Monday, October 31, 2011


Several readers have commented about whether or not I had relationships because I write more about hooking up with girls than dating them. I have had several relationships, but never thought anyone wanted to read about them. In truth, most of my relationships were mundane and not worth writing about.

So to quell the many questions about my love life, I'll give a brief run through of the more prominent relationships that come to mind:

Jackie -
I don't have anything bad to say about her. In 2000, Jackie and I met at a club of all places. We danced at first, then talked for awhile, and she gave me her number. To my surprise, she actually answered her phone when I called the next day and we talked for hours. She was a year older than I was and already had a child, a son. She was very intelligent, hard-working, and self-motivated. I wanted a serious relationship with her, but I was moving to Gainesville soon to attend the University of Florida. Jackie told me that a long distance relationship wouldn't work, but we kept in contact through the years.

When I became a male stripper, Jackie felt complete and utter shock because she could not imagine me as one, because I was "shy" and "quiet." Nonetheless, she cheered me on. I graduated UF and landed a job in Japan. She was one of the few people who would actually call me while I was over there. When I returned, we dated a short time. She wanted a relationship and even dropped a few hints about marriage, but by this time, I felt that I wasn't ready for a relationship. She ended up marrying someone and moving on. The last time I saw her was in a grocery store. She had her son with her, and she was pregnant. We spoke for awhile, hugged, and then parted ways. Knowing her, I'm sure she is doing fine now.

Karin -
She was a European girl I met during tennis class. Our relationship started out heated at first, but a language barrier and cultural differences drove the wedge between us. We would have fights over trivial matters such as me owning a gun, something which many American girls would ignore. On top of that, Karin had to go back to Europe, so we tried the long-distance relationship because we thought it could work. I must admit, it was one of my dumber ideas. Our relationship ended when Karin called me from Europe one day to inform me that she hooked up with a guy at a club.

A larger story exists between me and Karin, since she partially influenced my decisions to become a male stripper. Perhaps I'll write more about it one day...

Alishia -
After Karin, I dated Alishia. I even wrote a whole story about her. Click here to read it: Male Stripping History Pisses Off Girl.

Naoko -
When I first arrived in Japan for work after college, I made a vow to myself to never date a Japanese girl. Relationships are hard work without a language barrier and cultural differences bogging them down further, and I did not want to repeat the mistakes I made with Karin. However, I didn't make any friends at first. I dated a Canadian girl and a Scottish girl---both girls did not work out. After a few months of going to work and going back home to my small apartment, life in Japan began to get very lonely. I had no friends, no family, and I was in a different culture where everyone spoke a different language.

So when Naoko came into my life, I had forsaken my vow and dated her. It wasn't a bad time. Naoko was an extremely kind and caring person, raised in the traditional Japanese manner where manners, elegance, and the ability to please a husband took priority. I'm sure that she would have made a great wife had I married her, but I would have been unhappy. We separated before I left Japan. I hope she has found her happiness by now---she deserves it.

The Writer -
I met The Writer in 2007. The reason I am calling her "The Writer" is because she is an actual published romance novelist, and a quick use of Google can produce a good amount information about her, and I will not list her name here since I'm sure that she wants no affiliation with my blog. Anyway, we dated and I quit stripping because I liked her so much. We eventually got engaged. However, we were two different people with two different lifestyles: She likes to drink at bars or sit and watch t.v. on the couch; I like to work out and do adventurous outdoor activities such as kayaking or hunting. Moreover, I caught her in several lies and lost my trust and respect for her as a result. I should have ended it, but I actually wanted to try my best to fix things. Instead, I dragged out the relationship until we were almost at each others' throats.

Note: Before I met The Writer, I had my male stripper blog on another website with a few older stories. Well, she read it when we first started dating and told me that it was garbage and that no one would ever want to read it (of course, I'll let you readers decide that from now on). Since she was a published author and I liked her so much, I believed her and deleted the site along with all my stories. As I got to know her, I just realized that she loathed my stripping job, which was understandable. Moreover, she hated the idea of me writing any stories pertaining to it.  If I have one regret, then it's deleting my old stories for her.

