Sunday, February 24, 2013

Selena's Male Strip Club Experience

Below is an e-mail from Selena. She recently attended a male strip club and shared her experience with me. Upon request, Selena was kind enough to share her story along with a photo of herself (as long as the face remains obscured). You have heard my perspective many times here already. Now you can read about a female's perspective of a male stripper(s) in action:

Good evening,

I stumbled upon your blog after searching for "true male stripper stories" or something of that sort.  I've become infatuated with the phenomenon of male stripping as of late. I'm getting the impression that it's so much more sociologically complex than female stripping - or perhaps just far less "studied" in the cultural sense. 

I'm a female, 34, single, single mom, school teacher.  Never been married, never particularly fond of the idea.  I'd only ever been to female strip clubs until last Friday. 

My sister, knowing how fond I had inextricably fond I'd become of the the movie "Magic Mike" (I've always been more or a Scorsese girl myself...) asked me to accompany her and a friend to our local strip joint.

The thing that immediately struck me was how much more we as women were able to get away with in this establishment.  I'd been to some seedy strip female strip joints with male friends but I'd never seen a male rub a woman through her panties while she was on stage. At this male strip club, things were much different. A male stripper, who I'll refer to as "Fly Guy" came up to me, and I stuck a dollar in his pants. He proceeded to grab my wrist, insert in into his fly and press it firmly against his semi.
Well, that was a delightfully abrupt introduction to the rules.

I went back on Wednesday, but this time, I dressed up in my knee high boots and a mid-length skirt with my nice little cleavage on display.  If I was going to play "sex", I may as well dress sexy.  I was a bit out of place - there were only a handful of patrons.  I went around tipping just about all of the guys, getting as many "samples" of action as I could.  Hell of a good time.  

A self-shot of Selena in her outfit.
I saw the guy from the first time, the Fly Guy on the main stage.  He was at it again, keeping those pants on to obscure the obvious groping and whatever else he may be hiding.  I went for it full throttle this time, stroking it and looking up at that body, damn.  He proceeded to grope my tits through my clothing, and then pulled me toward him, grabbed by ass, and said "I want some of this later, okay?"  I nodded.
I continued with my night, this fantasy of whoring around with a half-dozen men, walking from stage to stage - grabhing whatever I could carry :-)

I had this thought in the back of my mind - would that Fly Guy actually fuck? 

On my way out, I was, for lack of a better word, accosted by another dancer, begging me to buy a dance.  "You know my name, right?" he boasted.  I was like, "No, I have to go home... I have to get up for work in the morning. You know, like this is your job?  I have a job, and I have to get up at 6:30".
He somehow got me back into the place, in this dark corner, just talking total bullshit about how he was in love with his 2nd grade teacher, blah blah blah, just a bunch of DUMB.  He insisted that I put his cell number in my phone and suggested I title it "Guillermo my stripper man". Then he proceeded to try humping me, said I was getting "a free sample" and flipped me over to get me to grind him.

I didn't want a dance!  I finally, literally weaved my way out of his limbs and he whined a bit.  I just shouted, "I'll be back another night!"

I wasn't pissed, but it was irritating. Obviously, a physically fine man, but...

I'm going to keep going to the club, it's too much of an adrenaline rush not too.  I don't think I'd ever fuck any of these men, even if I were able to, because I think it would ruin the illusion. 

I do want to keep going in to stuff dollars down "fly guys" pants and have him insinuate other things... but I don't ever feel I'd act upon them.  And that is why it's so damn fun, I think - crisscrossing that line, knowing at any second you might just let yourself get into a little bit more than you can handle, but pulling out just in time.  

So, that's my male strip club patron story.  I'm going to see how things change as I become more familiar with the club, the men, and the scene in general.

What was the deal with that guy accosting me as I left?  And do male strippers in the club ever get "some of that later", or is that part of the tease?

Thank you for your blog.  It's nice to know that male strippers aren't all meathead dumb-dumbs :-)  Male stripping seems like the most perfect occupation on earth, I'm strangely jealous of that.




Wednesday, February 20, 2013

10 Years of Stripping

Hanging out with the girls after my performance.
A decade has passed since I stumbled upon French Addiction in February of 2003 and went down the path of becoming a male stripper. Little did I know at the time, but my whole path in life took a chaotic tumble in a fun kind of way. I was 21 years old at the time, and I'm still stripping in 2013 at the nice age of 31.

