Monday, April 14, 2014

Interview With Booking Agent Bravo

Booking Agent Bravo works for one of the largest companies for booking strippers in North America. He requested to remain anonymous because he does not want to receive unsolicited e-mails, calls, or texts from anyone except customers. This interview will appear in my upcoming book, along with several others. For those of you aspiring male strippers out there, here are some answers about the occupation direct from the employer:

Dion:  First, tell us about yourself. How long have you been a booking agent?

Bravo: 17 years booking agent..... I like to keep the rest with myself.

Dion: Have you been a stripper before?

Bravo: Yes.

Dion: How do you find strippers? 

Bravo: When I did strip, I toured around the U.S. for years, and from city to city I kept all the contacts that I ever met. After 10 years, I had little over 2000 contacts from around the U.S. Now I have them sign up on my website or most are referrals from other dancers giving out my number.

Dion: What qualities/traits do you look for in male stripper applicants?

Bravo: The main traits that I look for are reliability, trust, personable and dependable. Everything else can be taught or relearned.  Last but not least, looks have to be at least somewhat good or least a good representation to the company. There are many sizes, shapes, colors, and there is always clients that will think someone is attractive when represented properly.

Dion: This is a question I get a lot from readers - Is penis size important for male stripper applicants?

Bravo: That really has nothing to do with male stripper applicants. Girls use their mind as a sex organ for their visual, so unless you are whipping it out and wrapping your penis around their wrist like bracelet, the girls 98 percent of the time don't ask about penis size. NOW of course in the end this is always a plus for being a male stripper, just as having large tits is for a girl stripper.

Dion: What are the most common requests you get from customers wanting to hire a male stripper? 

Bravo: The basic things clients ask for are a specific race they want, can they pick their dancer, can they touch, are there pictures allowed, if someone is over 6 ft. tall, and can they keep it tamed or make it wild as hell.

Dion: Can you give examples of some strange or bizarre requests that a customer wanted a male stripper to do?

Bravo: The strange requests for costumes have been a bunny, Darth Vader, a baby, Godzilla and a Star Trek costume. These are usually interesting parties. I think I have been doing this for so many years that nothing is strange to me anymore. More interesting requests would be asking for a fat, hairy, disgusting pig of a guy as a joke on the bachelorette, or a midget to be delivered in a baby cart with him sucking his thumb. We have done midget bowling before where you toss the guys down a slip as if they were a helmet to knock down the pins. I cannot really think of anything else off the top of my mind for strange.

Dion: Can you give an example of a horrible male stripper?

Bravo: I have had a guy start his show and 30 minutes into it, he went to the bathroom, took a 20 minute bath, then used the toilet, clogged it, and the girl kicked him out. How I know this is that she called me up during the show explaining this to me, and I was laughing so hard I thought she was making this up. The girls where dry heaving from the smell in the hotel room. When he finally left, she said she had to scrub the bathtub because there was a black scum dirt line in the tub from where water stopped at. I could not even fire him because I never heard from him again.

Dion: What kind of complaints do you get regarding your male stripping employees? (i.e. fucking the bride, fighting with someone, showing up drunk).

Bravo: Well, those 3 complaints have been brought to my attention. 

If it is fighting, it's because one girl in the party is too drunk and has a big mouth. She is usually a man hater and will not stop calling the dancer names. I have heard of my girls showing up drunk, not any of my guys. 

Fucking the bride I have heard many times. I usually ask them, "What would you like me to do? This is between 2 adults and technically you should be yelling at her, not me for being the whore." lol. The one who is complaining is usually the girl who did not fuck the dancer and I believe she wanted him more than the bachelorette. 

Time, time and time is the biggest issue. If the dancers would just send a text or give call if they are running late. Even if they are 2 minutes late, the girls will be calling me at the exact time and start yelling that I am not professional and this business is illegitimate. I start laughing because they are usually drunk and its 1 minute after the dancer was due. Enough said.

Dion: The worst complaint about a male stripper? 

Bravo: HEIGHT HEIGHT and HEIGHT is number one thing complained about.  They want the tall, dark and handsome look. Which to them is 6 ft. and taller, exotic ethnicity or multiracial background, and someone they would have a one night stand with. 

Dion: Do you have some examples of the wildest parties?

Bravo: There are numerous wild parties. Too many to think of. 

Dion: What is the largest event you have booked? 

Bravo: Largest event would be about 20 performers at one event. Largest event with the most people would have been 10,000 people.

Dion: What are common mistakes that male stripping applicants do when they contact you for a job?

Bravo: Mistakes applying for a job are made when one lies about there abililty on what they
can do. For example, when you say you have done this for years and you really have 1 show under your belt from 6 month ago, or say you're 200 pound and Italian, and then send me pictures that are not yourself.  I am going to find out because the parties are taking pictures or video and what they do is call me and forward the pictures of who showed up. After that, there is no reason to keep that entertainer around.

