Thursday, March 22, 2018

Question Regarding "Mutual Satisfaction"

In reference to the previous post, an anonymous writer posted this in the comments section:

Hi there, interesting experience. I wanted to ask, this isn't a typical stripping story but one of being hired for "mutual satisfaction". Is this common in the stripping business? What is the line between stripping and being hired for "extras", obviously this would be your personal take on what that would be.
You provide great insight into a profession that so little is known about. Thanks

Getting hired for "mutual satisfaction" isn't common in the stripping business, but it's definitely not uncommon. I'm sure that any decent male stripper who has put in some time on the floor has received at least one such proposition in his career.

Personally, I get such offers every once in a while--meaning that for every hundred party I get, one of them may be something like the massage wife scenario. The companies I work for also affect this statistic, because most of them turn away such clients and mainly stack me with female-only birthday and bachelorette parties.

To answer your last question, there is a line between stripping and getting hired for extras. I always tell the client that I'm there to strip, massage, or entertain without promising anything else. I don't want to promise some lady a great massage with a happy ending, only to arrive and discover that she's so unattractive that no amount of viagra would give me an erection for her. If sex happens, then it's completely consensual and desired by both parties.

The massage wife story just happened to work in both of our favors. I found the wife attractive, and she found me attractive, and we proceeded from there. Otherwise, I would have only given her a massage and left.


  1. I love reading about your experiences Dion.
    Not many people know the reality of what happens at bachelorette parties, birthday parties, divorce parties, etc. when a group of
    women get together and have a male stripper dancing for them with no other men around (especially not husbands or boyfriends).
    Your blog here is one of the few. Another one is SexyFetishForum dot com -- The last post which I read there was by a 19 year old male stripper, earning extra money by dancing while in college, who was dancing at a birthday party and was surprised to find out his 45 year old aunt was one of the women invited to the party. Crazy stuff happened...

  2. Thanks Dion, I appreciate you taking the time to answer my question. It is a reasonable answer, and I figured it would be something like that. It is about an organic outcome to a party, that is mutually satisfying as opposed to a requirement of the job, irrespective of attraction. I look forward to future posts.