Thursday, December 9, 2010

Caribbean Vacation

I'll be leaving tomorrow to go on a cruise in the Caribbean with Claire. We're going to stop by a latex store on the way and get some latex for her. I'll post some pics of her wearing it in the near future. There won't be much time for Internet browsing, so I won't be able to update until I get back, which will be shortly before Christmas.

Until then, here are some older posts if you haven't already read them yet:

-Highlights From Recent Parties

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-Ireland's Male Stripper Famine


Ireland's Male Stripper Famine

The stripping agency in Ireland just sent me an e-mail and asked if I was ever coming back. Apparently, the demand for male strippers in Ireland is high, while the supply is very low. A monopoly in the Irish market is waiting for any decent male stripper.

I would've done it too. The money and the amount of work is pretty good. Oh well, too bad. I can't strip everywhere at once in the world.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Top Sexual Experiences - Part 2

I received an e-mail from Anonymous:

Hey Dion. Love your blog and your stories. Keep it up. Was wondering if you could tell us more sexual experiences. Thanks! Cheers!

Sure. I'll tell 4 experiences that come to mind right now:

- Threesome at a Halloween strip party: I took turns having sex with a girl dressed in a vinyl catwoman costume and a girl wearing a catholic schoolgirl uniform. Unfortunately, I was too drunk to cum. What surprised me though was that I was able to fuck one girl while licking another girl's pussy in a coordinated manner. I never saw these girls again.

- Fetish blonde: I met this lady at a club with a fetish-theme event. She was a bit older than me, and was wearing thigh-high boots, a leather mini-skirt, and a masquerade mask. She took me to her house in her Jaguar where we explored a variety of fetishes before I soaked her face in cum. I never saw this girl again.

- Myspace blonde: I randomly added a hot blonde girl as a friend on Myspace in 2007. She accepted my friend request and wrote me a message that said, "nice hair." A weird message, but I responded, and soon we exchanged numbers. She invited me to her apartment one weekend. No longer than fifteen minutes after I walked through her front door, I laid her spread-eagle on her bed. We had sex 7 times that night. That's my personal record with one girl. I don't know what it was, but we had sexual chemistry. My cock was very sore, and she complained that she could barely walk and sit at work. We had a few sex marathons after that, but I dumped her three weeks later because we had nothing in common besides sex.

- Chilean girl: I stripped for her birthday party. She was licking my crotch, my ass cheeks, and even slid her tongue down my ass crack. I had to see her again, so I called her under the pretense that I left something at her party, and we scheduled a date. She loved facials, titty-fucking, and much more. But beyond sex, we didn't have much in common. I stopped calling her after a month.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Stripping for Japanese Students

When I was teaching English in Japan in 2006, I had three upbeat college girls in my Saturday morning class. All three showed up together and they soon became friends. Their names were Sayaka, Yuki, and Yuka. They brought a cheerful atmosphere to every class, and they studied hard at English. These girls had to study English at my branch in order to achieve high English test scores for the college they were attending. During class, they joked and flirted with me a lot without even bothering to conceal their actions from the other students. My manager told me that Yuka had a crush on me.

One day after several months of teaching them, they approached me after class and invited me out to karaoke. Japanese students inviting a Western English teacher out was a common occurrence in Japan. My managers even encouraged me to spend time with as many students as possible. Therefore, no one minded when I accepted and arranged to meet the three girls after work. My Japanese manager smirked. "So you're going out with the fan club," she said.

I grinned. "O-tsukare sama desu," I said as I walked out.

I met the girls outside and we went to karaoke. We all ordered plenty of drinks. I began to feel warm and relaxed from the alcohol, but the girls were stumbling after awhile. They probably only weighed a hundred pounds soaking wet, since they were short and petite. It was no wonder that they became drunk so fast.

Midnight came sooner than we expected. That was when the last train leaves. Sayaka and Yuki missed the last train, so they asked if they could stay the night at my apartment until morning. Yuka wanted to come along as well. I told them that I didn't mind.

So we took a cab to my Japanese apartment. The apartment itself was very small, smaller than a typical studio apartment in the United States. The main living room area with the sleeping quarters was barely larger than a typical parking space for a car. We continued partying at my apartment, but the space was cramped. That was when I told them I worked as a male stripper in America. My statement was the turning point for the night. Sayaka and Yuki didn't believe me. They laughed and said that I joke too much. Yuka asked me to strip as a joke. Soon the joke became a suggestion, and the suggestion turned into a request. So I stripped for them.

The girls were very shy at first. They covered their blushing faces and giggled hysteric\ally. The initial embarrassment soon turned to enthusiastic cheering--Japanese style. They applauded and chanted a few phrases in Japanese.

One of my neighbors pounded on the wall. I told the girls to quiet down a bit.

As I pranced about in my underwear, I pulled the sides down in a teasing fashion, almost exposing my package. The girls were now quiet, leaning forward and holding their breaths.

"Mitai," Yuka said.

"Show me," Yuki said in English.

So I let the underwear drop to my ankles.

"Sugoi," the girls muttered.

Because I had heard Yuka had a crush on me, I danced in front of her first. She was hesitant, staring wide-eyed. I grabbed her hands and placed them on my abs, and moved them around. She started caressing my abs on her own, moving downward with each passing moment. I hardened at her touch.

I moved over to Yuki, but insisted on only watching. Instead, she volunteered Sayaka, who smiled and giggled while rubbing her hands on me. These girls expressed complete and utter awe at my presence, as if I were a Greek god stepping into the room. I began masturbating in front of them. "Do you want to see my cum?" I asked in Japanese.

"I want to see," Yuka said in English.

I approached Yuka and stood in front of her masturbating. She was breathing heavily. I placed a hand behind her head and pulled her towards me. In response, she opened her mouth and took me in, right in front of Sayaka and Yuki. Yuka only placed the head of my cock into her mouth and licked, but I was so excited that her actions sent a tingling shock throughout my whole body. Sayaka and Yuki gathered around us to stare.

While Yuka's mouth felt good, it was not enough to make me cum. I had to alternate between her oral skills and my hand to reach an orgasm. As I was getting close, I jerked off while placing the head of my cock into Yuka's mouth. Since I hadn't masturbated in a week, I felt a huge load billowing out. I pulled out of Yuka's mouth and sprayed everywhere. As strand after strand came out, I didn't know when it was going to stop.

The girls fluttered about in excitement. "Sugoi! Sugoi!"

After I was done, I assessed the aftermath. Several cum strands left a trail on Yuka's face, a few going into her hair. Some of the cum shot well over her head onto the floor behind her. The rest of the cum splattered on her clothes.

"That was exciting!" Sayaka said.

"Un," Yuka nodded in agreement.

The other two girls helped Yuka with the clean up. I told them that I had to go to bed soon, because I had to wake up early in the morning. What I didn't tell that was that I had a date with a Canadian girl. They didn't mind. They all had work in the morning.

I pulled out an extra futon and laid it by mine. We all slept together. Sayaka and Yuka nestled on each side of me while Yuki took the outside.

"We should hang out again," Sayaka said.

I couldn't have agreed with her more.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Male Stripping Questions - Part 22

Here is an e-mail from Shree:

Hello Dion,
Hope you doing good...I have 2 questions for you..hope you can answer...

You being a stripper sometimes have sex with the females..Are you not afraid if someone is having AIDS or STDs..You are always sure that you wont get infected??


are there cameras allowed in hens party?how do women and you see that there are no pics clicked??

thank you..

STDs are like trophies! They're proof that you can get laid. The more STDs you get, the more evidence you have of getting laid. You see, if you have HIV, syphillis, gonnorhea, and chlamydia, then you are one amazing sex fiend!

Kidding aside, of course I am cautious of STDs. Paranoid even. I always made sure to carry at least four or five condoms with me. Since condoms are not 100% safe, I tested myself periodically. Luckily, I never gotten anything.

I recommend that everyone takes safe measures regarding sex. In this day and age of one-night stands, fuck buddies, swingers, and binge drinking, STDs are rampant as cockroaches. If you are dating someone new, I suggest going to a clinic and getting tested together before having any form of unprotected sex. If your partner disagrees with this, then ditch him or her. There is no sense in putting your health in jeopardy.

Even a faithful girl who has only had one sex partner can get an STD. Her partner could have given an STD to her. Even if they both got tested at the beginning of the relationship, he could have cheated on her multiple times and picked something up.

Sex may seem like fun and games in my stories, but there are consequences. You cannot go around having unprotected sex without a care in a world. I advise everyone to do so responsibly. Avoiding promiscuous people doesn't always work.