Friday, April 11, 2014

News From April 2014

Between my full time work, stripping work, filing taxes, gardening, weight lifting, and yard work, I haven't had much this week to write. However, I took a week off starting today to relax and catch up on a few things. I'll be on a cruise ship again (booked one of the best rooms on board), so my next update is automatically scheduled for Monday morning.

Next Update: Interview With Booking Agent Bravo. One of my booking agents, who runs on the biggest male stripping booking companies in the U.S., recently gave me an interview, which will appear in my upcoming book. He describes some interesting events in the profession and also shares what he looks for in male stripper applicants.

Future Updates

- Part two of my strip show for Ambyr Childers.
- A following party where I stripped and got a girl in trouble with her boyfriend.
- 50th birthday party for a wild lady who loves to frequent male strip clubs.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Stripping On A Movie Set - Part 1

My knowledge of celebrities is a joke. When someone names a random celebrity and asks me if I know him or her, I usually say, “I don’t know.” The response I get is, “How do you not know this person?” I just don’t. I am very ignorant of the world of pop-culture and Hollywood in general. I rarely even watch movies.
When my booking agent called me today for a last minute party, I almost turned it down. I already had a show booked for Orange Beach, along with another appointment later.

“It’s going to be on a movie set in Mobile,” he said.

“Oh, okay,” I said. I’ve been on a few sets of indie films before, so I assumed that this gig would be similar to those. Besides, the only people who make movies in Mobile, Alabama are usually local indie producers.
It was a tight fit in the schedule, but I decided to take the gig. It wasn’t too far from Orange Beach, and these type of gigs usually didn’t last long.

The customer was working on the set with the film crew when I called. I think he was one of the assistant producers, but I cannot remember exactly. He told me that I would be stripping for an actress named Ambyr Childers. I never heard of her, so I thought I was safe. Then again, my knowledge of actors is very limited.

“What does she look like?” I asked over the phone.

“You can’t miss her. Blonde, short, and very pretty. Her husband Randall is setting all this up. It’s their anniversary.”

“Ok, so just a quick performance then?” I asked, assuming from experience that her husband had a sense of humor and wanted to surprise her.

“Yeah, we might dress you up in a merc outfit from the movie so she won’t suspect anything.”

One thing that came to mind was that I would be stripping on a movie set, and there would be some people around. I usually wore thongs for my show, but this crowd would want something less revealing. I asked the customer what would be appropriate.

“Wear boxer briefs or something along those lines. A thong would definitely be too much. And another thing,” he added. “Can we put body paint on you beforehand? It’s going to be an anniversary message. Are you okay with this?”

“Sure,” I said.

“Oh, and one more request,” he said. “Can we film it?”

“Yeah, no problem!” I said without a care. People take pictures and film me all the time anyway. So what if an indie film has some extra footage of a male stripper? Boy, was I mistaken.

I arrived late, of course. The show from Orange Beach held me up for an extra thirty minutes. Moreover, it took me a lot longer to get to Mobile than I had thought. The assistant producer told me to pull into a parking lot on Jackson Street that had a lot of trailers. He’d meet me there after he was done filming a scene. I almost got lost, but I managed to find the parking lot.

Trailer with restrooms, changing rooms, etc.
The parking lot had all the trailers and tents for the movie crew. A large white tent sat in one corner. Several trailers and many cars filled the rest of the parking lot. There was a police car in the parking lot that had an emblem of a shield on the door with “Metro Police” below it. Seeing the police car made me suspect that this wasn’t just a regular indie film. A lot of money went into this project.

A young black girl with a two-way radio came to meet me and asked if I was the stripper. I told her that I was. She radioed to the filming crew, telling them that I had arrived. She said that I had to wait a bit because the crew were filming now, but I could help myself to some food or drink at the catering tent. I had to pee though, so I asked her about a bathroom. She escorted me to one of the trailers and told me to go inside. There was a men’s restroom and a women’s restroom. The men’s restroom was large enough to walk around in without feeling cramped, complete with a urinal, a stall, and a sink.

Inside the makeup trailer
The young girl with the radio came and got me once I exited the restroom and brought me to the makeup trailer where I would get the anniversary message painted on me. The makeup trailer was very extravagant, well lit with mirrors and an arsenal of makeup supplies that dwarfed every modeling set that I have ever been to.

This whole setup was starting to make me feel a little uneasy. It reminded me of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s biography where he was talking about being in the trailers of the film set. A lot of money definitely went into this production.

I entered the makeup trailer, and a young girl named Tiffanie introduced herself to me as the makeup artist. She was going to paint some messages on the front and back of my torso, so I took off my shirt and sat down.

While she was painting some words on my chest, a few women, members of the costume and wardrobe department, entered and asked for my clothing size. They debated whether I should be a Metro Police or a Merc, types of characters for the movie. I told them my size, and they decided on the Metro Police uniform for me and left the makeup trailer.

