Saturday, March 25, 2017

Party Log 2017: March

Friday, March 10, 2017

It's been a little over five months since I have stripped at a party. In fact, my last party was training Craig. My agents have been calling me throughout the winter months, but I had to turn them down due to prior engagements or parties trying to book me at the last minute. Plus, this year has been the worst year as far as my health goes. I've never been so damn sick in my life. I had a stomach virus in February, followed by a sinus infection with a week-long migraine, and the flu to top it all off at the beginning of March.

Finally on March 10, I was good enough to do a bachelorette party. I still had bouts of coughing that lingered from the flu, and I was rusty from the lack of working lately, not to mention gym time.

Luckily these girls had low expectations. According to the girl who hired me, most of the girls never had a male stripper before. She did, though, and it was a bad experience.

The previous stripper tried to take a more sexual approach rather than an entertaining or fun routine. That unnerved many of the girls, who were rather new at this whole male stripper business and were looking for something a bit more tame. He wasn't in very good shape either. Then he got angry because he felt the girls weren't tipping him enough. He yelled at them about being stingy and left.

He set the bar of expectations rather low for me.

The bride from Friday, March 10
I went easy on the bride, who seemed almost overwhelmed at first. He maid of honor warned me about this prior. When the bride finally relaxed, she warmed up to the idea of body shots. I even ate various fruit such as grapes and strawberries off of her body. Those who experienced the previous male stripper told me that they wish they had me earlier.

I was relieved, but on the inside, I was struggling. My leg muscles were beginning to spasm from dancing, possibly because I was just coming off of the flu and hadn't exercised lately. I spoke to the girls as little as possible, because I was suppressing my constant urge to cough in silent agony.

Not only were the women nice and easy to please, they were an attractive group. I saw a few girls wearing skin-tight leather pants that really made their asses stand out. The bride even wore leather shorts, and she was quite the looker.

Some of the girls invited me to stay for a bit, but I left early because I couldn't hold my need to cough uncontrollably much longer. Still, I lucked out to get this group considering my condition.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

This bachelorette party was wild. Now I don't mind wild, but they were a little too aggressive for me.

The bride wanted me to choke her, and she tried to choke me several times to demonstrate exactly what she wanted, but in her inebriated state, she was much rougher than she needed to be, and I had to redirect her hand elsewhere until her mom told her to stop.

The maid of honor (also the girl who hired me) wanted me to get rougher on the bride and call her degrading names like "cum slut" and "whore". Some of the things she and the bride wanted me to do were very questionable, possibly bordering on assault. At one point, she wanted to make out with me. The bride's mom was present the whole time in the living room, and the look on her face told me that she did not want her daughter acting out wildly or me to oblige. The expression of several other girls mirrored the mother's. So I politely declined. That was when the maid of honor called me a "coward."

I ignored her insult and carried on cautiously, but she later punched me in the chest and told me to "stop being a pussy." The punch didn't hurt at all, but it did anger me. I almost left, but instead, I stopped my performance and firmly told her and the bride the typical boundaries between male dancer and customer. Some of the quieter girls who didn't participate nodded in agreement with me. The maid of honor and bride calmed their antics for the remainder of the party. The damage was done, though. I wanted to leave.

When my hour was up, I announced that I had to leave. I was still feeling weak from the flu, and these girls were getting too demanding for me. The bride and the maid of honor wanted me to stay longer, but I told them that I had somewhere else to be. They seemed surprise that I wasn't interested in partying with them. I probably would have over ten years ago, but I'm 35 years old now. My intolerance for such disrespectful behavior far outweighs my sexual urges.

Surprisingly enough, they tipped me rather well.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

This was a 22nd birthday party. These girls were a great group--very friendly and charitable. I was feeling much better by today, so my performance was on fire compared to the previous two nights.

During the height of the party, someone told the birthday girl's boyfriend about me. He called her up screaming in anger. He must have said some very nasty things because I could hear her bawling in the next room behind a closed door. What a nice way to wish her a happy birthday.

His temper tantrum caused many of the girls to voice various negative opinions of him. I had to agree with them. Now I could understand his outburst if the birthday girl was acting like the wild bride from the previous night. But she didn't do anything wrong and was unaware of having a male stripper until I arrived. Even when I stripped, she behaved well enough.

Since the birthday girl was upset and the atmosphere of the party was ruined, I had to cut everything short and leave. The other girls were disappointed.

The next day, I sent this text to her best friend: "Thank you for hiring me. Please tell (birthday girl) happy birthday for me. She did nothing wrong and I hope she enjoys the rest of her time down here.