Sunday, September 26, 2010

Girls Giving Blowjobs

Here is an e-mail I received:
hi Dion!my name is Dave.i'm a big fan of your blog. my appreciation to what you are doing!just wanna ask a question,did you often get your cock sucked during shows,if yes,which women are actually perform oral sex?and did you actually climax?thank for answering!cheers


Thanks for writing, Dave. Your questions are... very straight to the point to say the least.

As for the answer, the frequency of blowjobs varies depending on how wild the crowd is and how determined I am to get one. First of all, getting a blowjob in general for me is very easy. All I simply need to do is get invited to hang out with the girls after my performance and find a girl willing to hook up. This ends up being a one-on-one setting though. 

Getting a blowjob from a girl or group of girls during the performance is difficult. Regardless of what those porn sites show, few women will suck a stranger's dick in front of their friends. There are exceptions: for instance, click this story: CFNM Party. Situations like that are few and far between. 

There are wild parties out there. There are girls willing to do wild things. But I'm not one that shows up at these parties to push a girl's moral boundaries. I let them do that. 

Monday, September 20, 2010

Secrets That Women Keep - Part 2

A few years back, I performed at a birthday party in a small bar, which was located in a small town on the coast about three hours from where I lived. I'll just call this town Agricola.

Agricola was so small that anything that happened there spread throughout the whole town. This place seemed like the kind of place where everyone knows your business better than you do. And this place, of all places, was where I had to dance for a group of girls ranging from mid-twenties to late-thirties.

I don't recall the details of the party so much, but I do remember that the only other guy in the bar was the bartender---and he hated me. He hated me because his girlfriend was in attendance and I danced with her. I didn't know they were dating. Oh well. I'm sure he has gotten over it by now.

I also remember two other girls: Diane and Sara. Both women were beautiful, despite being in their middle years.

Diane had long, wavy blonde hair. She sat on the bar stool, acting aloof from my perfomance. As I danced, I occasionally and subtly admired her sleek, tanned legs, following the curves of her thighs as they stretched her mini-skirt. When Diane's turn came, I left her on the bar stool, spread her legs, and place the bulge of my thong into the crevice between her legs and up her skirt.

She giggled and I moved on to another girl.

This girl was a redhead named Sara. Even though she had a few lines of aging on her face, she radiated a lot beauty. Her body was firm from exercise.

After I finished stripping, the girls asked if I could stay and party with them. I told them that I could. Sara spoke with me the most. As I talked to her, she stared at me, her blue eyes full of intensity and intrigue. She told me that she was an author. I can't remember if she was published or not. I do remember her saying that she wanted to write a story about my life. She asked me a lot of questions about male stripping. She laid a hand gently on my arm as I told her a few stories.

One of the ladies announced that the limo had arrived. Some of the girls stayed; others got up to leave. Sara stayed.

"Aren't you going?" I asked Sara.

"No, I have some errands to run," she answered. "I may come out afterward."

I smiled and told her that I would see her then.

Sara never came out. I went with the other ladies in the limo and we stopped at several bars. I got drunk and started making out with Diane while we were at one of the bars on the coast. I slipped a hand up her skirt. The sexual tension continued throughout the night. After the limo dropped us off downtown, Diane invited me home. I obliged.

Diane's house had three floors full of expensive mahogany furniture. The kitchen coutners were made of granite. I saw a few pictures of a beautiful young girl.

"Who's she?" I asked.

"My daughter," Diane said. "She's away in college now."

"How old is she?"

"She's twenty," Diane said.

I was 24 at the time, meaning a four years age difference between me and Diane's daughter... Diane pulled me upstairs and we took a bath in a large tub that was almost the size of a jacuzzi. Then we went to the bed and had a long night.

During the next morning, Diane had to get up early for work. She said I could stay and sleep in. I was tired and hungover from the previous night, so I went back to sleep... and was awoken by the sound of a guy shouting Diane's name. I sat up as soon as he entered the room.