I hope this post answers some of the questions that y'all had about my relationship experiences. In the meantime, you can e-mail me questions or comments here:

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Bachelor(ette) Party Conundrum

Several people have asked me if I would ever approve of my future bride having a male stripper at her bachelorette party, especially since knowing first hand the crazy stuff that can happen at these parties. This may surprise some of you, but my answer is no. I disapprove of most forms of bachelorette parties. Before some of you jump onto my case about being a hypocrite, I also disapprove most forms of bachelor parties.

There are many ways to celebrate bachelor(ette) parties. Some people just have a mild party that involves family and friends. Others just get together with their best friends and have a vacation or partake in a shared hobby. Think of it as the pre-wedding party or event---it allows friends to spend time with each other before the busy and hectic wedding day. During the past 30 or 40 years though, bachelor/bachelorette parties evolved into a crazy event where you do perform "final act as a single person before tying the knot." This act involves getting together with your friends, getting smashed, going out to the clubs, getting a stripper, and vowing to keep a secret of the entire night. Hence, the slogan "What happens at a bachelor(ette) party, stays at a bachelor(ette) party."

These are the parties I disapprove of. Let's factor in all the ingredients: loads of alcohol, a whole night without the fiance, strippers or someone hot at the club, and your friends promising to keep your secrets... Sounds like a recipe for disaster. On top of that, mixing alcohol into any situation tends to provide tragic results such as cheating, distrust, or fighting.

Guys, if your girl likes to go out without you to ladies' night out at the club to get drunk, then you should be wary. Girls, if your guy likes to go out without you with his buddies to get drunk, he may be looking for trouble---unless he just loves to watch sports or play video games a lot. Keep this in mind: Not everyone who goes out drinking or partying without his or her significant other is a cheater, but everyone who is a cheater tends to go out drinking or partying without his or her significant other.

You should know your partner before marrying. The warning signs are there for those of you in relationships. Many people who desire to party with their friends while omitting the significant others often ask for trouble. I understand that this is not always the case. Some may argue that they have only innocent intentions of "having fun" when going out and drinking, but consider this: Every relationship has a low point where both partners cling to each other by a thin thread; therefore, going out and drinking provide the knife to severe this thread. Add a bachelor(ette) party to that mix and it can provide the fatal blow to the relationship.

Although I disagree with the concept of the bachelor(ette) party, there are innocent bachelor(ette) parties that consist of pure fun with friends. I have seen such nice parties with my own eyes. However, I have also seen bachelorettes who wanted to sleep with me, and I know that their marriage will not last. Not everyone is out there to cheat, but if you're already having misconceptions about your fiance's upcoming bachelor(ette) party, then you may need to sit down and reconsider getting married.

As for what I would do if I were ever to get married, I would have a mixed bachelor and bachelorette party where friends and family come together for a good time. This would involve a lot of food, games, and activities for everyone to enjoy. Perhaps a vacation for everyone involved. It may sound lame, but I don't desire a stripper or a wild night out because as you can see, I've had enough wild nights to last a life time. In addition, I will make sure that my partner isn't the type of girl who enjoys naughty thrills behind my back. This type of party is not for everyone, but by doing things this way, I remove all the bad ingredients for a disastrous recipe that I have witnessed so many times in person throughout my career as a male dancer.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Good Girl - Bad Girl Paradox

On the first day of October, a group of girls booked me for a last-minute bachelorette party in southern Alabama. The girl I talked to on the phone wanted me to show up as a cop. Her raspy voice gave me the impression that she was an older lady who chain smoked, but beyond that, I could distinguish little else. When I tried to ask for more details about the party, she told me that she had to go and hung up on me. Another stingy and prudish party, I thought. Was I ever wrong.

