Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Plenty of Singles

Most single men would disagree with me, but there are a lot of beautiful, single, and horny women out there. I meet them all the time, and last Saturday on March 19th of 2011 was no exception.

It was a bachelorette party in Foley, Alabama. There were ten girls, and at least half of them were single.

My routine was typical enough; I stripped, pulled money out of bras with my mouth, and nudged a few faces with my "bulge." Their reactions and comments were unique though:

"I'm glad I shaved my legs beforehand." - While I was pulling money from between her legs and up her skirt.

"Good thing I put on deodorant," another said.

"It's been a long time since a penis touched me." - An attractive girl commented while I continuously buried my crotch into her face as I did push-ups.

One attractive red-haired girl squealed when I kissed and licked her neck while I was attempting to extricate a dollar from the loop of her earring. The whole room laughed. "That's her sweet spot," one of the other girls said, replacing her earring loop with another dollar bill. "Now do it again."

After my performance, I stayed and talked with the girls. They joked and asked if I offered "any other services," because some of them had been single for awhile. I couldn't see why, because they were all attractive for the most part.

Friday, March 11, 2011

March 5th Party

Last Saturday my agent called me around 7 P.M. to do a last minute party that was supposed to take place at 11 P.M. Four hours to do the preparations for a party, which included shaving, showering, making yourself smell good, along with commuting to the party doesn't really give you much time, especially if you're already in the middle of doing something. I was in the middle of helping my mom with moving some stuff around her house when I received the call. Sometimes this job can really ruin your weekend plans. Basically, a group of Georgians came down to the Gulf Coast to celebrate a bachelorette party for a girl named Joy (not real name). These girls wanted me dressed as a cowboy and they were promising me at least a fifty dollar tip on top of my base pay.

This party was taking place at a beach condo. I arrived at there in my cowboy getup: cowboy hat, black, knee-high boots, loose jeans (so I could pull them off easily), and my black and white button-up cowboy shirt. I saw eight girls as I stepped in, ranging from mid-20's to mid-40's in age. The bachelorette stood out from her friends, because she had the usual white veil on her auburn hair, and she was sitting on a chair in the middle of the room. She stood taller than me with a sturdy build that gave her an amazon appearance. She stiffened at my approach.

As I stripped, the bachelorette and her younger friends warmed up to me. The older women were content to just watch. One of her younger friends, a tanned and attractive brunette with greenish-yellow eyes, buried money deep inside her bras for me to fish out with my mouth. I pulled down her shirt and bra to expose the dollar bills and licked her nipples before extricating the money. She moaned and thrust her hips against me. Next, I went to a tall and tanned blonde and placed her on the ground, shoving my the bulge of my thong against her face. She opened her mouth and placed her lips around the end of my bulge. I could feel her tongue caressing me. She pulled away and laughed as her friends started snapping a lot of pictures. I rotated her body around so I could place my crotch against hers. She began bucking her hips as well.

"I can put my legs behind my head," she said.

"Really?" I said. "I'd love to see that."

She showed me, bending her legs upward behind her head and using her arms to hold her legs in place--like a contortionist. I was impressed...and horny from seeing it at the same time.

I alternated amongst the girls until everyone had a turn, some girls getting more or less attention than others. For the finale, I placed the bachelorette on the floor and told the other girls to place money on her. They buried money into her bra, her buttcrack, in the open zipper on the front of her jeans, and the bachelorette took a twenty-dollar bill and stuffed it deep into the crotch of her pants. "You're really gonna have to go deep to get that one," she said.

I pulled out all the dollars, saving the twenty-dollar bill in her crotch for last. I unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down a little. She was not wearing underwear, and I still couldn't see the twenty-dollar bill. I did see her hairy bush, untrimmed and wild. I almost gagged. "I can't go down that far now," I said, hoping that she wouldn't push the issue.

Lucky for me, one of her friends came to the rescue. "Joy, there are boundaries, remember? You're about to be married soon."

Joy sighed and said, "Oh yeah, I almost forgot." She reached deep into her crotch, pulled out the twenty, and handed it to me. I got dressed as soon after.

The girls insisted that I stay and hang out. The bachelorette invited me to stay the night, but her friend reminded her of "boundaries" again. I politely declined, but the flexible cute blonded invited me out as well, and she said that I could stay the night if I didn't want to drive home. In my experience, that offer almost guarantees sex. However, I declined. I had errands to run the next day. Had I been in my early 20's again, I would've stayed and fucked for as long as possible. I guess my priorities have changed now that I am 30.

I had a great time though. These girls gave me over $200 in tips. This party makes me look forward to the rest of what spring break has to offer.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring Break Month

March is Spring Break Month for businesses along the Gulf Coast, including business for male strippers. Last week provided me with several last minute parties from out-of-town tourists. Even with the economic slump, spring break has brought me loads of work.

For the whole month of March, I'll have my hands full entertaining the spring break girls.

Therefore, I'll be posting updates from recent parties so keep dropping by for new stories.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Last night I performed my shortest strip show to date: Five minutes. That's right. I stripped for only five minutes.

This party took place in Mississippi. It was a two hour drive. The girl who hired me paid me $200 to strip for her friend, and after five minutes, they were happy. We took a few pictures and I was on my way. They said they wanted to hire me again. For such a short show, I would be fine with that.