"Diane--" the man stopped and looked at me in shock. I was naked on Diane's bed. I'm sure that I was the last thing he was expecting to see. "Who the fuck are you?" he asked.

"Dion. And who are you?"

I was awake now. I propped myself up, ready to jump up and fight should the man attack me. I really didn't want to fight another man while I was naked.

"Where is Diane?" the man demanded, ignoring my question.

I shrugged. "Beats the hell outta me. She left early this morning."

He glared at me for a brief moment, turned around, and stomped his way outside.

I decided that I needed to get the fuck out of that house before some drama unfolded with me wrapped in the middle of it. I put on my clothes, got in my car and left. On the way home, Diane called me and asked if a man came over. I told her yes and that he wasn't happy. She explained that he was an ex-boyfriend, and he was pissed that she slept with me.

"He called me a whore and told me that he didn't want anything to do with me anymore," she said.

I didn't want anything to do with her anymore after that either. I thought she was a whore too. Probably still is.

I continued driving on home, away from Agricola and its heavy dose of small-town drama. Unfortunately, the women of Agricola weren't done with me yet.

...Continued in High Water Mark

50th Birthday Party

On Saturday, I did a party for a lady turning fifty.

The party took place on the beach at a very nice hotel. I arrived in a police uniform (yet again). I duped the birthday girl into believing that I was a cop. She lightened up as soon as I started stripping for her. She was really pretty for fifty: great body, well-dressed, smooth skin, and fairly tan. Her friends looked great as well.

The other ladies only wanted me to focus on the birthday girl, so I did. She caressed me as I placed her on the couch and straddled her. She took a shot off of my abs. We danced on the floor. Next, we did some sexual poses as the other girls took pictures of us. One lady had a camcorder and videotaped us.

"Don't show these to my husband," the birthday lady said.

Another lady repeatedly hugged me and told me how hot I was. She was very beautiful, so I enjoyed her hugs. She kissed me on the cheek and on the neck several times. The birthday lady kissed me on the cheek as well.

As the birthday lady and her friend's flirtations became more abundant, a limo arrived to take the ladies out. They invited me, but I had errands to run in the morning, so I politely declined. I could have tagged along and had a blast, but I hated the idea of subjecting myself to the whim of the limo driver's schedule.

So as I left, the ladies packed me some food, drinks, and gave me some extra money. I love my job sometimes. Women pay me to party with them, and I get bonuses such as free food, drinks, and limo rides.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Christy's Party

I just got back from Christy's party about an hour ago. Good time and good money. What's even better was that I booked this show without an agent, so I kept all of the money.

I donned on my police uniform for the show, but the bachelorette knew I wasn't a cop right away because the county patches on the uniform were different. She freaked out when I stripped for her, much to the amusement of her friends. She squealed and covered her face and made a whole array of shrieks. She didn't want me on her.

About ten women and one man were there. The man was gay and he was the bachelorette's brother.

I made my rounds with the women. I fished out dollar bills from breasts, danced with them, and took pictures with them. I allowed the man to tip me a few dollars. Everyone seemed to have fun.

I think Christy had the most fun. I laid her spread eagle on the couch. She said to everyone, "It's been awhile since I was in this position with a man." I buried my face in her cleavage and licked her skin. Then I scrambled atop her and thrust my crotch near her face. She was all smiles.

I finished the party by doing a group picture. By now, the bachelorette wanted me to try and strip for her again, because she was ready this time. Perhaps she liked what I did to Christy. The other girls told her it was too late.

"But I freaked out earlier because that was my first time seeing a male stripper," she whined. "I'm ready now."

I thought about stripping for her again, but I put my clothes on instead. I wasn't feeling too well and wanted to get home. Besides, leaving a woman to desire more from a male stripper is a good thing.

Tomorrow's party will take place in Alabama.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

3 Parties in a Week!

I just stripped for another group of Mississippi girls recently. They were rowdy, fun, and wild. One drunken brunette who looked around eighteen wanted to hook up with me, which is flattering if one overlooked the fact that she looked like she was going to puke from drinking too much. They also tipped well. I really wished all parties went this well. Nothing too boring and nothing too dramatic.