This whole event was taking more time than I had planned, and I was going to be late for my next appointment as a result. I passed the time talking to Tiffanie to get my mind off this matter.

“So, what’s this movie called?” I asked.

“It’s called Vice starring Bruce Willis,” Tiffanie began. She continued to elaborate on the plot, which was about people paying to use androids for their own twisted desires, and one female android becomes self-aware of this fact and doesn’t like it one bit.

When I heard her mention Bruce Willis, my first thought was, “What the hell have I signed up for?” I specifically took work out of town to keep a low profile. Now I was stripping on the set of a Bruce Willis movie and I gave the crew permission to film me! I should have asked a few more questions earlier.

One of the ladies from the costume department entered the makeup trailer with my Metro Police costume.
Accompanying her was the assistant producer. He handed me my payment and filled me in on what to do. I was to dress as a Metro Police officer, get into a Metro Police car, and pull into the set quickly like we were filming a take for the movie. I would get out of the car and approach the actress, and start stripping for her—all while the cameras film my performance.

This whole gig was exciting for me. It was something new. Yet I had my reasons to feel reluctant. I know some people would love to trade places with me, but I did not want footage of me stripping to get out on such a level. On top of it all, I was really running late. What have I gotten myself into?

...To be continued

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Thursday, April 3, 2014

The customer who hired me for this show was a man. Before you get any strange ideas, he was hiring me for his wife and her friends, who were having a ladies’ night out of town. He wanted to surprise them all by sending a male stripper to their condo, which was a high-rise located in Orange Beach, Alabama. He had a very easygoing relationship with his wife, so he wanted her and her friends to enjoy a male stripper. He paid for the entire bill and even gave his wife a hundred dollars in cash to tip me.

“You’ll have a good time with those women,” he said to me over the phone.

The ladies were in their mid-30s to early 40s and were very attractive. Since I didn’t even speak to the wife before arriving, except through some brief text messages, I had to completely improvise my entrance. My ruse was pretending to be with the hotel management responding to a neighbor complaining about the noise levels.

When I arrived outside their room, the door was slightly ajar, and the music was very loud. I rang the
doorbell. With the exception of the customer’s wife, everyone there actually thought I was the hotel management.

I was confused though. This was just a ladies’ night out of town. There was no bride or birthday girl, so I wasn’t quite sure who to start stripping for first. I looked to the wife for help. She pointed at a blonde with perky breast implants. So I began my striptease.

The ladies loved it and cheered. Some grabbed my butt. A few of them ran their hands on my abs, commenting that it’s been a long time since they felt a man with abs. I did not do anything beyond dance with the women here. No bodyshots or excessive grinding. Everyone was content with simple dancing.

One lady, I’ll refer to her as Mrs. J, commented about how much money I must make per party.

I told her that a male stripper’s income depends on the seasonal demand, plus how professional the stripper is. I elaborated by saying that in the region I worked, bachelorette parties picked up during the spring and summer seasons. During the winter, worked was almost obsolete, so demand was low.

Mrs. J took an interest in what I had to say, because she held a high position at a company that focused on sales. We discussed sales back and forth, and I outlined how the male stripping industry works.

“You know,” Mrs. J said, putting her hand on my arm, “I have a hard time finding someone who is confident, understands customer service, and knows how to sell a product. You seem to have all those traits. How would you like to work for me? The pay is really good.”

I didn’t know how to respond.

“Well, let me leave you my cell and e-mail, and get back to me and we can discuss more,” she said.

The women invited me to party with them all night, but I had my next gig in Mobile scheduled in 30 minutes, and I was already running late. Little did I know that it would be one of the most unique gigs of my stripping career.

To be continued...

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Highlights of March, 2014 - Part 3

Friday, March 28, 2014

Bachelorette Party

Approximately a dozen girls

The customer hiring me requested a doctor costume because almost everyone there worked in the medical field. That’s the second request for a doctor costume. If this keeps up, I’ll need to make another investment. Instead, I wore a firefighter outfit. 

This party turned out very well. Nothing completely out of the ordinary happened. The bride was completely trashed and very flirty. She had her hands all over me. I included some pics. She’s the blonde:

Maid of Honor on Left; Bride on Right

The girl who paid me did not participate. Here was her reason: “If I let you get on me like you did to the other women here, then I’d get too horny, and that’s a bad idea since we’re goin’ out to the club after this.”

Maybe that wasn't such a bad idea. I jokingly suggested a private show for her, which she agreed that it would have been fun. 

At the end of the party, just before I left, the bride invited me out to the club. She could not even stand up. Her friends were trying to pull her off the floor. 

“I don’t think they’re gonna let her in like that,” I muttered to one of her friends. 

I did not go to the club with them because I had another job to go to. I hope the bride made it okay.