Monday, February 13, 2012

Male Stripping Economics

Every now and then, I receive questions about which political party I'm affiliated with. Until now, I've kept my mouth shut on the subject because this site is about my work as a male stripper rather than a political blog. Despite this, some readers accuse me of being liberal because of my libertine behavior at the parties, or my nonchallant attitude toward gay people and whether they can marry or not. A few have suggested that I'm conservative because I mentioned about carrying a gun everywhere. The truth is, I'm a bit of both.

So who am I voting for? Ron Paul. Ron Paul understands economics and the free market. In fact, he's written several books on the subject, especially regarding Austrian economics.

First of all, the type of male stripping I do stems from a pure free market approach. There are no regulations, Washington beauracrats, or I.R.S. involved. It's just my agent as the mediator, me, and the customers. All of the money the customers pay goes to me and my agent. If I'm acting as my own agent, I get the money. The price of my services, or the price my agent charges is set by the market competition. If another agency wants to compete with us and only charges $150 for their strippers, my agent has to match or beat their prices to remain competitive.

As for regulations, stripping doesn't need them. If a male stripper just outright sucks, the customers complain to the agent and he fires the stripper. If he doesn't fire the stripper, then the agency's reputation is at stake. Therefore, it's the free market that automatically regulates the economy for stripping.

I have been stripping on and off for almost ten years, and I must say that from personal experience, this system works like a charm. It expedites every process from hiring to payment.

So there you have it. That's one reason why I support Ron Paul, since most other politicians (Republicans and Democrats together) prefer Keynesian economics, which has utterly failed the country since 1913. I don't always agree with Ron Paul, but I know he's the only one up there running who isn't full of shit either. Working as a male stripper, I'm used to feeding crowds of women lines of bullshit that they want to hear. When I watch Obama, McCain, Santorum or Romney give speeches, I notice that a lot of what they say is geared towards appeasement of their crowd--something that I do when going to parties. I tell parties of girls how great they are, how they are the best group of girls, or the prettiest, because that is what they want to hear. Is it true? No. They would hate me if I told the truth. Imagine a crowd's reaction if I told them that they were boring and fat if it were the truth. They would hate me. Therefore, if I perform for a party of boring, unattractive girls, I feed them lines of bullshit about how awesome they are. After doing this for years on end, one develops a pretty good radar when it comes to detecting someone else's bullshit.

That said, I don't sense such bullshit from Ron Paul. Perhaps that is why a lot of people can't stand him. No one likes cold, hard facts, especially when they don't sound good. I hope this answers those questions about politics, and clears up where I stand.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Stripping Hiatus

I just installed the internet in my new house. However, I am taking a break from stripping indefinitely because I got a new job that takes up most of time. By the time I'm done with work, I just want to relax, not spend my remaining free time preparing for strip shows. I spoke with my agent about this and he understands. He said to contact him whenever I'm ready to work again.

As for other news, someone wrote this comment to me that I thought should be shared:

You come off Like a prick in much of your blog. You called Diane a whore so what does that make you? Are you a whore too or just the women? You lack morals you willingly involve yourself with married, engaged, and attached women. So quite honestly if any woman cheats on you, quite frankly you will deserve what you get seeing as that you lack such respect for other men. How are you going to call women repulsive? The part of your face we can't see is your eyes. Can see you have an asian face and I don't see anything hot about you. Maybe it's because you're a jackass and a hypocrite that i fail to see you as anything but gross. Just rename your blog to stories of a narcSistic male prostitute.

I found this comment to be highly amusing, because if my actions offend this person so much, then why does he/she continue reading my blog? Judging from the above comment, he/she sifted through a lot of my content, got pissed, but continued reading anyway. As far as me labeling whores versus me being a whore, let me share some wisdom that my friend's mother gave me awhile back: "Men are supposed to be whores."

Edit: I've since returned to stripping.  - Dion 7/27/2013