Regarding your other question, I allow cameras at my parties. Girls are free to take pictures of me. Most girls ask for my permission beforehand, and that's very nice of them to do so. Some of the wilder parties ban cameras though, because they want no evidence around that will get them in trouble later.

If anyone has anymore questions, feel free to e-mail me:

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Liquid Leggings

I received a few e-mails regarding my "Shiny Leggings" and "Personal Collection" postings. I deleted the "Personal Collection" post because of the adult content of the pictures. As for shiny leggings, I can post a few more.

This fashion style was great when I wrote about it in 2009, and it's still great now. I hope that hot women continue this trend. Enjoy:

Monday, November 15, 2010

How to Spot a Cheating Whore

Here was an interesting question posted by Anonymous regarding the following stories: Secrets That Women Keep
Have you ever regreted sleeping with any girls that you knew were getting married soon or had boyfriends? You know...kinda out of pity/or feeling bad knowing that he is about to marry this cheater/cumdumpster?

I feel bad for the guys who are marrying or dating such girls. However, these guys are a bit too trusting of their girlfriends, especially when these girls exhibit transparent behavior when cheating. I'll list the cheating girl's top 3 tactics below:

3. Girl ignores texts and phone calls - The cheater will do this while she's "having fun." Afterward, she'll return the call and make up some excuse about how "busy" she was. While a man can't expect his significant other to answer at all times, he can expect that such repetitive behavior shows that she has something better to do with her time...unless the guy is clingy and calls too much.

2. "You're jealous/controlling" - Some women have reason to say such a statement. Some men are jealous and controlling for no good reason. But I've noticed that a lot of women who cheat tend to pull out the "you're controlling" card when their boyfriends confront them on their bullshit. Since every reasonable guy wants to avoid the "jealous" and "controlling" label, he'll instantly become defensive. That's what the cheating girl wants, because now that the guy is busy defending himself, she has successfully diverted the attention away from her bad behavior.

Therefore, this accusation becomes a diversion tactic when the cheater has no real explanation to provide.

1. Sweet talk to cover up something bad - This is the number one downfall for most men, and a tactic that is used often.

During one instance, A girl pulled me away from the party and into a bedroom. She gave me a blowjob for about minute until she felt bad and stopped. I didn't know why. She just mumbled an apology to me and left the bedroom. When I went back to the living room, I heard this girl on the phone with her boyfriend telling him how "wonderful" he was, and how she "loved him to pieces." He fell for it. I was surprised myself, because she never told me that she had a boyfriend.

Overall, I feel bad for honest folks who fall for cheaters. It happens a lot, but the warning signs are often there. For those of you dating a possible cheater, but isn't sure, then I hope this list helps.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Mother Hen

Once I when I was stripping in Gainesville, Florida, I started a bitch fight. I didn't intentionally do it. It just happened.

A sorority was throwing a 21st birthday party for a particular blonde, whose name I can't recall anymore. The only thing I remember about her was that she was blonde, attractive, and wore a dress. I also remember that her big friend hired me--that's the only way I can describe her: big and tall. So I'll refer to as Big Girl. From there, I showed up, stripped, and did my normal routine, all while having a few drinks. All the girls were already drunk, and after awhile, I became drunk as well. Most of the girls were becoming more wild with me. Only Big Girl remained stern and serious.

The birthday girl pushed the moral boundaries of the party even further.

She was lying on the couch and I was atop of her, placing my crotch in her face. Before I could even react, she pulled down my thong. The room broke out into a cheer. I saw camera flashes, but I was too drunk to care. I changed positions with her, placing my torso between her legs. Next, I lifted up her dress, exposing her black underwear. More cheers. I placed the head of my cock, which was now hard, on the thong's fabric started doing back and forth motions, causing my cock to rub against her clit.

A few cheers.

The birthday girl was breathing heavily by now, and I knew she was aroused. "Oh God," she gasped. "I feel like I'm having sex with you."

Her big friend approached us with an angry look on her face. "I need to talk to you right now," she said to the birthday girl underneath me.


The birthday girl untangled herself from me, and followed her angry, friend into another room. The door slammed behind them. The girls who remained in the room took turns looking at me and the closed door. Then, we all heard Big Girl start yelling. "You fucking bitch! I can't believe you did that with the stripper! You have a boyfriend and this is how you behave?! You're acting like a whore!"

Several girls looked at each other in awkward silence. Several others looked at me. I shrugged. "I guess I'm going to get dressed now," I said.

I picked up my clothes and got dressed. It was pointless to try and strip in such dramatic chaos. Just as I finished putting on my clothes back on, Big Girl came out of the room alone.

"Leaving already?" she asked, as if nothing happened.

"Yeah," I replied.

"Well that's too bad," she said. "You should stay longer."

"I would, but I have somewhere else to be."

The girls in the room shifted out of their silence into tense conversations. It was a good thing I was leaving. I passed by the door, which was left ajar, and inside was the birthday girl sitting on the edge of the bed. I was about to say "bye" to her, but her demeanor checked me. She stared unseeing in a drunken stupor, her face puffy from crying. "I'm such a fucked up person," she moaned to herself.

I left her alone with her misery and walked out the front door. I was thinking that the birthday girl probably felt like complete shit. She faced a profound degree of humiliation and guilt on her birthday, as her social circle and relationship fell apart in shambles. What a birthday present. Perhaps pulling my thong down wasn't the best thing for her to do.

Had Big Girl not been there, I wondered how the party would've turned out. Everyone would've had a wild time. Many of the other girls seemed eager to shed their composure and let loose. Yet, Big Girl kept them in line like a mother hen watching over her chicks. Who knows what would've happened. I was only certain of one thing: I'm glad that I wasn't the birthday girl.

Then again, if I were married, I would love for my wife to have friends like Big Girl.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Long E-mail About a Male Stripper

Hey Dion, I just checked out your blog and its really cool. Just thought that i should let you know. I dont have any questions about your profession yet, but i kinda have a bit of a personal situation going on here and you are the perfect guy to ask for an advice,because you are a male stripper and you know how things work!:))) Hopefully you dont mind my question and I hear back from you:))
First of all my name is Mindy and I am 23 years old. I dont know where in the usa you are at,but I am from Buffalo ,but just moved with my sister to Bensenville, Illinois about 6 months ago.

Alright..long story short..a few months ago I went to a male strip club(it was my sister's birthday) and one of the dancers was really nice to me,he was talking to me so many times that night. I did have a couple of private dances with him and he kissed me on the lips and I mean a french kiss and he said that i turn him on every time.Anyways as i was leaving he told me that i know where to find him and i should go again. 2 months later I went there again and he remembered me. Again he was talking to me a lot, he said that im so cute.Later on that night he came and he grabed my hand and took me to their private room again for a dance and he kissed me again. When the dance was done he just said that i look so good. When i was leaving i went to him to say bye and he told me to ask about him at the door next time Im there and he'll get me in for free.

Anyways he never asked me for my number or anything like that, but he acts like he likes me. I was there twice and each time I got a lot of attention from him and we kissed - twice, and always says how cute I am. I even said to him that he just says that I am cute and I look good,because its his job and he needs to be flirty,but he said that thats not true and he doesnt need to say shi* if he doesnt want to.
I have a promise ring on my ring finger, that looks like an engagement ring, and I dont know if he has seen it and thats the reason why he is not trying to ask me out, or if its just because he is that good of a player and knows how to get me back there:)
By the way me and my boyfriend are taking a break right now and I dont even know why I still wear the ring.

Im so sorry for the long email. Please, let me know what do you think.Im so confused.I feel silly for emailing you,but no one else is going to give me an honest advice. My sister is all so convinced that he likes me and I do think that too,but at the same time I think he is justg having fun and playing around. I know that you know exactly how he thinks and how things work.Should I go there again? and if I go should I be more aggressive with him..I just dont want to ask him out as it looks so desperate:))

Okay, you asked for advice and I'm brutally honest about giving it, so here goes:

I know you like this guy, but he's probably not the type you would want to pursue.

Of course, he's taken an interest in you, but only the same kind of interest that he takes in the other girls he allows in for free. I guarantee that he has at least several lined up. I worked at one club and I used to do the same thing: Get a girl in for free because I wanted to fuck her---the potential list was long.

I'm also willing to bet that he's charming and gregarious too. As far as pursuing something with him, only do so if you don't mind sharing him with a dozen other girls. He *will* cheat on you.

As far as a sexual fling goes, I highly discourage it as well based off the exposure that some of these guys get. For instance, if I really tried to get laid with every opportunity that came my way, then I would've slept with at least 200 girls by now.

