Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Holiday Season

With Thanksgiving Day over and Christmas approaching, businesses have their fill of customers this time of year. However, business is dead for male stripping this time of year. It may just be my location though since I tend to strip at the beach condos along the Gulf Coast. Most women spend the holidays visiting or vacationing with their families rather than book bachelorette parties. My stripping gigs will start trickling in when spring arrives, which is around March in my neck of the woods.

Other than that, I'm going to quit my full time job (which will remain a secret until I actually quit). I have put in almost 70 hours of work last week. That is not unusual either. On the days that I do have off, I'm catching up on the stuff that I don't have time to do during the week such as work out, laundry, or house cleaning. On top of that, I had to turn down a lot of strip shows because of this hectic schedule. I'm often tired, stressed out, and too drained to write anything after work. Getting up to go to the gym requires all of my willpower, because I just want to sleep and relax on my days off. 

I have many plans. One is starting my own business. Another plan is possibly becoming a booking agent for male strippers. And of course, my other plan is to write more stories with the free time I will have once I stop working so damn much.

Edit: Scratch the business idea out for now.


  1. If you think starting your own business is going to be a 9-5 gig think is 80 hour weeks, very little sleep, and lots of hard work. Not saying don't do it, but if you are looking for more free time, your own business isn't going to be the answer.

  2. I'm not doing it alone. I reliable family members who would join in---one doing the accounting and the other helping with the logistics. Besides, I have much more motivation working to build something of my own.

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  4. Hey Dion,

    I am a male dancer myself and I just got back from doing some traveling since yes this is our dead time of the year for doing parties......

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