Friday, April 30, 2010

Male Stripper Questions - Part 15

Here are two questions by Dave:

1. What kind of music do you like to strip to?

2. Is it the same kind you like to listen to?


1. I used to make a dance mix CD of Usher, Yin Yang Twins, 2 Live Crew (Hoochie Mama), along with some salsa and a few rock songs like "Welcome to the Jungle" by Guns & Roses. For some parties, I had a mix of country music.

I would bring the dance mix CD with a boom box and give them to one of the girls beforehand.

Now I have become lazy. Instead of bringing my own music, I usually have the people at the party play whichever music they want on their own CD player. Yeah, I know it's very lazy, but it saves me a whole lot of time and effort of preparation.

2. I like listening to much different music than what I dance to. I love heavy metal. Not rock. Metal. I also like some neo-classical composers. One of my favorites is Uematsu Nobuo. However, none of my music fits in well with stripping.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Wife's 50th Birthday Party

Last night, a man hired me to strip for his wife's fiftieth birthday. The whole party involved four couples. Basically I performed for four women while their husbands took pictures.

The men were drunk and cheered me on to get raunchy with their wives. Their wives looked very good for being around fifty too.

The birthday lady wore a cowboy hat and she was embarrassed by my presence at first. After I danced with her for awhile, she started grabbing my ass and caressing my abs, which caused her husband to laugh and further encourage her. Toward the end, she grabbed my hand and said to her husband, "I'm gonna take Dion upstairs with me. You don't mind, do you?"

Everyone laughed.

Once the party was finished, the husband walked me out and thanked me for giving his wife a good time. I'm glad for grateful customers.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Yacht Club Party

My party on Friday was an 80th birthday party, which took place at a yacht club. Over 50 people were there, a mixed-gender crowd. The party requested the usual cop uniform.

I basically had to strip for an 80-year-old lady, who had a really great time. She knew swing dance very well, so I danced with her... wearing only my boots and a thong.

I danced with a few other ladies as well. Most were in their forties and fifties, but two girls around thirty approached me and talked with me. I'll refer to them as Miss A and Miss E.

Miss A was a petite redhead, with a shy nature. Miss E was strong-spirited brunette with piercing blue eyes. Both enjoyed talking with me and both danced with me at the end, after I put my clothes back on.

Miss E told me that I was classy. She obviously came to that conclusion very early, but she was referring to how modest I was for a male stripper. "I always thought that male strippers would be full of themselves," she said. "But you are very friendly and down to earth."

Miss A stood next to her, listening to our conversation without saying much. She occasionally smiled and nodded though.

Around 9 p.m., I told Miss A and Miss E that I had to leave because of another party. Really, I was supposed to party with Caroline and Claire (which I've already written about two entries ago).

Miss A and Miss E walked me to my car. We discussed many things along the way, including politics. Miss E's eyes lit up once we brooched the subject of politics. She apparently had a lot to say. We talked for about ten more minutes.

"Just curious, how do you feel about guns," she asked me.

In response, I handed Miss E my utility belt from my police uniform. "Check the holster," I said.

"Oh my God, you have a real gun on this?" Miss E said with a smile. She pulled the gun out of the holster. "Ah nice... A Ruger. What else do you have?"

"I have a .38 Special in the car," I said.

"I used to have a .38, but I gave it to Miss A here. I use a .45 as my conceal carry now."

"Well, we should go to a gun range sometime then," I said.

Miss A and Miss E both smiled and agreed to this.

Miss A broke her silence with a mischevious grin. "Let's get your number then. We can go to the range, and hire you as a male dancer."

I exchanged phone numbers and e-mail contacts. I offered to go out with both of them, which would seem like a lot of fun.

I e-mailed them yesterday and they both responded. No plans yet, but we'll see. The future is uncertain.

One thing is certain though: I'm not going to piss off Miss E or Miss A any time soon.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Male Stripper Questions - Part 14

1. What kind of exercises do you do to stay in shape ?

2. Which are crazier and more daring at the parties you perform, the younger, single girls or older, married women ? any stories you can share ?



1. I do a fairly standard bodybuilding routine: bench press, rows, pull-ups, curls, tricep extensions, squats, straight-leg deadlifts, etc.

