Sunday, November 17, 2013

I Wanna Be A Male Stripper! (Part 1)

On average, I get about a dozen e-mails a week from guys who want to get into this industry. Because so many of the e-mails are similar in nature, I decided to share them in an effort to answer any future questions that you aspiring male strippers out there might have.

The first e-mail is by Andres:

Hello Dion,
Thank you for your willingness to help answer questions. I am 25, 5'11, hispanic male, currently 151 lbs, slim body with good definition.
My questions to you are:
What would you recommend would be an ideal body weight?
Is there such thing as skinny male strippers? What is their success rate?
What is some advice you would give to first time strippers?
Where did you resort to for dance moves? Do you have an online link you recommend?
Do you shave or wax?
How many costumes do I need? Do you have a website you would recommend?
What are strip clubs looking for when hiring male strippers?
Is a dick pump necessary?
How was your first stripping experience at a club?

Dear Andres: 
I suggest that you gain about twenty pounds of muscle. That alone will not get you work though. I have not taken in other factors such as your looks, charisma, professionalism, common sense, and personality. But being too skinny can be a problem because your competition may be a guy who is 5'11 and 195 lbs. with good definition. He's going to get the work. You're not.
There are skinny male strippers though. Once again, think of the competition. You may get the job, but the girls will most likely pick the guy who looks like he weighs a bit more than the average girl at the party.
I don't really have any recommendations for dance moves. It's all about your own style really. Just as comedians have to make their own jokes, male strippers have to make their own routines.
I shave. Never wax. I did that once and got so many ingrown hairs from it.
As far as costumes are concerned, I wrote a whole section on costumes in the guide section of my site.  
I have never used a dick pump before. But now that you mentioned it, perhaps you can find a muscle suit that comes with a dick pump. Then you would have the ideal weight, the dick pump, and a costume all in one! 
My next story will go into detail about my first stripping experience at a club.
The next e-mail is from Pieter:
Good day Dion

Can you give me some advice?
Im interested in becoming a male stripper but I dont know the ins and outs or even how to start. Have no experience whatsoever. I could really use some advice.

Looking forward to hear from you

Kind regards
Dear Pieter:
I'm interested in becoming an electrical engineer, but I don't know where to start. I have no experience or a degree for the matter. I need advice. I know this is a vague and open-ended question that shows little research and initiative on my part, but requests a long drawn out answer on yours.
In all seriousness, click on the "Guide: Becoming A Male Stripper" tab at the top of the my page. That said, are you going to be too lazy to do all the work and research yourself? Or are you going to ask an agent to do all the work for you?
And one more from Jake:
Hi, so I was reading your blog and it's really nice all the tips and stuff.
I have a question though, so I know this place that is currently hiring young male strippers with no experience, sounds perfect, only thing is my body is not like Captain America or anything, I've been at the gym for 1 month and there's some definition going on here and there it's all good all pleasant to the eye, I have an athletic figure, I'm real good looking, but I don't have a six pack... So should i apply for the job now? Or wait a few months till I have that amazing body?
Dear Jake:
I suggest you take yourself over to the place and ask the management to access your body and looks for you. They'll give you an honest opinion.
Here's my opinion though: One month of training ain't shit. I've been training for years before I started stripping, and let me tell you that a few months of training is not going to bring about that crazy transformation.
There is one exception and that is genetics. You may have been blessed with a good body naturally, but even that will only take you so far. Either way, if you think training alone is going to be the answer, then you're wrong.
Like I said, go and apply. See what the management says. You can make it without a six-pack. Yet, there may be a guy working at the club with a six-pack, good looks, and a charming personality, and he's going to get all the money while you're standing there with a dollar bill in your G-string watching him get all the women.
Just because you get the job doesn't mean you'll get the money.