Sunday, July 25, 2010

Final Week in Ireland

I'm going to update my blog when I get back to the States at the end of July. I hardly get any internet connection here in Ireland. Stay tuned then!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

2nd Show in Ireland

I was riding on the bus to Cashel Castle for a university field trip when my Irish agent called me for a hen party last Saturday. His timing was horrible. He had a party for me at 11:30 in Cork. I could make it, but I would have to rush. Several other students on the bus gave me curious looks as I went through the details with my agent on the phone.

After the phone conversation, my agent sent me a text message with the party details, including a contact number for a girl named Lucille (again, not her real name). I called Lucille and planned to meet her at the location of the hen party---a club called Door 51. Lucille said that she reserved a private room for her hen party. A private room sounded great, because I don't like stripping in front of a whole crowd of strangers.

I finished up my field trip at Cashel, which I found very cold and boring. On the way back, I asked Val, a fellow student from London, if she'd like to accompany me. I previously told her that I was a male stripper, so she already knew about what I was going to do. She told me that she would love to go.

When I returned from Cashel, I showered, prepared, and retrieved Val from her place of residence. Val and I took a cab to Door 51. The time was a little past 11 o'clock, so it was already dark. Val told me that she would go inside Door 51 and get a drink while I called Lucille. I gave Val my bag that held my camera as she went inside.

As for Door 51, I'll post a few pictures for description:

Above in the entrance. Of course, it was dark when I arrived.

Above is the interior.

Lucille came out and met me. She gave me the money and described that the hen (the bachelorette) was wearing a halo over her head. I thought that was strange, but made a mental note to look for a girl with a halo.

"By the way," Lucille said, looking me up and down and grinning. "These girls are going to rape you."

Somehow, I knew she wasn't kidding.

She led me into the club. As I entered, a short white man and a tall, broad black man approached me.

"Are you the stripper for tonight?" the short man asked.

I told him that I was.

"Then I have to tell you the rules. Do your routine, but whatever you do, don't pull your cock out. We do not allow that here."

The large black man, who spoke in a heavy Irish accent, also repeated the rules. He told me, with a stern expression, that under no circumstances was I suppose to strip completely nude. Then, his face relaxed and he joked that my job seemed much more enjoyable than his.

After I was done talking with the two bouncers, I followed Lucille back to the private room. I wondered why they lectured me about pulling my cock out if I was going to dance in a private room. I discovered why. Here is a picture of the private room:

The private room wasn't so private. The view of the room was open to the rest of the club. Most of the people in the club would be able to see within. On top of that, the hen party only took up half the space of it. Other club-goers sat and drank nearby. Oh well. This is the life of a stripper---to strip in front of strangers.

I entered and the girls started looking at me. I saw a sea of girls, mostly platinum blondes, but I couldn't find the girl with a halo until the girls started pointing at her. I went up to her and started stripping admist a roar of cheers. I consciously felt a crowd gather around the not-so-private private room.

I stripped slowly. I took off my jacket, then my shirt. As I unbuckled my belt, I teased by slowly pulling down my pants. The other girls would have none of it. I felt several hands grab my pants to pull them down with force.

"Take it all off!" I heard one of the girls say.

I felt another hand grab the back of my thong. She pulled my thong at least a foot away from my ass. She released it and it snapped painfully back onto my ass. I looked up and saw a massive crowd gathering to stare at my performance. I didn't pay them heed for long, because by now, several other girls were attempting to pull down my thong. I hooked my fingers around the front pouch to prevent public exposure of my crotch. Several hands slapped my ass and grabbed various parts of me. I felt a hand pull the front of my thong down. I looked down in time to see a blonde girl grabbing my cock.

I tore away from them long enough to pull my thong back on and dance with the bachelorette. I wanted to maintain some control of the party. I picked up the bachelorette and placed her onto the long couch that lined the wall. I climbed atop of her and placed my crotch near her face.

Something tapped me on the shoulder. I looked up and saw the bachelorette's friend. "Please don't get on top of her like that," she said. "That's too much."

I was surprised. These girls found it perfectly acceptable to rip my clothes off, but disapproved of me climbing atop of one of them. This concept was the opposite of America.

I resumed dancing with a few other girls... or at least tried to dance. They mostly dragged, jostled, and grabbed at me. They were tugging at me like a pack of wolves fighting over a piece of meat. I saw a group of men sitting nearby glancing at me in what I perceived as envy. They didn't have any women with them, but at this point, I needed a break.

The girls continued attacking me even when I called for pictures. We would pose for the camera, and I'd feel a hand grab me. Once girl tried to make out with me for a picture. Several more straddled me. By the time I finished, I was exhausted.