The party took place in a beach resort hotel, and I brought a small suitcase with my police uniform and gun belt inside since I sure as hell wasn't going to walk around the hotel as a cop. The girl I talked to on the phone said that she would meet me downstairs. I entered through the sliding glass door entrace of the hotel and scanned through a small crowd of people in the lobby. A slender, young, brunette dressed in tight clothes and heels stood near the entrance as if she were searching for someone. She looked at everyone entering, and as soon as she saw me, she stared. I assumed that I looked more like a male stripper than everyone else around me, especially the elderly couple and the family with a bunch of kids. I waved at her, and she flashed me a smile and beckoned me.

"Dion, right? Nice to meet you. I'm Desi."

As soon as we shook hands, she started walking toward the elevators asking me questions about my profession on the way. The throaty voice I heard on the phone was gone, replaced by a more youthful melodic tone. Perhaps she just sounded bad on the phone. Either way, I didn't question her about it. We got on the elevator, which had a glass wall that gave a view of the white sandy beach of Alabama. Desi pulled out some money, counted it, and handed it to me. "It should all be there. Now about the bachelorette. Her name is Laura. She's really blonde and she's the only one wearing a white dress."

"And she doesn't know I'm coming, right?"

"Right, but everyone else knows. Anything we should do?"

I told Desi the routine: play along to my cop routine and stick dollar bills into the bachelorette's clothes so I can get them out. Informing customers of this tactic not only increases the amount of money earned for me, but it provides a fun game to pass the time. With male stripping, passing time is everything. The girls expect a male stripper for thirty minutes to an hour, so any game that kills time is essential. Moreover, these games provide a hell of a lot more embarrassment and pleasure than taking off clothes and dancing in place would.

The elevator stopped on the fifteenth floor. As soon as we stepped out, the sound of music and girls talking reverberated from an slightly open door down the hall. Desi walked toward that door and told me that she was going to go ahead of me and to enter whenever I was ready. I asked her what to do with my suitcase since I didn't want to leave it in the hallway.

"Just put it by the door when you enter. Everyone is in the living room. They won't see you."

"You sure?"


"Okay. Just give me a few minutes to change and I'll be in."

Just before the doorway of the party was another hallway perpendicular to the main hall. I went down this hall and rounded a corner to conceal myself from anyone passing through. Getting caught changing clothes in a hotel hallway is a suspicious matter in the very least. Getting caught changing into a police uniform in a hotel hallway defies any logical explanation possible, ensuring a dose of trouble and a possible trip to jail. Hence, I acted fast.

The door to the party was ajar, so I entered and placed my suitcase next to it. Just as Desi claimed, none of the girls could see me. There was a hallway in front of me that opened up into a large kitchen and living room where the music was playing. Several girls were talking to each other, but they stopped and stared as I entered the room.

"Excuse me," I said. "I'm here on a noise complaint from the neighbors, and I could hear y'all from all the way down the hall. Who's in charge here?"

Several girls pointed to the sole girl wearing a white dress. "Laura," they said in unison.

Laura looked around and pointed at another girl. "Alyssa," she said.

"Laura," someone said. Some girls squeaked with muffled laughter.

"Hey, why are y'all pickin' on me?"

I approached Laura. "Ma'am, in this your party?"

"Uh, n-no. It's Alyssa's."

"Nothing illegal is going on here?"

"No, sir."

"Okay, well, you're gonna have to keep everything down. I don't want to write you a citation, but if I get another call, then everyone here is getting one. Understood?"

Laura nodded, her face tense. I smiled, placed my hands on her hips and started dancing. Laura's jaw dropped and she looked at her friends. "You got me a stripper!? Oh my God, I have to sit down for a sec." Tears began to well up in her eyes. "I have to sit down."

I stopped dancing for minute as Laura sat down and wiped her eyes. It is rare that a girl starts crying when I take off my clothes, so I was confused.

"Whose idea was this?" Laura asked.