About the ring, here are two possibilities: 1.) He has noticed it and doesn't care, because he only wants to screw regardless if you're taken or not; 2.) he hasn't noticed, because he simply doesn't care enough to see if you're single or not. The ring is one of the first things I notice if I have taken an interest in someone.

Another red flag is the fact that he only comments on your looks, because that's all he's after. If he really liked you, then he would pay some heed to your personality. From what you have told me, he hasn't.

I've probably shot myself in the leg by giving this advice, but it's reality. So with that said, would you like to hire me for a party? I'll give you a good discount.

Monday, November 1, 2010


This was a birthday party that took place in a hotel room. As you can see from the picture above, I was wearing a cowboy outfit.

Several girls were wearing one-piece dresses or skirts. One of my favorite things to do is placing a girl on a chair and lifting her skirt up, exposing her underwear. I did this to the blonde in the black dress between the two beds. I rubbed my bulge against her pussy, with only the fabric of our underwear acting as the only barrier between us. The blonde was wearing black, knee-high boots, which I grasped by the ankles while I pressed against her.

This technique resembles foreplay since it usually turns most women on. Their breathing becomes heavy and they buck their hicks in response to my movements. When this happens, I can usually take matters into a much more decadent atmosphere. However, this only happens at the wildier parties.

As for this particular party, the women invited me out, but I had another party to strip for afterward. It's a shame when your own parties get in the way of more fun...

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Top 5 Essential Outfits for a Male Stripper

For any apiring male stripper, costumes are an absolute necessity. Those men who think they can work for an agency without a costume will never get any work. I never got work until I bought some costumes.

Without further ado, I'll present the most important costumes:

5.) Pizza Delivery Guy - Go to Pizza Hut and request an empty pizza box. Offer to buy a pizza if you have to. Walk in with the pizza as you wait for your payment. This costume is the most amusing, because girls are less likely to suspect that you're a stripper. Reactions of utter shock and surprise are common, because no one ever expects the pizza delivery guy to take off his clothes.

4.) Cowboy - Country women often request the cowboy outfit. The best thing to do with this outfit is to designate a "cowgirl." To do this, you first take off your cowboy hat, place it on a girl's head, then place her above your crotch and make her "ride" you while you dry hump her.

3.) Fireman - With this costume, a male stripper can show up to the party, knock on the door, and announce that he has to check inside the building due to a reported sighting of smoke. When all is clear, he can start stripping.

2.) Military Uniform - This was a must-have when I stripped in Ireland. The agent demanded that I get a Navy uniform. American girls request it as well, though less often. This outfit made number 2, because of its popularity in the U.K. and Ireland. This outfit is for the girls who love their men in uniform.

1.) Police Officer - The most requested outfit. Women request this almost 50% of the time. The more authentic the police uniform, the more fun the party becomes, especially when the girls believe that you're a real cop. Just show up, announce that the neighbors called the police due to a noise complaint, then interrogate the bachelorette. Sometimes the bachelorette will become indignant because she thinks that an actual cop is ruining her party. On top of that, handcuffing women is always fun.

Those are the Top 5 essential outfits for any male stripper. To even consider stripping, I recommend owning at least two of the above. I had three: the cop, cowboy, and pizza-delivery boy.

Authentic cop, fireman, and military uniforms aren't the easiest to find. Expect to spend good money for high quality outfits. I spent a few hundred dollars on my police outfit, but the amount of work I received for having it made the investment worthwhile.

In conclusion, a male stripper is not defined by just his looks and charm, but by his costumes as well!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Race Matters

There is no such thing as racial equality in male stripping. And there never will be.

Ethnicity makes a huge difference in this field---at least with the private parties. A crowd of black girls will request a black guy. Country girls usually want a white guy. Latinas typically request latino guys. No one ever requests an Asian guy...well except once, but I'll go into that another time.

Well, I am half Asian.

My mother is Asian. My dad is white, but has a bit of Native American Indian blood in him. As a result, he tans easily, and so do I.

Fortunately, this mixture benefits me since my agent promotes me whenever convenient. If the girls want a white guy, then he tells them that I am white. If the girls want a Latino, he tells them I am Latino. Black girls almost always want a black guy, so I wouldn't get the same amount of work as I would if I were black, but my agent says I'm darker than most guys. Therefore, I can cover a broad range of ethnicities, maximizing my profits.

My agent really only exaggerates about race when the girls make a big issue out of it. I have shown up to parties where my agent told the girls I was 100% white or Latino, only to have the party discover that I was mixed. The girls never cared, as long as the performance went well. Here and there, a few girls will get together and dote on me about how exotic I am.

Sometimes I lie.

I have told girls that I was Eastern European, Native American Indian, or some strange mixture that I concoct at the last second. They always believe me, or my agent. Either way, they're happy and I get paid in the end, so everyone benefits.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Male Stripping Questions - Part 21

How much longer will you be a male stripper? It seems as if being a male stripper is age limited to younger men. I'm not sure what age one stops stripping. What's next after you stop doing it? John

Not much longer. I work professional job as my main source of income strip for extra money. I'm in the process of getting a new professional job and probably won't have time to strip. Stripping is becoming tiresome anyway. I like having my weekends free after a typical work week, not driving around all night alone.

I'm 29 now, but I think male stripping is more suited for younger men. I have heard of male strippers who were over 30. Some Chippendales perform even beyond 40. If I wanted to continue to strip, then I think I would have another ten years at least. I'm in the best shape of my life now and show no outward signs of aging. But I'm not going to stick around with this job.

Male stripping is not a wise career choice, unless you work as a Chippendale who's great at saving money. You cannot list any great qualifications or work skills due to male stripping on a professional resume. As a private party stripper, work is erratic and inconsistent. Male stripping is more for younger men who are attending college or seeking a second job on the side. I started male stripping in college and it provided me with good money and some of the best times of my life. Yet, there comes a time when one must move on.

I'm in the process of moving on. I'll strip for a little while longer, but there is no more growth for me in the male stripping business. I need something else.

I have several things lined up. In addition to a new job, I'm in the process of working on a manuscript about my experiences as a male stripper. One literary agent already expressed interest. I just need to write down my experiences as a memoir, or consolidate some of the stories on here into a book.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lost in Translation - Japan 2005

In 2005, I received my Bachelor's degree and got a job as an English teacher in Japan. As a result, I had to quit my job as a male stripper for almost two years.

Although I studied Japanese at college, I still didn't know everything about the culture. I experienced several varieties of culture shock over there. The one the stood out the most was the average Japanese girl's perception of Western men.

Before I left for Japan, I was seeing three American girls at the same time. When I arrived in Japan, I didn't get laid for almost half a year. I wondered why. I still looked the same as I did in America when girls were paying me to strip.

Then I made a shocking discovery: Most Japanese girls thought I was gay.

At first, I was clueless. Several of my Japanese coworkers made gay jokes with me, but I simply thought they were joking. Then, some female students asked me outright about my sexual orientation. After awhile, I realized that everyone was serious--they actually thought that I was gay.

In America, this kind of mistake would never happen. I have the Southern Drawl when I speak. Most of my normal clothes consist of jeans, t-shirts, wifebeaters, and workout gear. I love guns and hunting.

A lot of young Japanese males dress in a style that some Americans call "metrosexual." I've seen many Japanese men wearing anything from tight, flashy jeans with white belt dotted with rhinestones to expensive hair perms. Yet, the Japanese girls thought I was gay.

For awhile, I thought someone at work hated me and was spreading false rumors. Then, I finally discovered the source of this misconception during a conversation with a Japanese coworker named Mizuho. She asked me what kind of men I liked. By now, I was beginning to get pissed.

"Where did you get the idea that I was gay?" I asked her.

"You're not gay?!" Mizuho said, surprised.

"No!" I said. "Who told you that bullshit?"

"No one," she said. "It's the way you dress. You wear tank tops."

"Tank tops?" I asked, a little confused at this point.

"Usually Western men who wear tank tops, work out, and have muscles are gay," Mizuho said.

I laughed at her. I have heard many stereotypes in my lifetime, but this topped my list as one of the most absurd. According to her logic, I guess most Western athletes are gay. I waved her over to the window and gestured down to the street below where hundreds of Japanese were walking. "See those young men there," I said, pointing to a group of teenagers who were dressed too flashy for even a gay club in North America.

Mizuho nodded.

"People in America would assume that they're gay."

"Uso!" she said.

"I'm not lying. Let's call in Ann," I said. Ann was my coworker from Texas. We called her in and I showed her to the window. "Ann, which would you is gayer: Those guys down there in the street, or me?"

Ann raised an eyebrow. "Why do you ask?"

"Because Mizuho thinks I'm gay because I wear tank tops and work out."