This job has changed my personality, my confidence, and social skills, and overall made me into a more well-rounded person in comparison to the introverted and boring nerd that I once was. Not to mention, ten years of stripping many shows padded my bank account. Best of all, I met a lot of different girls and had enough adventures that I already feel as though I lived a fulfilled life.

Some part of me misses those early years of my career where I had the excitement of exploring fresh, new territory. However, part of life is to set new goals and new places to explore. I eagerly look forward to where the next ten years will take me.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

California Muscle Thongs


For anyone wanting to become a male stripper, the man thong is one of the most important piece of clothing to get. Thongs hold dollar bills very well and give the female audience the authentic feel of "tipping" a male stripper. Some aspiring male strippers have even asked me where to find thongs.

Unfortunately, thongs for men are not the easiest thing to find. You cannot just go to Wal Mart or Target and pick one up off the shelves. You may have to check out a lingerie store, and even then, the selection tends to consist of poor quality and small quantity. I have searched far and wide for good thongs to wear and have purchased many thongs from many different manufacturers and vendors, and there is one place that sells thongs of great quality: California Muscle (

Teaser thong from CM.
Some of you homophobes out there may say this clothing is for gay people, and you're right---most of it is marketed towards that demographic. But let me tell you something: If you think wearing a thong is gay, then maybe you shouldn't be a male stripper. Face it--when women pay for a male stripper, they pay for a guy who wears a costume, has a nice body, and shows it all off in a thong (and more in some cases). If it's gay to strip down to a thong in front of a crowd of eager and willing women, then I must have been gay when I stripped at a Halloween party that one time and had a threesome with two girls. Get over your insecurities, you pussies.

Anyway, I have been shopping at California Muscle (I will refer to it as CM for short) ever since I started stripping, which was ten years ago, and some of the thongs I purchased then are still in good condition till this very day.

Take the thong from the picture to the left, for instance. The picture was taken in 2003, and that thong has been through many shows over the past decade, tugged on by many women, and it still functions. I use it mainly for tanning now, and it's not as shiny as it once was, but it can debut once again if I so desire.

The thongs from CM also provide plenty of room for your privates to settle and hang, unlike a lot of underwear which mashes your shit together. And with some of more eager crowds of women out there, you're going to need that extra room.

Briefs, which are also available at CM, can substitute thongs for shows in a more conservative setting, usually in a public place such as a bar or club. Some countries, states, counties, or cities have laws regarding how much of the body one can "bare" to the public. In some areas, revealing the ass cheeks in a performance can result in a civil penalty or even a criminal violation. I always carry a pair of briefs as a backup. The "Colt" brief from California Muscle has served me well over the years, and they make for comfortable underwear as well.

The "Shimmer Thong" from CM. Notice the inner liner with the elastic ring.
The only thing that I don't like about some of the underwear from California Muscle would be the built-in cock ring that lines the inside of the front pouch of the thong. Made from an elastic band sewn into an inner liner, the ring supposedly provides support for one's cock and balls and allows a "fuller" look. Basically you shove your dick and your balls or just your dick through that ring, and the elastic band constricts around your junk to slow the blood flow from your penis, allowing for a longer erection or semi-erection. I guess if you're into cock rings and only using these thongs for sex, then the ring should give you no problem, and even some satisfaction for you kinkier ones out there. But if you plan on wearing these thongs for an extended period of time--such as driving to-and-from a show and performing--then that ring will feel like a goddamn clamp choking off the circulation to your genitals. Hell, many experts discourage wearing a cock ring for more than thirty minutes at a time.

The arrows indicate where I cut the liner out of this Colt Brief.
Another reason why I hate having the ring is the fact that some girls will try and yank your thong off of you. Imagine having that ring tightened around your goods and some random girl ripped it off from you in an instance, because she didn't know you were wearing a thong with an elastic ring around your goods. Might as well use your balls as a slingshot, because you'll be keeling over in pain from your first encounter with an overly-enthusiastic girl.

Therefore, I prefer the thongs without the cock ring. Unfortunately, California Muscle attaches the inside liner with a ring to most of their products, especially the ones I prefer to wear. My solution: Cut the liner out. See the Colt brief picture--The arrows indicate where I cut the liner. Works like a fucking charm. I've done this to most of my underwear from California Muscle.

