Thursday, March 5, 2009

Male Stripper Questions - Part 2

Q: What did you dress up as----theme wise?

A: The police officer outfit was popular. Some occasionally requested a cowboy outfit. Surprisingly, I rarely received requests for the fireman outfit.

Q: Did you have to have an escort with you? Like the ones that come with Female strippers?

A: No. I almost always went alone. One agent had this to say about a male stripper's personal safety: "If you think you're gonna get raped by a buncha women, you can always beat 'em off with the hundred pound of muscles you have on 'em. If you can't beat 'em off, then perhaps you deserved to get raped by 'em."

Q: Did women ever request for you to do the helicopter? (making your wiener swing around and around in a comical fashion)

A: No, but that's hilarious!

Q: Do you have any pics of you naked? If so can I see them?

A: Sure! If you pay me like everyone else does.

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  1. Well, when women (try to) rape men, they can get beaten and raped back because men are physically stronger. That's what my dad says. You can always beat off a woman who tries to rape you. Women are physically weaker.