Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Story of Another Male Stripper

A reader recently e-mailed me, saying that his cousin was a male stripper, therefore he heard a lot of crazy stories. I asked about them, and he wrote back with some stories. Since they're a bit different (and in some ways, crazier) from my experiences, I figured I would share:

My cousin Jeff* and I shared an apartment a few years back and he pretty much was a stripper full time while he was in school. A lot of the gigs he had were as part of the group of strippers he worked with. I'd sometimes help them out back stage at some of the clubs they worked at and got to see plenty of what went on before, during and after the shows.

The most common things I saw were girls going to the back area and giving one of the strippers (my cousin or one of this buddies) blowjobs. Once, I saw this one girl down her knees between two guys giving them both head at the same time. Occasionally, my cousin and his buddies were lucky enough to find a really hot girl who wanted to have her way with all of them. I'll never forget this one really hot brunette who was part owner of the bar or something and met up with the guys early in the evening before the show. She'd seem them at another club and was really impressed. She was real forward and had an amazing body. She came on strong and the guys didn't hold back. She took the three of them back to her office and they each took turns fucking her. The room was upstairs and pretty secluded but I was able to sneak a peak through the door that wasn't completely closed.

The private parties he did were, like yours, sometimes tame and sometimes pretty wild. One particular series of events that stands out was a show he did at a bar one night. He wound up hooking up with this one girl after the show in the back of her car. He had to wake up early the next morning for a midterm exam. Early that afternoon, he had a private party with a rich divorcee who had him strip and then paid him extra to jerk off in front of her. Later that afternoon he met up at our apartment with this girl he was casually dating and they fucked for a few hours. He had another show that night and brought two girls back to the apartment with him. The next day he told me that within 24 hours he'd cum almost seven different times. He was pretty tired but pretty happy as well.

* the original name was changed.

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