Thursday, March 12, 2009

Male Stripper Questions - Part 3

Q: Ever get laid because of these parties?

A: Yeah. Imagine going to a club where it's all women and you're the only guy. That's kind of how my job was.

Q: How many women would you say you slept with because of this occupation?

A: More than I would have otherwise. I'm not giving any numbers here. Just for the record though, I prefer quality over quantity.

Q: So are the chicks hot? Or they fat and ugly?

A: A mix of both. Go out to a bar or club: Are the chicks hot, or are they ugly? Just like going out to random places, my parties always have a random assortment of people. Sometimes all the girls are hot, other times not so much.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Male Stripper Questions - Part 2

Q: What did you dress up as----theme wise?

A: The police officer outfit was popular. Some occasionally requested a cowboy outfit. Surprisingly, I rarely received requests for the fireman outfit.

Q: Did you have to have an escort with you? Like the ones that come with Female strippers?

A: No. I almost always went alone. One agent had this to say about a male stripper's personal safety: "If you think you're gonna get raped by a buncha women, you can always beat 'em off with the hundred pound of muscles you have on 'em. If you can't beat 'em off, then perhaps you deserved to get raped by 'em."

Q: Did women ever request for you to do the helicopter? (making your wiener swing around and around in a comical fashion)

A: No, but that's hilarious!

Q: Do you have any pics of you naked? If so can I see them?

A: Sure! If you pay me like everyone else does.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Male Stripper Questions - Part 1

Q: Did any of women do stuff to you? Or was it only just a show?

A: I assume you're asking if any women tried to have sex with me, right? Well it was mainly just a show, but there were some women occasionally who wanted more than a show.

Q: What were people's reactions when they heard you were a stripper?

A: Some people were shocked. Others laughed and told me that was awesome. A few didn't really have much reaction at all. I never really had any bad reactions; then again, I didn't divulge candid information if I thought someone would take it poorly.

Q: Any mega sex parties?

A: That's mostly in porn. I'm sure there are some wild people out there, but I doubt that a room full of girls are just going to randomly take turns sharing a stranger's cock.