For a moment, Ann looked at me like I was telling her a bad joke. Then, she burst out laughing. " No, Mizuho. You got it wrong. Dion is a redneck! Repeat it after me: redneck!"

From that day forth, I made some slight adjustments to how I dressed over there. Almost instantly, the local girls' gave me the reactions that I had in America. Who would have thought that a culture would equate homosexuality with working out or bodybuilding. The Japanese culture books never mentioned anything on this...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Being Friends With Exes = Retarded

Apparently, my male-stripping profession makes me some type of relationship guru. I've received several e-mails asking what type of girls to look for and what type to avoid. Answering each one of these e-mails privately has become quite time consuming, so I'm going to post my common advice.

Some of this advice can apply to the female readers as well, unless it's otherwise obvious.

For today, I'm going to focus on the disqualifying factors for a relationship. You don't need to date someone if he or she is associated with any of the qualities below:

1.) Friends with exes (or former fuck buddies).

In this day and age, the concept of remaining friends with exes has become quite common. No wonder the divorce rate steadily climbs higher. Never ever commit to someone who's determined to remain friends with an ex. Staying friends with exes (or fuck buddies) while investing in a new relationship is both inappropriate and unfair to your new partner. I strongly advise against dating people who can't let go of their past.

2.) "I need romance (in order to have sex with you)."

Guys, if a girl ever tells you this load of bullshit, then she's just not attracted to you anymore. Therefore, she needs romance as a substitute for attraction to have sex with you. Keep this in mind: Women never need romance for one-night stands. The girl who went to the club, got drunk, and hooked up with a random stranger was just craving a dick. So if your girl has ever had a one-night stand, but demands romance out of you, then I suggest you find a different girl.

Or the flip side to this:

3.) "I watch too much porn."

Ladies, if your man rarely fucks you, but always masturbates to porn, then he's just not attracted to you. Don't get me wrong, porn is great in moderate amounts---I'm a huge fan of it. But a man is living in a fantasy when he forgoes actual pussy for his favorite Internet porn star video.

Men, think of it like this: Your favorite porn fantasies are the equivalent of some women's favorite romance novel fantasies. The absurdity of you becoming the exotic prince of her romantic desires is tantamount to your woman taking a rough anal pounding and finishing you off with a blowjob while enjoying every bit of it. It's not likely to happen...unless your woman is into that kind of thing already.

4.) "I have trust issues, because my ex..."

If you're an honest person, then why do you have to pay for something that someone else has done in the past? For instance, just because someones ex cheated on him/her, doesn't mean you will. People with trust issues will treat you as if you will either lie, cheat, or stab them in the back.

I'm not advocating that you have to trust someone with complete and utter devotion from day one. Trust is earned, not dictated. What I'm saying is that your partner shouldn't place unfair accusations and suspicions on you because someone fucked him/her over in the past.

5.) Random psychological issues

I'll start this with a personal example.

When I was 23, I was fucking this hot blonde on a regular basis. After only a week of knowing her, she told me that her uncle used to molest her. I was pissed---not at her uncle, but at her. Whether or not her story was true, she was seeking attention. Even if it were true, why would she give out this information to someone she has only known for a damn week!?

She became angry when I didn't give her the typical sympathetic response. What did she want me to do about it? Beat the shit out of her uncle? Pat her on the back and offer to take care of her? Basically, her sob story about her uncle was only the prelude to other dramatic experiences in her life. I told her that she needed to resolve her problems on her own, or seek professional help---not unload it all on me. I soon cut contact with her, because she would have dragged me into her mess of a life story.

The moral of this story is to avoid dating anyone with deep psychological issues. Unless you want to act as a free therapist 24/7, I recommend dating someone who is normal. Therefore, your relationship starts out without any problems and you don't have to fix anything. Trying to become a savior for a self-destructive person will only result in a destructive lifestyle for yourself because you'll be carrying the weight of their emotional burden.


Well, there you have it. Those are the negative qualities to avoid in prospective partners. Follow this advice and you'll weed out a lot of potential drama in future relationships.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Male Stripping Questions - Part 20

I forgot to answer the last part of Jake's e-mail during my last update. I also received another e-mail regarding male stripper porn videos.

I'll start with Jake's question:

How successful are you at picking up girls? Can you easily get a girl you want? Looking forward to your other advice.

When it comes to single women who share the same interests as I do, then I guess I'm pretty successful. Out of the last five girls I really wanted, I succeeded in getting with all five.

However, I had a much different story when I was younger. Hell, I hardly used to get laid before I became a male stripper.


Now here was the question about the porn videos:

Hi Dion. Are you familiar with CFNM (clothed female nude male) vidoes on the net? in case you havent they are videos of a male stripper having sex with many women at a party. do you think this is real? Or fake? have you done anything like this?

Yes, I have heard of CFNM. No, these videos are not real in the sense of an authentic male stripper at an actual bachelorette party .

I am very sure that a porn studio sets up these "sex parties" and everyone in the video is tested before having sex. If these videos are selling in the United States, then the porn company has to ensure compliance with Code 2257. Therefore, these videos of the male strippers and the crazy girls fucking them are really just a bunch of porn actors doing their job.

Do you really think that a bunch of girls having fun at a bachelorette (hen) party will allow a camera crew to video tape them blowing a male stripper so everyone on the Internet can see?

Another fake aspect of these videos is the fact that every girl is usually attractive. At a real bachelorette/hen party, there is a large mixture of beautiful, ugly, plain, fat, skinny, average girls.

One last thing: A room full of girls won't have unprotected sex with a male stripper...usually.

To conclude, these male stripper videos are simply just porn. While the videos may resemble some aspects of a male stripping job, they greatly exaggerate the circumstances. The occasional girl who blows the male stripper in reality becomes a frequent room of girls who take turns sucking male-stripper cock in the porn video.

For those with any questions or comments, feel free to e-mail me:

Male Stripping Questions - Part 19

Thanks to all you readers out there. You and your e-mails give me motivation to continue this blog. Here's another e-mail.

Hey Dion

Great blog. I envy you and your lifestyle. lol I do have a few questions. Has anyone man wanted to fight you because of jealousy? Like a dude's girl was coming onto you and he got pissed?

How successful are you at picking up girls? Can you easily get a girl you want? Looking forward to your other advice.

Thanks man!


I've seen a few jealous guys in my time. For the most part, I don't go out of my way to screw with their girlfriends/wives/crushes, but they find a reason to hate me anyway (though when I was younger I did). Some guys want to fight me; these are usually rednecks. Most of the others guys content themselves to indirectly yelling threats.

Here are a few encounters I had:

1.) 2004 - I performed for a girl's birthday party. There were both college girls and guys present. Most of the guys left as soon as I started stripping. After my performance, three of the girls invited me to go to the clubs afterward. They offered to pay for everything as long as I would drive, so I tagged along. I went to the club and danced with all three girls.

As I was driving the girls back from the clubs, one of the girl's boyfriend called and demanded where she was. She told him that she was with her two friends and "the stripper." He became so enraged that I could hear every word he started screaming to her through the phone. He told her that he was going to kill me as soon as I showed up. She tried to calm him down. He became even angrier.

I told the girl that if he boyfriend put his hands on me, then I would send him to the hospital. I don't know if he heard me or not through the phone, but as soon as I showed up to drop the girls off, he was nowhere in sight. Even worse for him, his girlfriend gave me her phone number.

2.) 2003 - Cowboy bar. A family reserved a section of the bar and wanted me to strip for a lady who was turning forty. Her husband paid me. They wanted me to wear a cowboy outfit.

As soon as I entered the bar, I saw over a hundred people. Most of the men wore cowboy hats, along with some of the girls. My heart sank when I saw the reserved section---it was in plain view of the whole bar.

I began to strip for the birthday lady. Her family and friends treated me well, giving me a substantial tip. They were all kind and generous. I looked out beyond them into the rest of the crowd and saw some young girls smiling at me. One girl beckoned me over with her finger. Another waved a dollar to get my attention. Near them, I saw some cowboys with faces darkened with anger. I stayed in the reserved area.

After the performance, a gigantic cowboy bouncer told me that he was going to escort me out. "A lot of boys in here are jealous 'cause of you gettin' all the attention from the ladies," he said. I looked at the crowd and saw many friendly female faces, but equally as many menacing male faces. The birthday lady's husband offered to walk me out as well. Both of the men accompanied to my car. Without them, I might have had some trouble.

3.) 2007 - College apartment. A mother and father hired me to strip for their daughter's 21st birthday.