I have two more parties to go:

One party was a referral from my "Saturday, March 13th" blog. I received a random phone call from a girl named Christy saying that she wanted to book me. Apparently, the girls from the March 13th party enjoyed my performance and recommended me to their friend Christy. I must have given them a number, although I had forgotten at this point. Sometimes girls ask for my numbers for future parties. Christy sounded nice and she said she wanted me to dress as a cop.

I know very little about my other party though. I just know it's on the usual.

I also have some male stripper questions to answer and post up here, so keep checking back for updates.

Male Stripper Questions - Part 17

I received an e-mail with several questions from John. Here they are:

Question 1: Have you ever posed nude? If not, would you pose nude, say at, for example.

Yes. I have posed nude on several occasions. Not for Playgirl though, but for Playgirl-like content.

One of my agents submitted to Playgirl, but they never responded to him. He told me that they've been flaky lately. I also spoke with a former editor of Playgirl and learned that their revenues were plummeting due to the widespread use of the Internet, so I'd probably have to see them firsthand to get work.

I'm not going to pose nude anymore in the future, but would make an exception for Playgirl because of the name.

Question 2: I always hear male strippers say that men are better tippers than women and some strip for men because of that. Do you know if that's true? I think you said in one post that you only strip for women but men are sometimes present, though not your guest of honor. Why not strip for men?

Generally speaking, it's probably true. And I'm going to generalize even further.

Men, both gay or straight, tend to tip better because of the sexual arousal they receive from strippers. Straight men hire female strippers and tip them well because they want to see the goods. Gay men hire male strippers and tip them well because they want to see the goods. Overall, men love to pay for eye candy, regardless of sexual orientation.

On the other hand, women hire male strippers to embarrass or surprise the bachelorette, or just to have a good time. I have a great time stripping in front of women. I love it when a fun crowd of girls pay me to party with them. Some women want to see the goods, but they'll rarely pay extra for it.

As for stripping in front of a whole crowd of men, I wouldn't enjoy that at all. First of all, I am straight. Second, look at my first reason. However, if a male stripper loves to do so for the money or the attention, then by all means, more power to him. I hope he does well and enjoys himself. I'm sure a guy could make a lot more money with the gay crowd. If that's the case, then he should capitalize on it. Hell, if I was gay, I'd do it. Then again, if I was gay, I'd probably be extremely rich by now from the offers I received.

I'm far from starving right now, so I'm going to stick with women for less money. Even if I was starving, I have a few rifles and loads of ammunition, and plenty of deer run through the woods in my backyard, so I'll be fine.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mississippi Party

I had to drive all the way to Mississippi to strip at a bachelorette party last weekend. I wore my cop outfit. The girl who hired me told me that I was not supposed to touch the bachelorette at all, because the bachelorette's soon-to-be husband was paying for me and he didn't want me touching his woman. This was the first time I heard such a request. My shows usually involve various levels of interaction. So basically, I was supposed to strip and dance...nothing more.

I arrived in my cop outfit. The whole party consisted of a few girls in their twenties, along with their mothers. I think the presence of the mothers ruined the atmosphere, because everything felt awkward. There was little talking, and everyone watched me with a stonefaced expression. I felt awkward.

I stripped, danced, and shook my ass in front of a few girls who seemed terrified of me. Next, the girls tied up a penis pinata to the ceiling. I lent them my police baton so they could bash open the pinata. Whenever a girl had her turn to strike at the pinata, I would place a blindfold on her and spin her in circles. Eventually, the bachelorette succeeded in breaking the penis pinata open, causing its contents of condoms and candy to spill out everywhere.

The girls hardly spoke with me throughout the party, which is rare, because most women ask me loads of questions. I thought they hated my presence. They packed a small bag full of candy and condoms for me to take home though.

Several days later, the girl who hired me sent me this surprise text message: "Just wanted to say thanks again for Saturday. They had a blast!"