2. The crazier and more daring girls tend to average around 22-35 years old, although this is just a simple generalization. There are always exceptions. Once a 46-year-old woman attempted to seduce me. Another time, I had a party full of 18-year-old girls who all took turns licking whip-creme off of me.

Single women have less qualms about wanting to hook up with me, although married women and women with boyfriends have attempted to hook up with me on multiple occasions. Sometimes relationship status just doesn't matter. Once I had a threesome with two women who were best friends---one was married and the other was single. I was hooking up with the single girl and her best friend wanted to join in.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Sinful Saturday

A two-hour drive. One-way. Bachelorette party.

The girl who hired me seemed really nice and outgoing on the phone. That's usually a good sign. She also asked that I wear a police uniform.

The house was located in a nice subdivision near the coast. Green lawns, luscious trees, and red brick houses dotted the landscape.

Instead of staying inside, the girls placed everything outside: the bar, the food, the music. That was different, but at least the owner of the house had a privacy fence so the neighbors couldn't watch.

A few girls ushered me in. The bachelorette knew I was coming, so I had no need to attempt a cop routine. I just told the bachelorette that she was under arrest, and she willingly (and happily) accepted whatever I had to offer.

I made my rounds with the girls as usual. I felt a few hands grab and slap my ass. That was another good sign, especially for body shots. I felt one girl softly bite my ass cheek while she was posing for a picture. I didn't see who it was, because I was too busy taking a body shot from another girl's bellybutton.

In the meanwhile, I gathered some information about the girls. Most of them were around twenty-two years old, with the exception of three ladies who were relatives. Most of these girls either knew each other from high school or work. Three of the younger girls showed off their tits, which were very nice, although I've been getting used to the sight by now.

I saw that one of the blonde girls was fixated on me. She whispered into another girl's ear while grinning and giggling. I'll call her Jessica.

"You're talking about me," I said to her. "What'd you say?"

"I was just saying that you have the nicest ass I've seen in a long time," Jessica said.

I smiled at her. She continued to stare at me.

"No, I mean you have the nicest ass I've ever seen on a guy."

I widened my eyes, looked around at everyone and made an exaggerated gesture toward Jessica. "Hey y'all! I think Jessica here has an ass fetish! Was this the girl who was bitin' my ass earlier?"

The girls laughed.

"That was you, wasn't it?" I asked Jessica.

"Maybe," she said.

With the exception of three women who didn't want to dance, I danced with every girl at the party except Jessica. By now, the interest upon the male dancer was beginning to wear thin. This was when I usually announced an opportunity for group photos, but I had one more thing in mind: "Who's next?" I asked.

Jessica stepped forward. "Me!"

As I laid her on a large wooden lawn chair, several girls ran forward and stuff dollar bills into the bottom of her very short shorts. One girl stuck a strawberry in Jessica's mouth and told me to get it.

I went to pull the first dollar bill from Jessica's shorts with my teeth. As I approached it, I licked her inner thighs until I reached the dollar. Jessica bucked her hips slightly.

"You enjoyin' the party?" I asked.

"Mmmmm," she moaned through the strawberry that was still between her teeth.

I took my time with the rest of the dollar bills. By now, the other girls have seen most of my performance and some were filtering toward inside the house. No one stood around us.

Finally I arrived at the strawberry. As I bit into it, I felt our lips touch, then I felt her tongue.

We continued briefly until I pulled away. I looked around. No one saw us. I really wanted Jessica, but I discovered from long ago that making out with a particular girl created unwanted circumstances, such as being ostracized or avoided.

I got the last dollar bill up and helped Jessica off the lawn chair. Her blonde hair gave off a frazzled appearance. I made a mental note to get her number later, somehow.

I began to put my clothes on and relax. The performance was over. The girls invited me to stay, hang out, and eat and drink. So I did. I ate fruit, crackers, and cheese. One of the girls baked some brownies which were extremely good.

As I ate, the girls asked if I worked any other "normal" jobs. I told that I did and named a few from my list. When I mentioned that I taught English, they all became surprised.


"You taught while you stripped?!"

I shook my head. "No, I taught after quitting stripping for awhile."

"I bet you were really popular with your female students."

"Some," I said.

Jessica came up and put on a hand on my arm. "I wish you were my teacher. I'd flirt with you all day."

I laughed.

"So what would you do if the students hit on you?" another girl asked.

"I'd threaten to write 'em up," I said.