Unfortunately, there were college guys in attendance, although most of them vacated the living room as soon as I started my routine. I stripped for the birthday girl in front of her friends, while the parents stayed in the kitchen. The girls seemed to enjoy themselves. They cheered me on as I did push-ups over the birthday girl, burying my crotch into her face with each push-up.

Then, a college boy passed by the living room and said, "If he touches my girl, I'll kick the shit outta him."

I stopped my routine and looked up at him. I noticed he wasn't even looking at me.

"Let me get something straight," I said. "I'm not here to mess with your girl, or try to steal her from you. If she doesn't want me around her, then I go to somebody else. Your insecure attitude will make you to lose her faster than anything I could ever do. And by the way, you won't do shit to me."

The whole room went silent with the exception of the radio. Without a word, the college boy left the room. One girl laughed. I apologized to the whole room for the encounter, but the girls took sides with me. I finished my routine without seeing the college boy again.


A few more jealous-man incidents have occurred, but I either listed them before or cannot recall them now. Either way, these situations don't happen often. When they do happen, they happen with little to no provocation on my part.

Ironically, I don't recall dealing with any jealous man when I was actually was interacting a little too much with his girl.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Getting Laid - Physical Appearance

I have received a few e-mails asking me advice on how to get girls. There are so many factors involved on attracting women: attitude, status, personality, common interests, and appearance. I'll get into each of these, but for now, I'm going to just focus on personal appearance.

Believe it or not, appearance becomes very important when you want to attract someone. Don't believe that horseshit that says, "Appearance doesn't matter at all." Yes it does. It matters a lot. If appearance didn't matter at all, then there would be no such thing as strippers, porn stars, and models. People say that appearance doesn't matter because they don't want to sound shallow. But in truth, we humans are shallow, and we focus a lot on looks. No one wants to fuck something that looks repulsive.

Contrary to what you have heard, women place a lot of value on looks. Unlike men, however, attitude and personality factors more into the equation. For example, a woman can look at a man within the first two seconds of meeting him and determine whether or not he's attractive. This initial reaction is the first step. Next, she talks to the man for a few minutes and comes to a conclusion whether or not she can fuck him. So basically, a woman can determine whether a man is fuckable within the first five minutes of talking to him. If she finds the man unattractive during this time, then the man has little hope of getting laid. While it's important for a man to learn good social skills, it's equally important for him to be good looking enough to spark attraction during those first two seconds.

So, if want to look attractive to the most women possible, then here are the types of looks NOT to do:

1.) Dreadlocks (a.k.a. shitlocks)

If you're white, then don't even attempt to pull of this look if you ever want to get laid by a girl who bathes on a regular basis. Just by having this hair, you weed out 99.99% of prospective girls by your ragged appearance alone. The rest of the .01% simply lowered their standards. My advice: Lose the homeless bum look and cut those clumps of shit.

Another variation of this hippie look is the shaggy hair and beard. I noticed that a lot of college kids sport this look now. I also noticed that they never have a girl, or they have a nasty girl.

2.) Emo/Scene Look

Another great look to have if you want to spend many lonely nights jacking off to anime porn while crying yourself to sleep. Most women will think you're a pussy if you sport this look, especially if you wear the tight jeans that cling to your skinny legs. Of course, some guys with this look may attract other emo girls, but that's like trying to fish out of a small pond when there's a huge ocean out there.

And leave the tight jeans style for the girls to wear.

3. Metrosexual

Okay, I said it's great to take care of yourself, but this is too much. You don't need to spend more time getting ready than your date. Unless you're trying to pick up people at a gay club, then don't bother with this look. If you do, then you're sure to piss off some gay people for misleading them with your metro style.

4. Computer Nerd

If you look like the stereotypical computer programmer (above), then chances are that women don't want to sleep with you, even if you are one of the smartest guys at your university. I'm just talking about looks, not profession. You can still be a computer programmer, but don't sport the wimpy look with the nasal voice. My cousin graduated with a computer science degree and works as a programmer, but he is jacked like brick shithouse, wears wifebeaters, and talks like an army drill sergeant...and he gets pussy.

5. Gangsta-Wannabe

The only girls who ever would hook up with these guys are the girls who also dress like this or just have low IQs. If you're trying for that intimidating gangsta look, then the only things that you're going to intimidate are your chances of having sex... ever, unless you pay for it. No one thinks that you're cool or tough. They just laugh. I don't think any girl gets wet when she looks at your hat tipped sideways, the baggy shorts that come down to your chicken-leg ankles, and your awkward, limp-wrist gang signs. If I ever had a son and he walked home looking like one of these kids, the beating I would give him would resemble a bloodbath.


Now that I've covered the looks to avoid, let's go over what you should do. As a male stripper, my goal was to attract the most women across the broad spectrum as possible. That means I didn't have a specific demographic in mind. So with that said, I recommend the following:

1.) Exercise - You don't have to be jacked like Arnold Schwarzenegger, but most women admire a well-proportioned physique with abs. Some women may say that they prefer skinny guys, a husky man, or such, but having a good physique NEVER hurts. You're also more likely to attract a larger variety of women, regardless of the type of men they're into.

2.) Decent clothes - You don't have to dress like a metrosexual guy, but don't dress like a damned hippie either. Hell, wearing a nice t-shirt with jeans would make you presentable as long as you look like you showered recently. You don't have to spend money on name brand clothes either. Believe it or not, most people beyond high school aren't going to make a big fuss if your t-shirt comes from Wal Mart instead of Hollister. And DON'T EVER WEAR SOCKS WITH SANDALS. That combination dries up pussy faster than any arid desert can.

3.) Short, well-groomed hair - If you're going to have long hair, then have nice hair at least. Don't try to look like your favorite rock band. No girl ever looked at Jerry Garcia or Willie Nelson and thought of them as sexy. Those guys got laid because of their fame and fortune, not because of their shitty hair. As for short hair, a little grooming is nice if it's longer than a military buzz cut. If you overdo it, women will just assume you're gay, which is not the desired effect (unless you swing that way).

4.) Avoid excessive piercings/tattoos - Women who are into piercings and tattoos are likely to admire these. However, with excessive piercings and tattoos, you are likely to weed out a girl who prefers a more clean-cut guy. If you don't have any tattoos or piercings, you don't hurt your chances with a girl who loves tattoos and piercings (and you can always get some later). Did you hear me there? A lack of tattoos and piercings cause the least negative impression among most. That is what you should aim for.

Tattoos are a great way to show self-expression, but so is a t-shirt. You can change a t-shirt when you tire of the design, but you can't change a tattoo so easily.

5.) Posture - Stand up straight. Be a fucking man. Quit slouching and sagging everywhere you go. If you slouch, then you better work on your posture. Chances are that most women will notice your slouch during the first two seconds of meeting you. Women like a manly posture, so lift that chin up and make eye contact. Exercise also helps your posture.

There you have it. A male stripper's advice on physical appearance. Some may argue that getting a women is 100% about personality, but physical appearance plays a significant role in addition to personality. Neglecting your physical appearance reflects upon your personality. If an ugly man and a handsome man enter a room with a similar personality and an equivalent amount of charm, then the handsome man will more than likely attract more women. In the very least, having a nice appearance will never do you any harm, except attract undesired attention.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Male Stripping Questions - Part 18

I received this e-mail a few days ago:

Hi Dion,

I really enjoyed reading your post from Sep. 26 about the blowjobs.

I have a related question about the blowjobs. What percentage of the women who have given you bj´s were married women and/or bride to be´s and how many were younger single women ?

Also, if you have had full on sex with women at the parties, how many were married, or brides to be as opposed to single girls ?


This is a tough question to answer, because I would have to sit down and remember each situation to give an accurate statistic. So I'm just going to give a rough estimate.

Almost 50% percent of the women who gave me a blowjob were married or engaged. Out of this statistic, some of the married women were in an open marriage, meaning their husbands could care less whether their wives were sucking me off. The soon-to-be-married women were simply cheating. Their girlfriends often told them that "it was the last night to enjoy being single."

The other 50% percent of the single women fall into two groups: younger women and older women. So roughly about 25% of the women that gave me blowjobs at these parties were younger, single women. These women were drunk and horny, and were often egged on by their friends.

In regards to actual sex, I did it more with single women. Sex usually requires more effort than a blowjob. So if I was going to put forth such effort, then I sure as hell wasn't going to waste my time working on a girl who was already with another man, especially if there are other single women around.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Girls Giving Blowjobs

Here is an e-mail I received:
hi Dion!my name is Dave.i'm a big fan of your blog. my appreciation to what you are doing!just wanna ask a question,did you often get your cock sucked during shows,if yes,which women are actually perform oral sex?and did you actually climax?thank for answering!cheers


Thanks for writing, Dave. Your questions are... very straight to the point to say the least.

