These are things that cannot be unseen.

That leaves Instagram. I'm still using that and check it almost daily. So feel free to add me there.

You can also e-mail me at either of the following:



Until the busy season is over, give me approximately a week to get back to you.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

The P.U.A. Scam

The P.U.A. Scam

Over the years, many people have asked me if the tactics of pick-up artists (P.U.A.) work. In case you're wondering, there are several renowned pick-up artists such as Neil Strauss, Mystery, David DeAngelo, etc. Their followers, who often refer to themselves as the "seduction community," cite these guys as gurus to gaming women. These guys often ply the same tactics of going into a club setting and approaching as many women as possible. Based on my experience as a male stripper who has had his fair share of sex, I find a lot of advice from these self-proclaimed PUAs to be absolute horseshit.

While some men attract more women than men, this whole attraction concept is very subjective. For example, even the meth-user can find a girlfriend if he looks in the right places. Don't believe me? Go to your nearest pharmacy and wait for the scroungy guy to show up trying to buy Sudafed. He'll probably have an equally junked-up girlfriend in tow.

I digress. Back to PUAs and why they're bullshit.

The whole PUA process revolves around the consumer (the guy who can't get laid) buying into the PUA products (seminars, books, videos, etc). The self-proclaimed gurus sell these seminars or books at inflated prices with the promise that you'll increase your chances at getting laid. 

Sound ridiculous? Because it is.

Let's take a quick glance at these gurus so you can see for yourself: 

Neil Strauss

I'll start with Neil Strauss, the author of The Game. I've actually read that book at the recommendation of someone who follows my blog, and disappointment is a weak word to describe my feelings. In his book, Strauss claimed that he was the second-best pick-up artist in the world, only surpassed in gaming skills by his mentor who is referred to as "Mystery." Yeah, I rolled my eyes too. I need to take him along to a male revue and we'll see how well being the "second-best" in the world fares at picking up women there.

Just for laughs, here is a video of Neil Strauss spewing his bullshit:

Now for you naysayers who claim that Neil Strauss can get women---that's certainly true. However, keep in mind that he interviewed stars for the Rolling Stones magazine before, then he became a best-selling author. Having achievements like those help. However, take those away from him and stick him on Tinder and let's see how many swipes he's going to get.

He currently has a business website that offers men advice on dating. It's called Neil Strauss' Stylelife Academy. Save your time and money by ignoring it.


Here's Neil Strauss's mentor:

The No. 1 P.U.A. in the world, according to Strauss.

Maybe it's because I live in the rural South, but this guy would get his ass kicked if he tried to romp around my neighborhood parading around like that. In case you're wondering why Mystery is wearing black fingernail polish, steam-punk goggles, and eyeliner, Neil Strauss refers to this whole absurd manner of dress as "peacocking." In other words, you dress outlandishly to catch the attention of all the women in the room. I hope Mystery didn't scam too many people out of their money by preaching this shit.

For entertainment purposes, here's another pic of him dressed as the Cat in the Hat:

David DeAngelo

Moving on, let's discuss David DeAngelo, also known as Eben Pagan. While he's not quite as popular as he once was in the early 2000's, he used to be one of the most prominent figures in the seduction community and released a successful e-book called, "Double Your Dating." I'll spare you the entire read of this book and sum up the two main points: Be cocky and funny and don't be a wimpy nice guy. Got it? Good. You just saved yourself some money, because those are really those only two points in the whole book, followed by numerous examples.

What sets David DeAngelo (I mean, Eben Pagan) apart from the other two is that he's actually a pretty shrewd marketer. He enlisted Ebaum's World--back when it was a popular media site--to advertise his e-book, and he mass-promoted to young college-age males across the internet. In fact, he gives marketing advice right here:

Yep, that's David DeAngelo above. So if you want to follow his advice from "Double Your Dating," then hit on many women as possible, be cocky, be funny, and don't be a wuss while doing so. Wait... so you're not a cocky or funny person? That's okay. Just fake being something you're not! Women will never pick up on forced arrogance and humor.

Roosh V
I'm not going to spend too much time discussing this guy. He self-published books on his sexcapades, whether they're true or not is debatable, and he received widespread criticism from various media outlets, which label him as a "sex tourist," "rapist," and "misogynist."

In a nutshell, this guy gets a lot of negative press. Therefore, I really don't need to elaborate on what other journalists had already covered. Judging from the forums and such, it seems that women abhor this guy, while his followers consist of creepy millenials.

Overall, the PUA market is lucrative industry. There are many men more desperate than ever to spend their money on whatever will get them a relationship or get them laid. I can sympathize because I fell into this category at one point in my life (minus the spending money part because I was too cheap). But if you want to attract women, these guys are not the answer. Unless the advice is about making improvements to yourself via exercise, career, mental health, and motivation, then I advice you steer clear of most of this PUA garbage out there.