"Then I'd act up in your class all the time," Jessica said, grinning at me. "I'd ask for detention in a room alone with you."

I gave Jessica a playful slap on the ass. "So along with your ass fetish, you're also into role-playing?"

"Well you do have a fine ass," Jessica said. "You're just fine all the way. I wish you taught at my school."

Those last words struck me. I wasn't sure if I heard her right. I maintained a smile with her, but now I was wondering. Maybe she was in college. I figured the best way to find out is to throw subtlety aside. "How old are you?"

"Eighteen. Why?"

"Oh, just curious." I graduated high school when I was seventeen. Hell, I even started college when I was seventeen. "Are you in college?"

"No. In high school."

"Oh, okay," I said. I diverted the conversation to a different topic that didn't involve school or sexual matters. I presented an air of nonchalance. Yet on the inside, I was shocked.

I had just made out with a high school girl. And I wanted much more. I felt rather dirty just then, which I find funny, because I do tons of dirty things in this profession.

As I was struggling to find things to say to Jessica, another girl came up and said that she wanted my contact information. She told me that I did an awesome job and wanted to book me for her own bachelorette party. I guess that she didn't see me make out with Jessica. It was a good thing I stopped when I did.

I gave the girl my contact information. I stayed and ate a little longer, then I drove home.

So overall I dry-humped a dozen girls, took body-shots from a few girls, saw three pairs of tits, and made out with a high school girl. And I got paid three-hundred dollars for doing so. I really do have a sinful job.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Friday's Flakes

Friday was a disaster.

I thought I had two shows from two different agents. One agent booked me for 9 p.m. The other agent also booked me for 9 p.m. I had the other agent scale back the time for 10:30 p.m.

Early Friday, the first agent told me that he couldn't get in touch with the 9 p.m. party to confirm the show. He gave me the girl's number and told me to try and salvage the party if possible. He complained a bit about the lack of integrity of this certain party and then hung up on me.

Soon afterward, the second agent gave me the contact information for the 10:30 p.m. party. That was when I noticed the problem.

The contact information for both parties was the same.

That meant the party cancelled on my first agent without telling him and booked me with my second agent, which was stupid because the price and the male dancer remained the same. Nevertheless, I called them to confirm the show with my second agent.

The lady who answered had the voice of a tuba. I told her that I was the entertainer for tonight and was calling to confirm. She asked if I was black. I told her that I wasn't.

"Oh, well we done booked another dancer--we found a black guy," she said rudely.

"Well did you cancel with the agent?" I asked.

"Nah, we'll do that later," she said.

"You should've done that, because I was schedule to arrive tonight."

"Yeah, yeah. We'll cancel later."

She never did.

I called both agents and told them about the cancellation, because if I'm scheduled for the show, then I'm suppose to send the agent's cut of the money. I explained to both agents that the party hired a black dancer instead. Both agents were pissed. They both told me that they were going to call these girls up and cuss at them. One

I wasn't angry at all about the cancellation. If these girls lacked this much consideration and integrity this early on, then I would have experienced such a tenfold of misery at the party.

I did learn one thing: there is a new black dancer nearby, so perhaps I don't have a monopoly on the black girl parties anymore. We'll see...

Fortunately, Saturday offset Friday's disappointment.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Booked Full

I have shows piled up one over the other for this weekend. Expect an update this weekend.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Male Stripper Questions - Part 13

Question I: Are there differences between different races of women in how they act at such events? - Paul


That's a difficult question to answer. So I'm going to list my observations from parties of different races I have done and let you come to your own answer:

- Asian: I've only done one party where all the girls were Asian, and they belonged to a sorority. Stripping for them was like stripping for the typical college girl crowd--they were all very nice to me and even tried to hook me up with one of the girls.

- Indian: I have done two parties. The first party was mostly Indian girls, but there were a few who were white and black. The second party had two Indian girls and two white girls, totally four---this party makes my top 5 list of craziest parties ever.

- Black: I have done several parties where all the girls were black. My first agency only had one black male dancer, so he was ALWAYS first choice. If he couldn't work, then I was second choice due to my mixed lineage. From my observations, black guys are almost always first choice though. Since my current agency doesn't have any black male dancers in my area, I do most of these parties (and I hope no black guy gets hired, because I enjoy having the monopoly on stripping for black girls). These parties were usually conservative too, although there have been a few wild exceptions.