As for the answer, the frequency of blowjobs varies depending on how wild the crowd is and how determined I am to get one. First of all, getting a blowjob in general for me is very easy. All I simply need to do is get invited to hang out with the girls after my performance and find a girl willing to hook up. This ends up being a one-on-one setting though. 

Getting a blowjob from a girl or group of girls during the performance is difficult. Regardless of what those porn sites show, few women will suck a stranger's dick in front of their friends. There are exceptions: for instance, click this story: CFNM Party. Situations like that are few and far between. 

There are wild parties out there. There are girls willing to do wild things. But I'm not one that shows up at these parties to push a girl's moral boundaries. I let them do that. 

Monday, September 20, 2010

Secrets That Women Keep - Part 2

A few years back, I performed at a birthday party in a small bar, which was located in a small town on the coast about three hours from where I lived. I'll just call this town Agricola.

Agricola was so small that anything that happened there spread throughout the whole town. This place seemed like the kind of place where everyone knows your business better than you do. And this place, of all places, was where I had to dance for a group of girls ranging from mid-twenties to late-thirties.

I don't recall the details of the party so much, but I do remember that the only other guy in the bar was the bartender---and he hated me. He hated me because his girlfriend was in attendance and I danced with her. I didn't know they were dating. Oh well. I'm sure he has gotten over it by now.

I also remember two other girls: Diane and Sara. Both women were beautiful, despite being in their middle years.

Diane had long, wavy blonde hair. She sat on the bar stool, acting aloof from my perfomance. As I danced, I occasionally and subtly admired her sleek, tanned legs, following the curves of her thighs as they stretched her mini-skirt. When Diane's turn came, I left her on the bar stool, spread her legs, and place the bulge of my thong into the crevice between her legs and up her skirt.

She giggled and I moved on to another girl.

This girl was a redhead named Sara. Even though she had a few lines of aging on her face, she radiated a lot beauty. Her body was firm from exercise.

After I finished stripping, the girls asked if I could stay and party with them. I told them that I could. Sara spoke with me the most. As I talked to her, she stared at me, her blue eyes full of intensity and intrigue. She told me that she was an author. I can't remember if she was published or not. I do remember her saying that she wanted to write a story about my life. She asked me a lot of questions about male stripping. She laid a hand gently on my arm as I told her a few stories.

One of the ladies announced that the limo had arrived. Some of the girls stayed; others got up to leave. Sara stayed.

"Aren't you going?" I asked Sara.

"No, I have some errands to run," she answered. "I may come out afterward."

I smiled and told her that I would see her then.

Sara never came out. I went with the other ladies in the limo and we stopped at several bars. I got drunk and started making out with Diane while we were at one of the bars on the coast. I slipped a hand up her skirt. The sexual tension continued throughout the night. After the limo dropped us off downtown, Diane invited me home. I obliged.

Diane's house had three floors full of expensive mahogany furniture. The kitchen coutners were made of granite. I saw a few pictures of a beautiful young girl.

"Who's she?" I asked.

"My daughter," Diane said. "She's away in college now."

"How old is she?"

"She's twenty," Diane said.

I was 24 at the time, meaning a four years age difference between me and Diane's daughter... Diane pulled me upstairs and we took a bath in a large tub that was almost the size of a jacuzzi. Then we went to the bed and had a long night.

During the next morning, Diane had to get up early for work. She said I could stay and sleep in. I was tired and hungover from the previous night, so I went back to sleep... and was awoken by the sound of a guy shouting Diane's name. I sat up as soon as he entered the room.

"Diane--" the man stopped and looked at me in shock. I was naked on Diane's bed. I'm sure that I was the last thing he was expecting to see. "Who the fuck are you?" he asked.

"Dion. And who are you?"

I was awake now. I propped myself up, ready to jump up and fight should the man attack me. I really didn't want to fight another man while I was naked.

"Where is Diane?" the man demanded, ignoring my question.

I shrugged. "Beats the hell outta me. She left early this morning."

He glared at me for a brief moment, turned around, and stomped his way outside.

I decided that I needed to get the fuck out of that house before some drama unfolded with me wrapped in the middle of it. I put on my clothes, got in my car and left. On the way home, Diane called me and asked if a man came over. I told her yes and that he wasn't happy. She explained that he was an ex-boyfriend, and he was pissed that she slept with me.

"He called me a whore and told me that he didn't want anything to do with me anymore," she said.

I didn't want anything to do with her anymore after that either. I thought she was a whore too. Probably still is.

I continued driving on home, away from Agricola and its heavy dose of small-town drama. Unfortunately, the women of Agricola weren't done with me yet.

...Continued in High Water Mark

50th Birthday Party

On Saturday, I did a party for a lady turning fifty.

The party took place on the beach at a very nice hotel. I arrived in a police uniform (yet again). I duped the birthday girl into believing that I was a cop. She lightened up as soon as I started stripping for her. She was really pretty for fifty: great body, well-dressed, smooth skin, and fairly tan. Her friends looked great as well.

The other ladies only wanted me to focus on the birthday girl, so I did. She caressed me as I placed her on the couch and straddled her. She took a shot off of my abs. We danced on the floor. Next, we did some sexual poses as the other girls took pictures of us. One lady had a camcorder and videotaped us.

"Don't show these to my husband," the birthday lady said.

Another lady repeatedly hugged me and told me how hot I was. She was very beautiful, so I enjoyed her hugs. She kissed me on the cheek and on the neck several times. The birthday lady kissed me on the cheek as well.

As the birthday lady and her friend's flirtations became more abundant, a limo arrived to take the ladies out. They invited me, but I had errands to run in the morning, so I politely declined. I could have tagged along and had a blast, but I hated the idea of subjecting myself to the whim of the limo driver's schedule.

So as I left, the ladies packed me some food, drinks, and gave me some extra money. I love my job sometimes. Women pay me to party with them, and I get bonuses such as free food, drinks, and limo rides.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Christy's Party

I just got back from Christy's party about an hour ago. Good time and good money. What's even better was that I booked this show without an agent, so I kept all of the money.

I donned on my police uniform for the show, but the bachelorette knew I wasn't a cop right away because the county patches on the uniform were different. She freaked out when I stripped for her, much to the amusement of her friends. She squealed and covered her face and made a whole array of shrieks. She didn't want me on her.

About ten women and one man were there. The man was gay and he was the bachelorette's brother.

I made my rounds with the women. I fished out dollar bills from breasts, danced with them, and took pictures with them. I allowed the man to tip me a few dollars. Everyone seemed to have fun.

I think Christy had the most fun. I laid her spread eagle on the couch. She said to everyone, "It's been awhile since I was in this position with a man." I buried my face in her cleavage and licked her skin. Then I scrambled atop her and thrust my crotch near her face. She was all smiles.

I finished the party by doing a group picture. By now, the bachelorette wanted me to try and strip for her again, because she was ready this time. Perhaps she liked what I did to Christy. The other girls told her it was too late.

"But I freaked out earlier because that was my first time seeing a male stripper," she whined. "I'm ready now."

I thought about stripping for her again, but I put my clothes on instead. I wasn't feeling too well and wanted to get home. Besides, leaving a woman to desire more from a male stripper is a good thing.

Tomorrow's party will take place in Alabama.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

3 Parties in a Week!

I just stripped for another group of Mississippi girls recently. They were rowdy, fun, and wild. One drunken brunette who looked around eighteen wanted to hook up with me, which is flattering if one overlooked the fact that she looked like she was going to puke from drinking too much. They also tipped well. I really wished all parties went this well. Nothing too boring and nothing too dramatic.

I have two more parties to go:

One party was a referral from my "Saturday, March 13th" blog. I received a random phone call from a girl named Christy saying that she wanted to book me. Apparently, the girls from the March 13th party enjoyed my performance and recommended me to their friend Christy. I must have given them a number, although I had forgotten at this point. Sometimes girls ask for my numbers for future parties. Christy sounded nice and she said she wanted me to dress as a cop.

I know very little about my other party though. I just know it's on the usual.

I also have some male stripper questions to answer and post up here, so keep checking back for updates.

Male Stripper Questions - Part 17

I received an e-mail with several questions from John. Here they are:

Question 1: Have you ever posed nude? If not, would you pose nude, say at, for example.

Yes. I have posed nude on several occasions. Not for Playgirl though, but for Playgirl-like content.

One of my agents submitted to Playgirl, but they never responded to him. He told me that they've been flaky lately. I also spoke with a former editor of Playgirl and learned that their revenues were plummeting due to the widespread use of the Internet, so I'd probably have to see them firsthand to get work.