A pleather thong from CM.
My main gripe with the thongs from California Muscle would be the price. The term "expensive" probably comes to mind of most of the shoppers. In this case, you get what you pay for. I bought cheap thongs from other places throughout the years, only to have them fall apart after a few shows. Like I mentioned earlier, the underwear from CM tends to last making it well worth the investment in the long run. 

Overall, the thongs and briefs from California Muscle are perfect for any male stripper. The briefs (without the ring) are more comfortable than most normal briefs out there on the market and function great even as casual underwear. Most of the selection from CM has proven itself durable throughout the years. Most importantly, California Muscle offers flashier and better underwear than most of its competitors out there as long as you can get over the price.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Interview With English Teacher X

For those of you interested in my Japan stories, I recently had an interview with English Teacher X regarding my teaching experience over there. The interview appears in his latest edition of Guide to Teaching English Abroad. You can purchase the book here at his website here:

Of course, the interview is only one of many from various English Teachers, but in my opinion, the other English teachers have very interesting stories to share. For those of you considering teaching English abroad, I recommend the book as a valuable tool.

I'm working on another story and will post it later in the week.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Party Log: 02-02-2013

On 02-02-2013, I had to strip for a 49th birthday party located in rural northwest Florida. The husband hired me to strip for his wife, and the crowd had both men and women, filling me with both premonition and caution. From my experience, when men are present at a party, bad things usually happen. However, the husband assured me that everyone was looking for a good time, especially the women.

"Their soiling their panties waiting for ya, Chief," he said.

The destination of the party was in the middle of the country where farm fields and forests dominated the landscape. Every mile or so, a lonesome house would dot the landscape. I actually got lost on the way to their house and had to have the husband meet me at a local convenience store to guide me there.

Once at the house, I was to knock on the door, and pull the whole 'cop routine.' The husband would have his wife answer, then I would strip for her. I knocked and illuminated myself with a mag-light that police officers used. The wife saw me from inside, opened the door. I introduced myself as a police officer and told her that I was responding to call from a driver passing by that there was a prowler lurking about on the road in front of her house. She appeared startled at my news and invited me in.

I saw a crowd of older ladies and men standing around with grins and smirks. After a few camera flashes, the wife instantly knew that I was the stripper. I started to strip for her, aware that the men were also watching me. Most of the men stood taller than six feet, were older, had beards, and looked like the type of Southern men who didn't take shit from society. Half a dozen of deer with large antlers hung from the wall in the living room. I could envision myself joining those deer had I angered the wrong person at this party.

The husband propped himself down on a recliner with a bottle of beer and told his wife to "have at it." The women crowded around, eager to touch me and have their turn. Once I stripped for the wife, one woman came up, hugged and kissed me on the cheek. I stole a glance at the men to make sure no one was planning to attack me.

A tall man who reminded me of a mix between a rugged Confederate general and a fierce Viking warrior, came toward me dragging a woman in tow. He grinned and shoved her towards me, telling me to show his "wife a good time." He lifted a camera towards his face and began to take pictures. His wife grabbed my ass, traced her hands up and down my abs, then tipped a wad of cash into the front of my thong, caressing my cock after doing so. Her husband roared in laughter.

The husband who hired me tried to get every woman in the house to participate with me. He grabbed one girl, escorted her towards me, and slapped her on the ass while she was dancing with me. I saw another girl, who wasn't his wife, kiss him. At this point, I began to suspect that this party was full of swingers, so I began to relax. The husband even told his wife later that I was going to take her home and bring her back the next day.

For the finale, the husband took his wife's shirt off, exposing her black bra with purple laces, and stuffed her bra with cash. He unbuttoned her jeans and stuffed a twenty dollar bill in the front of her matching thong. The wife sat down on a bean bag, and I pulled out all of the money. Next, I made several mock sex positions with her while her friends and husband took pictures.

After I finished my performance, the husband and wife thanked me for showing everyone a great time, and they invited me to stay and drink. I stayed for a little while was showered with attention from the older ladies. The husband handed me a one-hundred dollar bill for an extra tip on top of the money already paid. "This was the first time my wife had a male stripper, and you made her birthday a good one," he said. He looked over at his wife and raised an eyebrow. "Now you know what to get me for my birthday, right, honey?"

"A male stripper," another female suggested, drawing laughter from everyone.

"No, goddammit! Get me a hot female stripper!" he said. "She owes me one now!"

I left the party feeling satisfied that everything turned out a lot better than expected. Several of the women promised to hire me for future birthday parties. Perhaps I will see this particular crowd again the future.