- Latinas: I have only done a few latina parties. These girls often think I'm from South America. I sometimes lie and tell them I am. Latina parties are fun, because I can add some salsa dancing to my routine---almost every girl at these parties know the basics of salsa. Most of these parties I had done tended to sway toward the wild side---one group of latinas even ripped my thong off.

- Whites: I pretty much describe this type of party in every story I write.

- Middle Eastern: I haven't stripped for any Middle Eastern girls yet, but I would like to!

In conclusion, you really can't label groups of people and place them into specific compartments and expect a certain behavior.

Also, because I work around the rural South, most of the market is white Southern girls. So rarely do I ever find a party of one specific ethnicity. Usually I have mixed party that is predominantly white: for instance, 10 white girls, 2 black girls, 1 latina, and 2 Asians. If I were in Chicago where the Caucasian is the minority, then perhaps I would have a different experience...or maybe not.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Male Stripper Questions - Part 12

More e-mails. More questions. For today, I'll answer two questions from Lydia.

Question I: Does everyone around you know that you strip? What about your parents? - Lydia


No. Very few people know that I strip. My closest friends know...and you, the readers.

When I first started stripping, I used to broadcast that I stripped to many people. I was younger and dumber and wanted to look cool. Although a lot of people found it fascinating that I stripped, I lost a sense of professionalism as a result. When others have an image of you taking off your clothes for a living, first impressions change and people don't take you seriously. As soon as I realized this, I changed my attitude about this, allowing people to get to know me first before telling anything about stripping.

My parents don't know about it. One reason that I started this blog was to create an outlet to talk about my job. I witness some of the most bizarre and exciting things in life and I can't share it with many people, so I write them down here instead.
Question II: just out of curiosity what do you look for in a woman? like what do you qualities do you like? :o) - Lydia

Here are the cliche qualities I look for in women: Honesty, good manners, classiness, innocence, kindness, and a sense of humor.

Here are the more narrow qualities I look for in a woman: Independence, loyalty, and intelligence. I value independence, because I despise the notion of someone "needing" me to live their life. Loyalty should be obvious. I highly prize an intelligent girl, but only one who maintains a modesty about her intelligence; no one likes know-it-alls.

Here are the exceptional qualities I want in a woman: A high desire for kinky sex such as dressing in latex, wearing boots or heels, getting tied-up, or indulging in some other similar fetish. A woman who likes to invite other beautiful women is a bonus, of course. I have noticed that these kinky qualities conflict with some of the other aforementioned qualities like innocence, creating a paradox. That is true, as I have yet to meet a woman who carries all my favorite characteristics. Oh well...A man can still dream.

Cancelled Show

On Thursday, my agent called me to see if I would do a show for Friday night in a town that was two hours away. This was a college town and the girls were college girls. They also had a unique request: one of the girls, Gina, wanted to see more pictures of me than were provided on the website.

My agent frantically called me and demanded that I send him pics immediately. He also complained that he spoke with Gina twenty times that day and he was starting to become agitated. He said that if she didn't respond to him after he sent the pics, then he would her them off.

Another day passed. It was Friday evening. My agent called me and told me that the party in question finally responded, but it wasn't Gina. Another girl called and said that she wanted to book me within the hour. At this point, my agent was furious and he later told me the whole exchange. "Did you have a friend named Gina who called earlier?" he asked the girl.

The girl on the other line said "yes."

"And she asked for pictures and never called back, right?"


My agent unleashed his fury on this girl. He told her that Gina was supposed to call him back, rather than wait until one hour before the party to do so. He mentioned that there was no possible way I could arrive for an out-of-town show within an hour. He told the girl that Gina lacked integrity and finished with: "Tell Gina to go fuck herself and her mother's dead cunt."

Then he hung up.

My agent called me and apologized for the cancellation. He explained that even if these girls paid four-hundred dollars, he wouldn't have sent me over there. I didn't blame him, because if these girl displayed this type of attitude beforehand, then I could imagine how much worse they could have been at the party.

"I tell ya, young girls think they're entitled to everything," he said in his New York accent. "They're fuckin' bitches. I know this, because I have a daughter in college and she wants every goddamn thing her way--don't worry, you're never gonna meet her, and you stay the fuck away from her. Anyway, these bitches demand everyone to bend over backwards for 'em. Fuck 'em!"