Friday, February 3, 2012

Stripping Hiatus

I just installed the internet in my new house. However, I am taking a break from stripping indefinitely because I got a new job that takes up most of time. By the time I'm done with work, I just want to relax, not spend my remaining free time preparing for strip shows. I spoke with my agent about this and he understands. He said to contact him whenever I'm ready to work again.

As for other news, someone wrote this comment to me that I thought should be shared:

You come off Like a prick in much of your blog. You called Diane a whore so what does that make you? Are you a whore too or just the women? You lack morals you willingly involve yourself with married, engaged, and attached women. So quite honestly if any woman cheats on you, quite frankly you will deserve what you get seeing as that you lack such respect for other men. How are you going to call women repulsive? The part of your face we can't see is your eyes. Can see you have an asian face and I don't see anything hot about you. Maybe it's because you're a jackass and a hypocrite that i fail to see you as anything but gross. Just rename your blog to stories of a narcSistic male prostitute.

I found this comment to be highly amusing, because if my actions offend this person so much, then why does he/she continue reading my blog? Judging from the above comment, he/she sifted through a lot of my content, got pissed, but continued reading anyway. As far as me labeling whores versus me being a whore, let me share some wisdom that my friend's mother gave me awhile back: "Men are supposed to be whores."

Edit: I've since returned to stripping.  - Dion 7/27/2013


  1. Haters gon' hate. This person acts like even more of a jackass by revealing the fact that they don't like asians, or something.

    Other topic: you had a mini-series going on about how you started your journey to stripping (beginning to work out, etc). Any plans to complete it and/or are you still working on it?

  2. Does the friend´s mother know you are a stripper ? Been to one of your parties maybe and got in on the action ? I am sure she will never tell !

  3. Your double standard just proves what a dipshit you are. Your gross lack of respect for women in general is pitiful. I'm sure your mother would be proud to read about the asshole she raised. Never assume you can't be found, meaning she can also be found and this link shared with her.

  4. I'm still writing the story of the beginning of my career. I have that and plenty other content to write about, even if I'm taking a break from stripping.

  5. "You lack morals you willingly involve yourself with married, engaged, and attached women. So quite honestly if any woman cheats on you, quite frankly you will deserve what you get seeing as that you lack such respect for other men."

    This is the only part of that comment I agree with him on. I mean, if your gonna sleep with a married/engaged/attached women then you should expect to either get your ass kicked or the boyfriend to say some shit. I know people are responsible for their own actions but at the same time, your just as, if not, more responsible since your able to stop it in the first place, but thats just my opinion on the matter.

    1. ^^ Really? So the boyfriend should kick Dion's ass why?
      The boyfriend isn't dating Dion buddy. If anything, get mad at your GIRLFRIEND. You are dating her and she betrayed your trust, don't get mad at the guy she banged. You are not dating him.

    2. I agree with the above comment. The boyfriend's issue is with his girl. Now, if I were best friends with the boyfriend and tried to hook up with his girl, then that's a different story. But in every case, I'm a complete stranger who doesn't even know the girl who's making the primary advances.

      I will always try to avoid a fight, but if the boyfriend corners me into a fight, I can hold my own in both stand-up and ground fighting. I'm usually in much better physical condition than most of the guys who display aggression towards me, not to mention sober while they're drunk. I probably won't win any cage-fighting matches, but I'm confident about defending myself. On top of that, I'm packing a gun and pepper spray. In the end, I AM going home safely, so it's NOT in a jealous boyfriend's best interest to prevent me from leaving and causing me great bodily harm or death even.

      I will never understand the stupidity of the boyfriend who wants to kick the other guy's ass for banging his girlfriend, but at the same time, continues dating or trying to work things out with his girl. Perhaps if he kicks the other guy's ass, the boyfriend will salvage his wounded pride and ego (but not really). In reality, his girlfriend is most likely the one who manipulates the gullible boyfriend into thinking that she was the victim. Who knows the real reasoning? Either way, both parties shouldn't stay in a failed relationship.

    3. And men are supposed to throw themselves at women rather than they other way around.

  6. The girl just wants her guy to be jealous and crazy about her.