Friday, January 21, 2011

Male Stripper Questions - Part 23

I apologize for taking so long to post this. I'm falling behind on e-mails. The next update will take awhile as well, because I have my hands tied doing many different things. Anyway, here are the questions that stood out from recent e-mails:

Question 1: I'm from the Orlando area. Can you introduce me to some girls that you know? ~Andy

No. Besides, if I know a girl, then chances are she is fucking me. That means she is attracted to me, not you. So I can't turn off her attraction for me and turn it on just for you. And what's in it for me to hook you up with a girl I know? Probably nothing.

Question 2: May I ask where Claire got the latex skirt from? ~Angelic Girl

We bought it from Fetish Factory. Here is a link:

Question 3: Where do you buy your thongs from? ~Anonymous


Monday, January 10, 2011

Getting Laid 2 - Attitude

In Getting Laid - Physical Appearance , I elaborated that a man with a good appearance can pass the first step in attracting a girl. The second step is attitude. Even the best looking man in the club can fail with women if his attitude is lacking. On the other hand, an average man with the right attitude can compensate for looks, and even excel over the good looking man. Therefore, the right attitude is a necessity for attracting women.

Unfortunately, this second step is where most men fail. From my observations, most men are really fucking stupid when it comes to having the right attitude. That is why 10% of the male population are fucking 90% of the females. Only 10% have the right attitude while the rest of the 90% are stuck fighting for the scraps. Fortunately for most of these unlucky 90%, you can change attitude over time much easier than you can change looks.

First, let's elaborate on what men and women value:

- For men, the goods are sex. Women who give out this commodity too easily are low-quality women. In other words, few men want to settle down with a "whore" or "slut."

- For women, the goods are affection. Men who give out this commodity too easily are low-quality men. Got that? Being too affectionate from the beginning is the downfall of many men. Women label such men as "saps" or "pussies."

Call me sexist or whatever, but I've noticed that this observation remains constant with the majority of people. Ever wonder why a man-whore gets by better than a slutty girl? Have you noticed that affectionate women fare much better than affectionate men? Yes, it's a double-standard, but it's reality. If you don't like it, then tough shit.

I notice a large amount of overly-affectionate men everywhere I go, especially when it comes to college-aged men. I don't know where they learn to act like pussies; perhaps their moms or other women taught them "how to act" around women. Maybe they watched a lot of movies---such as Scott Pilgrim, Superbad, Revenge of the Nerds, and American Pie---where the pussy protagonist(s) uses his sensitive personality to woo the hot chick at the end of the movie. If you believe in this horseshit, then I've got news for you: Wake up to reality. This ain't Hollywood with a happy ending.

Okay, maybe that's too harsh. You can still act like a pussy and get girls. Emo boys manage to do it once a blue moon. However, acting like a man will benefit you much more in the long run. The question is: How does one act like a man? Most guys think they act like men, but only a few actually do. Remember, it's usually 10% of the men that fuck 90% of the women. Just imagine how many of the other 90% of the male population out there think that they're men... Not so much as they think!

I'm going to give advice that probably seems basic, yet eludes some people out there. First off, here's what not to do:

1.) Fall in love too quickly (in 3 weeks) - Don't do this. You can't truly love someone after knowing them for 2 or 3 weeks. Real love takes awhile. In the situation that you are a sap and fall in love after a week, do yourself a favor and keep that shit to yourself for another few months in the very least. Love in a relationship should be mutual, not one-sided. To remedy this, let a woman show her affection to you first--not the other way around. Once she makes the first step, then you're in.

2.) Eager to impress - So you have a Lotus, a Ducati, a great job, loads of connections, the best clothes/jewelry that money can buy, and all that good shit. Do yourself another favor: Keep it to yourself. If you talk about this shit, then you are bragging, and women will know it right away. And do you know what women label bragging men as? Insecure. That's right. While your buddies may say "Wow dude--you got a Lotus," women will assume that you're insecure. There are a few girls who are impressed by such things, but these women are just as shallow as you are, so expect to be used for your money.

Bragging comes in other forms too. You can brag about how tough you are and how many fights you won, or how you are good friends with the police chief, or how many people think you're cool. Well, if you have to brag about it, then chances are, you're trying to impress. Don't do it. If you really are all that, then a girl will know that through your actions and body language, not words.

3.) Putting on a Front - This is similar to #2. Ever noticed how someone tries to act like something they're not? For instance, take a boy who grew up in the suburbs, but dresses like he's a thug and tells everyone how rough he had it growing up. Seriously? Don't fucking do this.

