Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Male Stripper Questions - Part 1

Q: Did any of women do stuff to you? Or was it only just a show?

A: I assume you're asking if any women tried to have sex with me, right? Well it was mainly just a show, but there were some women occasionally who wanted more than a show.

Q: What were people's reactions when they heard you were a stripper?

A: Some people were shocked. Others laughed and told me that was awesome. A few didn't really have much reaction at all. I never really had any bad reactions; then again, I didn't divulge candid information if I thought someone would take it poorly.

Q: Any mega sex parties?

A: That's mostly in porn. I'm sure there are some wild people out there, but I doubt that a room full of girls are just going to randomly take turns sharing a stranger's cock.

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