I'm not going to pose nude anymore in the future, but would make an exception for Playgirl because of the name.

Question 2: I always hear male strippers say that men are better tippers than women and some strip for men because of that. Do you know if that's true? I think you said in one post that you only strip for women but men are sometimes present, though not your guest of honor. Why not strip for men?

Generally speaking, it's probably true. And I'm going to generalize even further.

Men, both gay or straight, tend to tip better because of the sexual arousal they receive from strippers. Straight men hire female strippers and tip them well because they want to see the goods. Gay men hire male strippers and tip them well because they want to see the goods. Overall, men love to pay for eye candy, regardless of sexual orientation.

On the other hand, women hire male strippers to embarrass or surprise the bachelorette, or just to have a good time. I have a great time stripping in front of women. I love it when a fun crowd of girls pay me to party with them. Some women want to see the goods, but they'll rarely pay extra for it.

As for stripping in front of a whole crowd of men, I wouldn't enjoy that at all. First of all, I am straight. Second, look at my first reason. However, if a male stripper loves to do so for the money or the attention, then by all means, more power to him. I hope he does well and enjoys himself. I'm sure a guy could make a lot more money with the gay crowd. If that's the case, then he should capitalize on it. Hell, if I was gay, I'd do it. Then again, if I was gay, I'd probably be extremely rich by now from the offers I received.

I'm far from starving right now, so I'm going to stick with women for less money. Even if I was starving, I have a few rifles and loads of ammunition, and plenty of deer run through the woods in my backyard, so I'll be fine.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mississippi Party

I had to drive all the way to Mississippi to strip at a bachelorette party last weekend. I wore my cop outfit. The girl who hired me told me that I was not supposed to touch the bachelorette at all, because the bachelorette's soon-to-be husband was paying for me and he didn't want me touching his woman. This was the first time I heard such a request. My shows usually involve various levels of interaction. So basically, I was supposed to strip and dance...nothing more.

I arrived in my cop outfit. The whole party consisted of a few girls in their twenties, along with their mothers. I think the presence of the mothers ruined the atmosphere, because everything felt awkward. There was little talking, and everyone watched me with a stonefaced expression. I felt awkward.

I stripped, danced, and shook my ass in front of a few girls who seemed terrified of me. Next, the girls tied up a penis pinata to the ceiling. I lent them my police baton so they could bash open the pinata. Whenever a girl had her turn to strike at the pinata, I would place a blindfold on her and spin her in circles. Eventually, the bachelorette succeeded in breaking the penis pinata open, causing its contents of condoms and candy to spill out everywhere.

The girls hardly spoke with me throughout the party, which is rare, because most women ask me loads of questions. I thought they hated my presence. They packed a small bag full of candy and condoms for me to take home though.

Several days later, the girl who hired me sent me this surprise text message: "Just wanted to say thanks again for Saturday. They had a blast!"

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Requests for Pictures

I've received a couple of requests for pics of me, so here's one from one of my shows:

And here is another from the same show:

Monday, August 9, 2010

August 7th Party

Last Saturday's party went well. This was my first party since I have returned from Ireland.

The girls came from New Orleans and they were staying at a beach house--a very nice beach house. It had a jacuzzi on the deck, overlooking the beach and very expensive furniture on the inside. One of the girls owned it.

The girl who hired me wanted me dressed up as a cowboy, because several cowboys came to their condo the previous night to hook up. I was supposed to show up again and surprise the bachelorette. So I wore my cowboy hat, black faux-leather pants, a cowboy shirt, cowboy boots, and a belt with a huge buckle on it.

My arrival caused little surprise. Everyone seemed to expect me. I danced with the bachelorette and her friends. Most of the women were in their thirties, and were married with children. Therefore, nothing crazy happened beyond a few girls taking body shots.

One girl did take an interest in me. She kissed me on the cheek several times. Another girl asked if she could touch my cock. I told her she could. She tapped it, then grabbed it, then asked if it was real or if I stuffed it.

"Does it feel real?" I said.

"Yes," she answered.

"Then it's real."

I left after an hour-long performance. Compared to Ireland, these girls were much more conservative. I do prefer the private beach house in Florida over stripping in front of a whole dance club in Ireland. The atmosphere was much more relaxed. Overall, it's good to be back home.

For those interested, you can add me on facebook via this link:

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Back in Ameria - Some Pics From Ireland

I'm back in America now and I'm really glad about it. I had three female roommates and they were driving me crazy. Two in particular.

The scenery of Ireland was beautiful and I enjoyed eating at many places, but I don't think I could ever live there---it's too expensive. I earned a lot stripping there though.

I had several voicemails for stripping work while I was gone. My agent knew I was in Ireland, but he probably forgot. I'll have to give him a call again.

One more assignment remains from Ireland, so I must write that and turn it in. In the meantime, I have uploaded some pictures. I took the top pic at one of the entrances to my university. The others were taken at the Blarney castle grounds.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Final Week in Ireland

I'm going to update my blog when I get back to the States at the end of July. I hardly get any internet connection here in Ireland. Stay tuned then!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

2nd Show in Ireland

I was riding on the bus to Cashel Castle for a university field trip when my Irish agent called me for a hen party last Saturday. His timing was horrible. He had a party for me at 11:30 in Cork. I could make it, but I would have to rush. Several other students on the bus gave me curious looks as I went through the details with my agent on the phone.

After the phone conversation, my agent sent me a text message with the party details, including a contact number for a girl named Lucille (again, not her real name). I called Lucille and planned to meet her at the location of the hen party---a club called Door 51. Lucille said that she reserved a private room for her hen party. A private room sounded great, because I don't like stripping in front of a whole crowd of strangers.

I finished up my field trip at Cashel, which I found very cold and boring. On the way back, I asked Val, a fellow student from London, if she'd like to accompany me. I previously told her that I was a male stripper, so she already knew about what I was going to do. She told me that she would love to go.

When I returned from Cashel, I showered, prepared, and retrieved Val from her place of residence. Val and I took a cab to Door 51. The time was a little past 11 o'clock, so it was already dark. Val told me that she would go inside Door 51 and get a drink while I called Lucille. I gave Val my bag that held my camera as she went inside.

As for Door 51, I'll post a few pictures for description:

Above in the entrance. Of course, it was dark when I arrived.

Above is the interior.

Lucille came out and met me. She gave me the money and described that the hen (the bachelorette) was wearing a halo over her head. I thought that was strange, but made a mental note to look for a girl with a halo.

"By the way," Lucille said, looking me up and down and grinning. "These girls are going to rape you."

Somehow, I knew she wasn't kidding.

She led me into the club. As I entered, a short white man and a tall, broad black man approached me.

"Are you the stripper for tonight?" the short man asked.

I told him that I was.

"Then I have to tell you the rules. Do your routine, but whatever you do, don't pull your cock out. We do not allow that here."

The large black man, who spoke in a heavy Irish accent, also repeated the rules. He told me, with a stern expression, that under no circumstances was I suppose to strip completely nude. Then, his face relaxed and he joked that my job seemed much more enjoyable than his.

After I was done talking with the two bouncers, I followed Lucille back to the private room. I wondered why they lectured me about pulling my cock out if I was going to dance in a private room. I discovered why. Here is a picture of the private room:

The private room wasn't so private. The view of the room was open to the rest of the club. Most of the people in the club would be able to see within. On top of that, the hen party only took up half the space of it. Other club-goers sat and drank nearby. Oh well. This is the life of a stripper---to strip in front of strangers.

I entered and the girls started looking at me. I saw a sea of girls, mostly platinum blondes, but I couldn't find the girl with a halo until the girls started pointing at her. I went up to her and started stripping admist a roar of cheers. I consciously felt a crowd gather around the not-so-private private room.

I stripped slowly. I took off my jacket, then my shirt. As I unbuckled my belt, I teased by slowly pulling down my pants. The other girls would have none of it. I felt several hands grab my pants to pull them down with force.

"Take it all off!" I heard one of the girls say.

I felt another hand grab the back of my thong. She pulled my thong at least a foot away from my ass. She released it and it snapped painfully back onto my ass. I looked up and saw a massive crowd gathering to stare at my performance. I didn't pay them heed for long, because by now, several other girls were attempting to pull down my thong. I hooked my fingers around the front pouch to prevent public exposure of my crotch. Several hands slapped my ass and grabbed various parts of me. I felt a hand pull the front of my thong down. I looked down in time to see a blonde girl grabbing my cock.

I tore away from them long enough to pull my thong back on and dance with the bachelorette. I wanted to maintain some control of the party. I picked up the bachelorette and placed her onto the long couch that lined the wall. I climbed atop of her and placed my crotch near her face.

