Saturday, March 13, 2010

Highlights From Recent Parties

I've done several more parties lately. Here is a list of the crazier things that happened:

- A blonde girl, around 21, pushed me on the couch, climbed atop of me. She was wearing a mini-skirt, which hiked up her hips as soon as she straddled me, exposing her panties. Her friend started rubbing her crotch, which was situated right above my cock. The blonde and I exchanged numbers, but we never followed up with contacting. No big deal though. This happens a lot.

- At the same party as above, the girls pulled out whip creme and sprayed me with it. Then four girls surrounded me licked me clean at the same time. Next, the girls started spraying each other's cleavage, making me lick it off. They were young and pretty, so I was quite happy with this exchange. One pretty brunette and a hot black girl decided to take the party further. The brunettte pulled down her black girl's dress and bra and asked me to "suck on her titties." I sucked on her dark nipples and made out with her. The best part about this was that the girls paid me to be there.

- At another party, several girls conspired to rip my thong off. One of them succeeded. Several hands fondled me.

- On top of all that, these girls provided me with an abundance of food and drink. It's at times like these that I love my job.

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