Thursday, December 9, 2010

Caribbean Vacation

I'll be leaving tomorrow to go on a cruise in the Caribbean with Claire. We're going to stop by a latex store on the way and get some latex for her. I'll post some pics of her wearing it in the near future. There won't be much time for Internet browsing, so I won't be able to update until I get back, which will be shortly before Christmas.

Until then, here are some older posts if you haven't already read them yet:

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Ireland's Male Stripper Famine

The stripping agency in Ireland just sent me an e-mail and asked if I was ever coming back. Apparently, the demand for male strippers in Ireland is high, while the supply is very low. A monopoly in the Irish market is waiting for any decent male stripper.

I would've done it too. The money and the amount of work is pretty good. Oh well, too bad. I can't strip everywhere at once in the world.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Top Sexual Experiences - Part 2

I received an e-mail from Anonymous:

Hey Dion. Love your blog and your stories. Keep it up. Was wondering if you could tell us more sexual experiences. Thanks! Cheers!

Sure. I'll tell 4 experiences that come to mind right now:

- Threesome at a Halloween strip party: I took turns having sex with a girl dressed in a vinyl catwoman costume and a girl wearing a catholic schoolgirl uniform. Unfortunately, I was too drunk to cum. What surprised me though was that I was able to fuck one girl while licking another girl's pussy in a coordinated manner. I never saw these girls again.

- Fetish blonde: I met this lady at a club with a fetish-theme event. She was a bit older than me, and was wearing thigh-high boots, a leather mini-skirt, and a masquerade mask. She took me to her house in her Jaguar where we explored a variety of fetishes before I soaked her face in cum. I never saw this girl again.

- Myspace blonde: I randomly added a hot blonde girl as a friend on Myspace in 2007. She accepted my friend request and wrote me a message that said, "nice hair." A weird message, but I responded, and soon we exchanged numbers. She invited me to her apartment one weekend. No longer than fifteen minutes after I walked through her front door, I laid her spread-eagle on her bed. We had sex 7 times that night. That's my personal record with one girl. I don't know what it was, but we had sexual chemistry. My cock was very sore, and she complained that she could barely walk and sit at work. We had a few sex marathons after that, but I dumped her three weeks later because we had nothing in common besides sex.

- Chilean girl: I stripped for her birthday party. She was licking my crotch, my ass cheeks, and even slid her tongue down my ass crack. I had to see her again, so I called her under the pretense that I left something at her party, and we scheduled a date. She loved facials, titty-fucking, and much more. But beyond sex, we didn't have much in common. I stopped calling her after a month.