Something tapped me on the shoulder. I looked up and saw the bachelorette's friend. "Please don't get on top of her like that," she said. "That's too much."

I was surprised. These girls found it perfectly acceptable to rip my clothes off, but disapproved of me climbing atop of one of them. This concept was the opposite of America.

I resumed dancing with a few other girls... or at least tried to dance. They mostly dragged, jostled, and grabbed at me. They were tugging at me like a pack of wolves fighting over a piece of meat. I saw a group of men sitting nearby glancing at me in what I perceived as envy. They didn't have any women with them, but at this point, I needed a break.

The girls continued attacking me even when I called for pictures. We would pose for the camera, and I'd feel a hand grab me. Once girl tried to make out with me for a picture. Several more straddled me. By the time I finished, I was exhausted.

Apparently, several bystanders who weren't with the party came up and took pictures. The girls and I posed for them. Val, to my surprise, took out my camera and snapped a few pictures as well. I'll upload one for your convenience.

I entered and they immediately started touching me.

As I was leaving, Lucille and several other Irish showered me in compliments. While I receive compliments in the States, they compare nothing to what the Irish girls tell me. They treated me like I was the hottest celebrity to step foot in the country. Both this party and the previous one continually lavished me with praises.

Overall, Irish girls have a different take on male strippers than most American girls. The Irish girls at Door 51 groped and molested me more than any other American party in comparison. Despite this, I find that stripping in Ireland to be more taxing than in America. Most American parties tend to be more relaxing while I felt tense here in Ireland. This may be because I'm not used to stripping in Ireland yet. I do enjoy the appreciation that the Irish girls give me. And the pay is much better.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Last Weekend in Cork, Ireland

I did another show in Ireland. I'll try and post a complete update tomorrow. This show was extremely crazy. I discovered some more differences between Irish parties and American ones. I had some pictures taken at the party. Shall I post them as well?

Also, I mentioned this before and I'll mention it again---feel free to add me on Facebook:

Thursday, July 15, 2010

1st Show in Ireland

I should move here to strip for a living. The pay is better, I'd get more work, and I have less competition.

The Irish agent gave me a "trial party" last weekend, meaning my future of working for him depended on solely on this performance. He referred to this weekends's show as a "hen party," which is better known as a bachelorette party in the States. The only information I received was a text message on my phone with a girl's name and a phone number.

I called the girl, whose name is K (first letter of her real name), and she told me to meet her at a place called the Mardyke. The Mardyke was a large, stone building that resembled a small 17th century castle. It had several bars (almost every Irish place has a bar), a bowling alley, pool tables, and karaoke booths. I was going to strip in a karaoke booth, which was also a first for me. I attached a picture of the Mardyke so you can see for yourself:

K met me at the front door outside, gave me the money, and took me inside. As you can see from the outside, the place is huge. K led me to the karaoke booth where the hen party was located.

I entered to a den full of Irish girls (with one exception).

The bachelorette, who was actually Polish, was not expecting me. She had very blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and her facial features epitomized my ideal of beauty. She wore a black one-piece dress. She expressed surprise, which changed to pleasure as soon as I started stripping for her. The other girls cheered, and two of them continued singing karaoke.

I stripped down to my thong and danced with a few other girls. Yet, they directed me back toward the Polish girl, because it was suppose to be her party. I danced with her for about fifteen minutes. I must say that she had a lot of energy. Afterward, I posed for photos with her and her friends.

I got dressed. The girls helped me gather my things. They were extremely polite. Very few girls would do such a thing in the States, so I felt pleased, and thanked them for their generosity.

As I was on my way to leave, I hugged every girl on the way out. K, the girl who hired me, kissed me on both cheeks. The Polish bachelorette ran up to me, grabbed my face, and gave me a long, strong kiss on the lips. She held onto me for at least ten seconds. The girls cheered her on.

I left in a daze. I stopped down the hallway several paces outside of their karaoke booth to ensure I had everything with me. I heard the girls talking about me, so I lingered a moment longer to eavesdrop.

"He was SO beautiful!" the Polish girl said, in an excited school-girl type of tone.

I couldn't hear the other comments so clearly, but they sounded like praise. I smiled and left.

Like I said earlier, I wouldn't mind working here. The pay was much better than what I make in the States. Plus, Irish men tend train their alcohol tolerance rather than their bodies, so competition for being a male dancer is almost nil. I hope I can get one more show before I leave here, but having no car does diminish my opportunities for work here.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Irish Stripper

I got the job.

I'll be stripping in Ireland for this summer. My first gig is this Saturday. I'll receive twice the money that I made in the States. We'll see how crazy the Irish girls are this weekend. I'm looking forward to it.

Job Available in Ireland

I arrived here on Sunday. So far, my stay has been a blast. The weather is fairly mild and feels like a typical winter day in Florida. The young women here look very pretty too.

Other than classes and typical adjustments to staying in a foreign country, I did try apply for a job.

I sent an e-mail to a stripping agency based in Ireland. They replied immediately, saying that they really needed someone in my area. They gave me their number and told me to call as soon as possible. I'll call them in a few hours and post the results later.

Also, I have a collection of pictures that I'll upload here as well.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Going to Ireland

I won a scholarship to study in Ireland this summer. My university will pay for my travel expenses, room and board, and class tuition. I leave tomorrow morning.

I will not be able to work strip shows until I come back to the U.S. However, I will post stories and pictures of Ireland if anything interesting happens.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Story of Another Male Stripper

A reader recently e-mailed me, saying that his cousin was a male stripper, therefore he heard a lot of crazy stories. I asked about them, and he wrote back with some stories. Since they're a bit different (and in some ways, crazier) from my experiences, I figured I would share:

My cousin Jeff* and I shared an apartment a few years back and he pretty much was a stripper full time while he was in school. A lot of the gigs he had were as part of the group of strippers he worked with. I'd sometimes help them out back stage at some of the clubs they worked at and got to see plenty of what went on before, during and after the shows.

The most common things I saw were girls going to the back area and giving one of the strippers (my cousin or one of this buddies) blowjobs. Once, I saw this one girl down her knees between two guys giving them both head at the same time. Occasionally, my cousin and his buddies were lucky enough to find a really hot girl who wanted to have her way with all of them. I'll never forget this one really hot brunette who was part owner of the bar or something and met up with the guys early in the evening before the show. She'd seem them at another club and was really impressed. She was real forward and had an amazing body. She came on strong and the guys didn't hold back. She took the three of them back to her office and they each took turns fucking her. The room was upstairs and pretty secluded but I was able to sneak a peak through the door that wasn't completely closed.

The private parties he did were, like yours, sometimes tame and sometimes pretty wild. One particular series of events that stands out was a show he did at a bar one night. He wound up hooking up with this one girl after the show in the back of her car. He had to wake up early the next morning for a midterm exam. Early that afternoon, he had a private party with a rich divorcee who had him strip and then paid him extra to jerk off in front of her. Later that afternoon he met up at our apartment with this girl he was casually dating and they fucked for a few hours. He had another show that night and brought two girls back to the apartment with him. The next day he told me that within 24 hours he'd cum almost seven different times. He was pretty tired but pretty happy as well.

* the original name was changed.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Work has almost been nonexistent. My agent called me last weekend to offer me a show, but I had to turn it down because I was going to see Iron Maiden in Texas. One interesting thing he told me was that the BP oil spill is affecting him too. Perhaps we should try to get some compensation from BP for affecting our livelihood. I wonder if that would be possible in this business.

I probably won't strip until August either. In July, I go to Ireland. I applied and received a scholarship to study there for a month. So no stripping for awhile. I plan to update the blog with answers to e-mails though. I have some interesting stuff to post, so keep checking back.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Catholic Priest Strips

Last Thursday, I stripped for a party at a rental house in a small Florida town.

This party was nothing special. The ladies all came from out of state. Judging by their accents, they came from the Midwest. However, they requested something that I have never done before: They wanted me to dress as a Catholic priest.

I was supposed to wear a black dress shirt and black pants. When I arrived at the party, one of the girls met me outside and gave me a frock and a Bible. She told me to go inside and hear the confession of the bachelorette.

So I entered into a room full of twenty women. They pointed out the bachelorette. I approached her and said, "I'm here to listen to your confession."

She laughed and asked how much time I had. I responded by stripping.

The party was rather tame. The women did not want anything wild. They were more than content to gingerly stick dollar bills in my thong. I finished up the party by cutting the cake and serving the slices.

I walked out with over $400. Not bad for a night's work as a Catholic priest.