Saturday, July 25, 2015

A First Time for Everything

A girl puked on me at a bachelorette party last night.

She was taking a body shot from my midsection. She took the first three with glee. I should have stopped there, but there was only a small sliver of liquid left in the shot glass, so I emptied it out on my abs. She lapped up the remnants and sat up.

Suddenly, she lurched forward and spat it out on my abs. Then she retched and more liquid followed. The rest of the party stared in horror as she got up and bolted towards the bathroom.

The girl next in line to take a body shot off of me quickly handed me a towel. "I'm so sorry about that!" she said.

Another girl directed me towards the shower, apologizing along the way. I assured her that everything was fine.

The party was officially over. Vomit wields that kind of power over people.

I have always said that stripping is an interesting job, because each day at work is different. Well, in my twelve plus years of doing this, I had never been puked on before.

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