Saturday, May 19, 2012

Lessons From Hindsight

A reader named Sirus recently asked me an interesting question about male stripping that I have often thought of, but never put into words:

Is there anything you know now that you wished you knew when you first started stripping? If so, what is it?

I wish I knew many things back when I first started that I know now. Thinking back on my early experience, I cringe at many things I have done. If I could change several things back then though, then I would do so with then following:

- My routine. It sucked back then. I couldn't believe more people didn't complain on me.

- Networking with more agencies. I started with one agency, and it was a shitty agency at best. I could have made a lot more money had I known better.

- Staying single more often. I missed out on a lot of fun opportunities due to a sour relationship conflicting with my interests at the time.

- Following up on the previous one, I should have pursued some more opportunities back then.

- Contrary to the previous one, I should have avoided some opportunities back then. I met some stupid and psycho girls from this job.

- Getting a concealed carry license for a firearm sooner. I should have carried a gun everywhere with me when I started.

- Keeping my damned mouth shut. When I first started stripping, I told a few too many people about it. Bragging backfired on me. Now only my closest friends (3 or 4 people at most) know that I strip still.

- Continuing stripping despite entering a relationship. Believe it or not, I quit stripping a twice in my career due to relationships. What the fuck was I thinking?

- Writing a journal about my shows---basically what I'm doing with this blog. I always wanted to write about my shows ever since I started. Yet, it was something I postponed until later. Now, after doing hundreds of shows, I had forgotten a lot of them. The ones I remember most are the ones you see here.

- Getting more pictures of/with the girls at the parties for myself. Some rock bands take pictures of the crowds at each venue they perform. After stripping for years, I now see why they do this. I have forgotten thousands of faces, and I wish I had pictures to remember these girls and my experience with them.

There are many more things I would have done differently, and I mull over some of these scenarios sometimes. That is a reality that everyone faces though. Time and experience along with trial and error taught me a lot over the years. A time machine would be nice though...