4.) Trying to compete with other men - Some women like men fighting over them. Don't do this either. I knew one girl who loved having legions of men compete for her affections. When I hung out with her, she would flirt with me like she did with all of her other "guy friends." I would act nonchalant, sometimes flirting, but sometimes not. Then I would talk to other girls. This actually made her jealous. Instead of me competing for her affections, she was competing for mine. I could have slept with her, but instead, I fucked one of her friends who was a lot hotter. Anyway, point of the story---don't compete. Competing is the same as trying too hard to impress. If you're trying to impress a girl too much, then she knows that she has you. And if a girl knows that she has you, then you're too easy.

Well, there is my advice. It's not perfect. It's not guaranteed to get you laid. Yet, if you need some improvements on your game, then maybe some of the points I covered can help. I'll add more to this list as time goes on and I think of something else. Feel free to comment below if you have questions or something that you want to add.

Remember: Attitude and physical appearance goes a long well. If you have these two areas covered, then you're set.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Vacbed

Last week, I bought a vacbed (short for vacuum bed). Basically a vacbed is a bondage device that encases a person in latex. Here is a picture below:

First, a person crawls inside a latex envelope, which is framed by PVC pipes with holes in them. A vacuum cleaner hose attached to an open PVC pipe in the corner of the frame, and the vacuum cleaner sucks all of the air out of the latex envelope, in turn, forming a skin-tight, cocoon-like appearance with the person inside. In order to breathe, there is a hole that allows a breathing tube to be placed.

Ever since I knew about vacbeds, I have always wanted to try one. But vacbeds are expensive, ranging from $400 to $700. Moreover, try finding a partner willing to participate in this---it's not an easy task. Most women I dated scoffed at less extreme fetishes than this. Luckily, Claire loves me dominating her in every way possible, so she was just as eager to try this out. That's why I dropped a chunk of change for one at Fetish Factory.

The vacbed I bought has two holes: One for breathing and the other for the crotch area, allowing penetration. Claire climbed into the vacbed first. I cut a water bottle in half so she could use that as the breathing tube. Here are two pics below:

The vacuum cleaner sucked the air out in seconds. After about a minute, Claire's body had a skin-tight seal of latex. Before continuing, I asked if she was okay---I had to yell over the vacuum. She mumbled that she was through the makeshift breathing apparatus (a.k.a. water bottle). Unfortunately, her torso was too short for the crotch hole, preventing me from fucking her effectively, so I covered it with the latex flap inside, which made the vacbed more air-tight:

As you can see in the picture above, covering the crotch hole made the vacbed completely air-tight, creating a nice camel-toe imprint. I rubbed her camel toe for a bit, causing her to moan. By now, I wanted a turn.

I switched off the vacuum cleaner and unzipped the side of the vacuum bed. Claire slowly crawled out, saying that she wanted me to fuck her in it. I told her to wait until next time. I crawled inside, placed the lip of the water bottle inside my mouth, and my cock through the fuckhole. Claire switched the vacuum cleaner on.

The next thing that happened was probably one of the most unique sensations that I had ever experienced in life.

First, the latex clung to me, pushing in and encasing me. I felt like I was trapped inside a deflating balloon. The latex pushed against my ears, building up pressure like I was deep underwater. It engulfed my arms and legs and I couldn't move an inch. I had the sensation that I was floating in total darkness, completely bound.

The only contact I had outside of the vacbed was through my cock. Claire was sucking on it for awhile. I felt it enter her vagina as she rode me. I could barely hear her due to the droning of the vacuum cleaner. The latex was so tight that I hardly noticed her body weight on me. The only thing I could feel was the latex caving in on me and her pussy on my cock.

After a few minutes, the orgasm pressure was building up. Claire continued her pace, and I couldn't even move an inch inside the vacbed. As I started cumming, Claire's pussy moved up and down on me. My dick was sensitive with the post-ejaculation effect, but I couldn't do a damn thing about it. Usually, I would have stopped any further motion, but I couldn't communicate with Claire. For some reason, I loved every second of it.

Finally, Claire got off of me and turned off the vacuum cleaner. She unzipped the side of the vacbed and I crawled out.

"Damn, that was fucking awesome," Claire said. Then she stared wide-eyed at my neck and shoulders. "What the hell is that?"

Seeing the alarm on her face, I went to look in the mirror. Red lines and patches marred the skin of my neck and shoulders. They were suction marks that resembled hickies. Just like hickies, they didn't hurt, but their appearance wasn't very appealing. Here is a pic:

Since this incident, everyone has been asking me what happened to my neck (I took care to hide my arms and shoulders with a t-shirt). Explaining that a vacbed caused this would draw some interesting responses. So for a whole week, I've been saying that the calf-raise machine at the gym was the culprit. I think that wearing a latex shirt like in the bondage videos would prevent the suction marks.

Overall, the vacbed was well worth the money. The experience was tantamount to paying for a thrilling attraction at a theme park. For those who are into bondage, ditch the damn handcuffs and buy one of these things. You won't regret it.

I'll write more about the vacbed as I continue to experiment with it.