Tuesday, September 15, 2015

7 Unattractive Traits that Women Find in Men

After working over a decade in the industry I’ve picked up a few things that women tend to like and dislike in men. If you're one of those guys out there having trouble getting a girlfriend or snagging a date, then you probably carry at least one of the traits listed below:

Unattractive Male Trait 1: Insecurity

Insecurity encompasses several things: a need to prove oneself, irrational jealousy, or a constant desire to be over-protective. Each one can turn a girl off faster than a wet fart during oral sex. 

If you feel the need to wrap your arms around her each time another man looks in her direction, then chances are that you're insecure. If you feel the need to interrogate her for greeting the grocery store clerk, then chances are that you're insecure. If you feel the need to demonstrate how much superior you are to other men around her, then chances are that you're insecure.

So relax. You cannot control everything. Just be in control of yourself.

Unattractive Male Trait 2: Boring Personality

Counteract this with a sense of humor. Women love men who make them laugh. A man who can laugh with his friends often looks like a fun person to be around. No one wants to hang around those who are always so serious and uptight.

Unattractive Male Trait 3: Bragging

So you make a lot of money, drive a fancy car, lift more than everyone at the gym, and date supermodels… and you must tell the whole world. Impress them with your wealth, power, and achievements. Guess what? Most people will nod along politely, but they really don't care (unless they're after your money). 

The more you brag about how much you have, the more she shakes her head and rolls her eyes in disgust, especially when you’re too busy talking about yourself to ask about her. Employ some modesty and use your time to get to know her. If you really are a great catch, have loads of money, a nice house, and a great job, then she can ask about it on her own if she's interested in you. You don't need to bore her ears off with your boasting. Just remember: bragging is another way for men to conceal their boring personalities and insecurities.

Unattractive Male Trait 4: Not Taking Care of Oneself

Women like men who smell good and take care of themselves. If you resemble an obese slob who never uses deodorant and wears tattered clothes, then you’re probably not going to find a date.

"But, but... What about my awesome personality?" you say. 

What about it? Do you think that beautiful woman who spends all that time putting on makeup, doing her hair, getting her nails done, and applying lotion all over her skin so it's silky smooth wants a man who doesn’t give a shit about his appearance and hygiene? You don’t have to be a Calvin Klein underwear model, but it doesn’t hurt to exercise and maintain proper hygiene.

The same applies for your household habits. Nothing screams “disgusting” to a woman than a man who leaves his dirty socks, underwear, and dinner plates scattered about his living quarters. Clean up after yourself, because you're not going to attract any women if you dwell in a pig sty.

Unattractive Male Trait 5: Lack of Proper Etiquette

You don't need to show up on a white horse dressed as a knight, but acting as a gentleman won't hurt once in a while. Open the door for her when you're out on a date. If she's carrying something heavy, offer to carry it in her stead. Don't let her walk back to her car alone through that dark alley. 

Women like to feel safe and respected, not ditched and neglected.

Unattractive Male Trait 6: No Ambition

Most women are attracted to men who have a passion in life about goals, ideas, and things to achieve. These things can center around hobbies, activities, your job, or projects at home. Either way, you should be a constant work in progress.

Women find men who have no drive or motivation to be repulsive. So for those of you who are unemployed and sitting at your parents' house playing video games all day, you might want to get up off your ass and do something productive. Otherwise, you'd better get used to watching porn the rest of your life.

Unattractive Male Trait 7: The Ungenuine Nice Guy

You're only nice to that girl because you want her. You sacrifice your self-worth in order to please her. You buy her gifts and attend to her every need. Yet, whenever she dates another man instead of you, you become furious and spiteful. 

The kindness of the Ungenuine Nice Guy is conditional, extending only to the object of his desire at that current moment. This trait is not only unattractive to most women, but it puts them on their guard. Moreover, this is a very unhealthy approach to dating because it involves placing your happiness in someone else.

 It's great to be nice as long as it's authentic and you don't act like a doormat in the process. 


  1. Good article Dion.

    One of the best ways to size up a person (either male or female) is to go out to a restaurant with him or her, and observe how they treat the waiter or waitress. If they treat the waiter/waitress badly, you can bet that sooner or later they will treat you badly too.

    1. Good point, Monica! I actually meant to add something akin to what you said, but had completely forgotten.

  2. It's not related to this post, but I've been wanting to ask this for some time, specially since you said you had been to Ireland.

    One dollar bills tips seem perfect to add interaction with the audience, gauge interest and go home with a little extra. Unfortunately, there seems to be no analogous option in Europe as the smaller bill is 5+ dollars and using coins is probably not that good of an idea. I understand in the USA they might use bills bigger than $1, but the most common ones, the ones I guess keep the action going, aren't here.

    What do you think would be a good alternative (what did you do in Ireland?).

    I probably shouldn't be caring about this as I'm still building the body and might never actually strip, but I'm curious nonetheless. In revues a credit system similar to that casinos use, with fake bills that can be converted to real money, may work, but it would never fly in private parties.

    1. When I was in Ireland, I simply took the down payment before the show. The women didn't tip much, with the exception of the occasional 10 Euro or so afterwards.

      From my knowledge, most people in Europe don't tip at restaurants either. I did get a larger down payment than in the U.S., though.

  3. Hi Dion. I like your article and I agree. But in my case I have to say that... well... i don't drink, i don't like alcohol, so when i'm in a party i'm just there with some friends, dance a bit but i don't feel it like that's my world. Since i was a teenager I've been always been the nice and correct guy, i can talk about many subjects, most of them are serious subjects, or stuff to think about, things like that. And of course that's not what a group of friends or new people I get to meet want to talk about (in a no party situation). Even my taste in music tend to fall in the quiet ones. So I always try to get fun but I just don't feeling it. Do I want to date and be very extrovert with the girls ? yes. I've tried? yes many times. The problem is that when I start doing it (being a funny guy) I feel like I'm betraying myself because i know i'm not like that and feel in my mind that the whole situation is ridiculous, that I lie to myself. Some people use to say this to me: "you think too much" "you just want be different than the rest because you want to feel special". Trying to relate myself in that kind of social activities and that kind of people is so difficult to me and they must feel the same. I would like to hear your blunt opinion about it. And yes i'm a virgin, 32 years old (yeah I know), a lean body in good shape, not that handsome sadly (heads too big in proportion to the rest of my body and a natural "tired expresion" in my face that doesn't look energetic or very manly at all), live alone, good job, and i'm not even a religious person. A friend told me to start behaving like a douchebag to get a girl. And of course I don't think that's the way to go. So again, your opinion or advice please, when you have the time of course. Thanks. - Henry Edu.

    1. Hi Henry,
      I'm going to answer this with a whole update since it's quite long and touches on an important point. I should have an update by the end of the week on it. Thanks for asking.

    2. Henry,

      I answered your questions in an update. I hope my answers helped out in some way. Let me know if you have any other questions!