"Mine," Desi said.

"Oh my God!" Laura said, hugging me. "I love him! Thank you so much, girl!"

I resumed dancing and Laura tried to undress me with zeal. Judging from her excitement and wide smile, I felt like an opened present on Christmas Day. She placed her hands on my abs and ran them up to my chest and gave a moan of satisfaction. Desi gave her some dollar bills, which Laura tucked into the front of my thong.

"Put some on her," I told Desi, who shoved some bills into Laura's bra. I dove in, smelling the sweet fragrance of perfume and lotion. Even Laura tasted sweet as I licked around her cleavage before biting onto the dollar bill. "Mmmm," she moaned, thrusting her hips upward against my body. Perhaps she was enjoying this a little too much for a girl who was about to get married.

After extracting a few more bills from Laura, I asked her which girl she wanted me to get next. Laura pointed to another blonde in a black one-piece dress who shared a resemblance to her. "My sister. Get her next."

I obliged by picking her up and laying her on the couch. I grabbed her stilleto heels like they were handlebars and lifted so she was in a spread eagle position, causing her one piece dress to hike up her hips and exposing her red thong in the process. I aimed the tip of my thong-encased cock at the slit of her red thong and began to rub it up and down, causing this blonde smile as she placed her hands flat against my abs. I looked up at the crowd. "Now is the time for pictures." Several girls responded by laughing and taking pictures.

Laura's sister also had the fragrance of sweet perfume and lotion on her. I grabbed her tanned legs, which felt smooth, and shifted them so I could dry hump her in a different position. More camera flashes illuminated the room. Between the intoxicating smell and the soft feel of this girl, I began getting hard. I helped her up before becoming completely hard. The bachelorette had another girl ready--it was Desi.

Desi wore tight pants, so I focused on pushing my crotch against her face. In response, she faced the camera and gave a mixed expression of widenening her eyes in mock surprise while sticking her tongue out at my cock. As the cameras flashed, I thrust my hips a few inches forward, making the bulge of my thong come into contact with her tongue. Desi yelped and everyone laughed.

Next, the bachelorette tried to line me up with another girl. However, she looked up at me with wide eyes and fled the room. Several girls encouraged me to chase her down, but I refused. Forcing interaction on such girls not only slows the rhythm of the party down, but it can draw out a bad reaction, which will destroy the festive mood. I always make it a point to leave such women alone.

The next few girls acted skittish as well, which told me that the only girls willing to participate were Laura, her sister, and Desi. At this point, Desi came up and whispered that I should just focus on Laura since it was her party. So I pulled Laura toward the couch and asked the crowd for a towel and a drink of Laura's choice. I sat on the couch, spread my legs apart, and told Laura to get on her knees. "You're going to take a shot off my abs," I told her.

"Really?!" she said, beaming with excitement. One of Laura's friend handed me a bottle of scotch, which I poured into my belly button. The liquid ran off in several directions, from the side of my abs to the top of my crotch. Laura cleaned off every drop, sucking, licking, and kissing my midsection. After a few more rounds of this, Laura climbed atop of me and spoke into my ear, "Now it's my turn to strip for you."

Laura stood up and pulled off her white dress, exposing her bra and black, lycra thong. The front was mesh and I could see her pussy through it. She turned around and began shaking her ass in front of me, gyrating ever closer to my crotch. Laura had the body of a Playboy centerfold model. Even her ass had a round, firm shape---the black, upside-down triangle of her thong went into the crack of her ass perfectly. I grabbed her hips to support her balance as she sat on my lap, her pussy rubbing against my cock with only the thin fabric of our underwear separating us. For some reason, I could only think of the irony of my situtaion: Not only was I getting a lap dance a really beautiful blonde with a hot body, but these girls were paying me for it.

"I bet there aren't many girls out there who would strip for you while you're working," Laura said.

Actually, several girls have stripped for me in the past while working. Although it doesn't happen to often, it's not uncommon. I wasn't going to tell Laura that and interupt my lap dance in which her friends were paying me for. Instead, I said, "Not many."

