Sunday, July 24, 2016

Still Stripping...

This will be a short update. 

Basically, I think I have carpal tunnel on my left hand. I cannot open it without pain. I can still lift weights somewhat, as long as I don't move my thumb around. Typing is out of the question, however. Isn't that strange?

That's why my updates have trickled to a complete stop. It's getting better though. I still have to wear a brace.

Stripping work is stronger than ever. I'm barely keeping up with the bookings, but I can't complain about the money. It is a challenge to strip with a hand brace (pictured below). I'm very hesitant to hoist girls up and around like before, so my performances haven't been 100 percent, but I don't think my audience has noticed.

I'll definitely have more updates once my hand gets better.  

This party plastered some temporary tattoos on my ass.

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