Becoming a Male Stripper

When I first began stripping in 2003, I had many questions and no one to turn to. The other male strippers at my agency were just as inexperienced and clueless as I was. I scoured the internet and bookstores for resources and stories, but there weren't any. Apparently male strippers were too busy partying and working to share their experience.

Therefore, I had to learn this trade through trial and error. Now after more than twelve years in the industry, I am sharing everything I know.

For those of you who have questions about the male stripping, or are just starting out, check out the FAQ and the links below for everything you need to know about male stripping, including advice on types of employment, job requirements, hygiene, working out, and more. I've written guide book on the subject called Behind the G-String: Dion's Guide to Becoming a Male Stripper, which is available.

Enjoy the information that I wish I had when I was starting out.

Below are some chapters from the book:
Available at Amazon and Google Play

Chapter 1: An Intro to Male Stripping

Chapter 2: Reasons to Become a Male Stripper

Chapter 3: Why Hire a Male Stripper?

Chapter 4: Getting Started

Chapter 5: Types of Male Stripping

Chapter 6: Personality Requirements

Chapter 7: Physical Requirements

Chapter 8: Cultivating Your Look

Read the rest via e-book at:
Amazon ; Google Play

Random Advice

Sample Workout Routine 

Nutritional Guidelines

Misleading Nutritional Labels

Examples of Bad Male Strippers


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  2. Awesome blog mate. I love your in depth analysis of becoming a male stripper. I had the same problem when I first started out in this industry. I'm glad someone else has written about it also.
    I also wrote a similar article about what it's like to be a male stripper in Australia (it's a little bit different over here).
    You might like to check it out, i'd genuinely like to hear what you think??
    my blog is here:
    or my other article (which is all about how to actually succeed as a male stripper:

    Please let me know what you think?
    Maybe we can link each other's content? I'd like to link your work as a citation.

    1. Yes, for those in Australia - please refer to Tom Harvey's links for more solid information. I have no experience stripping there, so I'm sure things are a bit different (such as tipping).