Apparently, several bystanders who weren't with the party came up and took pictures. The girls and I posed for them. Val, to my surprise, took out my camera and snapped a few pictures as well. I'll upload one for your convenience.

I entered and they immediately started touching me.

As I was leaving, Lucille and several other Irish showered me in compliments. While I receive compliments in the States, they compare nothing to what the Irish girls tell me. They treated me like I was the hottest celebrity to step foot in the country. Both this party and the previous one continually lavished me with praises.

Overall, Irish girls have a different take on male strippers than most American girls. The Irish girls at Door 51 groped and molested me more than any other American party in comparison. Despite this, I find that stripping in Ireland to be more taxing than in America. Most American parties tend to be more relaxing while I felt tense here in Ireland. This may be because I'm not used to stripping in Ireland yet. I do enjoy the appreciation that the Irish girls give me. And the pay is much better.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Last Weekend in Cork, Ireland

I did another show in Ireland. I'll try and post a complete update tomorrow. This show was extremely crazy. I discovered some more differences between Irish parties and American ones. I had some pictures taken at the party. Shall I post them as well?

Also, I mentioned this before and I'll mention it again---feel free to add me on Facebook:

Thursday, July 15, 2010

1st Show in Ireland

I should move here to strip for a living. The pay is better, I'd get more work, and I have less competition.

The Irish agent gave me a "trial party" last weekend, meaning my future of working for him depended on solely on this performance. He referred to this weekends's show as a "hen party," which is better known as a bachelorette party in the States. The only information I received was a text message on my phone with a girl's name and a phone number.

I called the girl, whose name is K (first letter of her real name), and she told me to meet her at a place called the Mardyke. The Mardyke was a large, stone building that resembled a small 17th century castle. It had several bars (almost every Irish place has a bar), a bowling alley, pool tables, and karaoke booths. I was going to strip in a karaoke booth, which was also a first for me. I attached a picture of the Mardyke so you can see for yourself:

K met me at the front door outside, gave me the money, and took me inside. As you can see from the outside, the place is huge. K led me to the karaoke booth where the hen party was located.

I entered to a den full of Irish girls (with one exception).

The bachelorette, who was actually Polish, was not expecting me. She had very blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and her facial features epitomized my ideal of beauty. She wore a black one-piece dress. She expressed surprise, which changed to pleasure as soon as I started stripping for her. The other girls cheered, and two of them continued singing karaoke.

I stripped down to my thong and danced with a few other girls. Yet, they directed me back toward the Polish girl, because it was suppose to be her party. I danced with her for about fifteen minutes. I must say that she had a lot of energy. Afterward, I posed for photos with her and her friends.

I got dressed. The girls helped me gather my things. They were extremely polite. Very few girls would do such a thing in the States, so I felt pleased, and thanked them for their generosity.

As I was on my way to leave, I hugged every girl on the way out. K, the girl who hired me, kissed me on both cheeks. The Polish bachelorette ran up to me, grabbed my face, and gave me a long, strong kiss on the lips. She held onto me for at least ten seconds. The girls cheered her on.

I left in a daze. I stopped down the hallway several paces outside of their karaoke booth to ensure I had everything with me. I heard the girls talking about me, so I lingered a moment longer to eavesdrop.

"He was SO beautiful!" the Polish girl said, in an excited school-girl type of tone.

I couldn't hear the other comments so clearly, but they sounded like praise. I smiled and left.

Like I said earlier, I wouldn't mind working here. The pay was much better than what I make in the States. Plus, Irish men tend train their alcohol tolerance rather than their bodies, so competition for being a male dancer is almost nil. I hope I can get one more show before I leave here, but having no car does diminish my opportunities for work here.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Irish Stripper

I got the job.

I'll be stripping in Ireland for this summer. My first gig is this Saturday. I'll receive twice the money that I made in the States. We'll see how crazy the Irish girls are this weekend. I'm looking forward to it.

Job Available in Ireland

I arrived here on Sunday. So far, my stay has been a blast. The weather is fairly mild and feels like a typical winter day in Florida. The young women here look very pretty too.

Other than classes and typical adjustments to staying in a foreign country, I did try apply for a job.

I sent an e-mail to a stripping agency based in Ireland. They replied immediately, saying that they really needed someone in my area. They gave me their number and told me to call as soon as possible. I'll call them in a few hours and post the results later.

Also, I have a collection of pictures that I'll upload here as well.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Going to Ireland

I won a scholarship to study in Ireland this summer. My university will pay for my travel expenses, room and board, and class tuition. I leave tomorrow morning.

I will not be able to work strip shows until I come back to the U.S. However, I will post stories and pictures of Ireland if anything interesting happens.