Friday, April 29, 2011

Stripper's Log: 4/28/11

Me with a girl from last night.

My agent called me yesterday to do a last-minute party in Alabama last night. It was an ordinary bachelorette party with about eight girls.

Several unique things occurred though. First, the girls were cautious and suspicious that I was going to take their money and run. When I go to parties, my agents stress that I always collect the money before performing. If I don't do this, then that allows the possibility of missing out on pay. The girls last night had never booked a stripper before, so they didn't know what to expect, so I don't blame them for thinking that a complete stranger would take their money. Still though, wouldn't even the most crooked of men take delight in stripping for a room full of girls?

Next, the girls indulged themselves with jello shots and whipped cream, licking it off my body. I also licked whipped cream from several belly-buttons, thighs, and breasts. In the picture above, I licked a lot of whipped cream from between that blonde's breast (they were implants and I must say that they felt very nice!). I mention jello shots and whipped cream because I usually pull out dollars from girls. This party felt comfortable enough to start with whipped cream. Not every party does this.

Last, I shoved my cock into a few faces. While this is common, one girl opened her mouth to allow the "bulge" of my thong to enter. I guess that's fairly common too...

Overall, the party was fun. The pay was a little on the low end. I can't complain though, because I'd rather take less pay and have fun, rather than go to a horrible party for more money. I have another show booked for tomorrow, so I'll write about that next.

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