"So are we your wildest party?"

A lot of girls who hire me would like to think that their friends are the wildest bunch I'd ever experience. I don't know why girls want that acclaim. Perhaps it's the sneaky naughtiness factor. I call it the 'Sex in the City Syndrome'--where girls try to perform the most decadent acts without the men in their lives finding out. But the truth is that unless each and every girl lined up to take turns sucking my cock, then the accolade of "Dion's Wildest Party" will always remain out of reach.

However, I was here to entertain, so I entertained Laura by telling her that her party was "one of the wildest." My response seemed to satisfy her, and she continued rubbing against me. I wondered how wet she was.

"You had better stop soon," I said. "You're making me horny."

Laura turned around and straddled atop of me. "Good. Then maybe you'll come out with us tonight."

"Laura, let the dancer strip," her sister called out.

"Yeah, I paid him to strip---not you," Desi said, accompanied by laughter.

"Okay, fine," Laura said, standing up. She jumped onto the couch and spread her legs. "All right, bitches. Put some money on me."

Desi stepped forward and tucked some bills into Laura's bra, and then handed Laura a twenty. "After you're done getting these--" Laura said, pointing to her bra--"you can get this." She waved the twenty in front of me and reached down toward her mesh thong, and tucked the bill right above her clit.

I started with the money in her bra. My tongue caressed her cleavage. She not only smelled sweet, but tasted sweet as well. Perhaps it was her lotion. I felt her taking in deeper breaths as she pulled me toward her. After all the money was gone from her bra, I moved down to where the twenty was. Laura's mesh thong was as transparent as pantyhose---I could see her clean-shaven pussy beneath it, and the twenty-dollar bill was sticking out from the left side of the thong just above. I placed my tongue against the outline of her clit and circled a few times before moving to the left toward the bill. I licked around the bill for a few seconds before extracting it, causing Laura to let out a gasp of breath.

I sat up with the twenty dollar bill, and the girls in the background cheered. At this point I announced it was time for pictures, which meant that I was finished. While taking pictures, Laura invited me to go out to the club with her. "I'll dance with you all night," she said, rubbing my abs.

"That sounds tempting."

"I just love male strippers," Laura continued. "I had one my freshman year of college and I invited him back to my place and made out with him.

A blonde girl standing next to Laura made eye contact with me and raised an eyebrow. "Ooookay," she said. "Too much information there, Laura."

I agreed as well. For some reason, the whole concept of going out with her didn't seem so appealing anymore after hearing that.

Desi approached and asked if I wanted to go to the club as well. I declined, making up a lame excuse about having errands in the morning. In truth, I wanted to avoid any drama that would unfold when Laura got drunk enough to seduce me. Desi hugged me and told me that I did an amazing job and apologized about most of the girls running away. "If Laura acted like the others, then I wouldn't have been able to hire you. The other girls don't like to have fun as much."

The idea of Desi inferring that the other shy girls were boring presented a paradox. As a male stripper working a party, I enjoy daring and eager girls, such as Desi and Laura, who test boundaries and see how naught they can get. These girls give life to my parties. I loathe having a room full of goody-two shoes, who retreat and refuse to participate, because these girls cause the atmosphere of the parties to shrivel up and die. On the other hand, I dislike girls like Laura and Desi outside the partying realm; these girls lie and cheat and can never be trusted as marriage material. For dating, I find the boring, shy girls more appealing and trustworthy. It's a strange phenomenon, but one I experience every time I work.

On the other hand, the person who deserved the most pity this night was Laura's future husband. If only he knew what kind of trouble he was signing up for, he probably would have second thoughts. Maybe that was his intention though. Laura was very attractive and perhaps he felt that marriage was the only way he could have sex with a beautiful woman such as her on a regular basis. I guess he is one of the guys who does not differentiate between the dating and the partying paradox of women.

Oh well... Laura is not my problem.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Update Notice

The next story will be posted soon. It's called "The Good Girl - Bad Girl Paradox", and it's about a show I did at the beginning of October. I finished writing it recently, but it needs editing.

To answer many questions I have received over the last week in e-mails, I'll post some of the answers here:

- I'm still writing about the very beginning of my career. One of my next projects will be part 3.

- More pics will come. I have taken a few. However, I will blur or black out the girls' faces. I don't want someone getting fired or having relationship problems because of me posting someone's pic on the internet.

- Some of you guys want me to take a more erotic approach to my writing---like a Penthouse forum story. I have a few stories like that, so hang in there. In the meantime, check out the next story.

- There's also quite the demand for stories about bachelorettes cheating. Regarding these situations, I'm not fond of sleeping with a girl who has a boyfriend or who is getting married. Of course, that is not to say that it has never happened. For those events in my past, I'll get around to writing about them, though don't expect a lot of them. In the meantime, check out the bachelorette in my next upcoming story.

- For the rest of the questions, the next batch of answers for the male stripper Q & A will be posted after "The Good Girl - Bad Girl Paradox" is up.

Till then, feel free to e-mail me any comments or questions here:

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Male Stripper Questions - Part 25

It's about that time again. Here is another batch of questions I received both from the comments section and e-mails:

1. Could you break down into percentages the amount of parties that a. the women don't touch your junk b. they just have a quick fondle/grope and c. they actually suck or jerk you off?
Keep in mind that these are just rough estimates that I pulled out of my ass. I didn't go through each and every party and break down the numbers. These numbers are also likely to change depending on when you ask me as well.

a. Women who don't touch - 25%
b. Women who fondle/grope - 70%
c. Women who jerk me off or give me a blowjob - 5%

2. Do the women you strip for ever try to play with your ass? (i don't just mean groping cheeks, I mean wanting to look at or play with your butthole and stuff like that)
A few girls have licked or kissed my ass cheeks, and a few girls have placed dollar bills in my butt crack and traced their hands inside of it, but I never had a girl "play with my butthole." I don't think most girls are into the whole ass-play or butthole thing. That's a field more suited for gay guys.

3. Have you ever had any embarrassing accidents/mishaps when performing? (like an accidental popout, getting an accidental boner, or accidentally jizzing?)
I have had accidental pop-outs and boners here and there. Boners happen when I am relaxed and the girls are turning me on. I never accidentally jizz. It takes a lot of effort for me to cum in front of a group of girls for some reason.

4. You're a good writer, but could you try writing some of your experiences in a more descriptive/erotic way (like some of the better stripping/cfnm* stories on literotica)? It'd be great for guys like myself who'd love to know what it's like stripping for groups of women but who are too shy or can't dance or are too ugly/skinny/fat/short to ever be able to try it for themselves. (*CFNM means "clothed female nude male")
Why thank you. Actually, I had a few erotic stripping stories that I wanted to send to Penthouse. I'll be sure to post some of them on here. I have only posted 50% of the interesting bits of my job, and new stuff is happening to me all the time. Keep checking back for updates.

5. How often women actually think you are a cop? Don't they know what it means when a good looking cop shows up at a bachelorette party?
Most of the time, women believe that I'm a cop. More so recently than when I first started. I believe that I had gotten used to the role of the police officer responding to the "noise complaint." When I first began the cop routine, I lacked the confidence and command presence that actual cops had because of nervousness. But I have done this routine so many times now that I sometimes feel like I am a cop showing up to quell the noise violation.

However, some women will know that I'm a male stripper for a variety of reasons. Women with good knowledge of law enforcement tend to see through my act. Other women just know that the formula of police officer and bachelorette party equals a male stripper. Most of the time, it's the bachelorette's friends that give away the ruse by blurting out that a stripper is coming, or they'll giggle and laugh in the background while I perform the cop routine.


If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail them to me here: