Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Male Stripper Questions - Part 7

Q: How many women did you sleep with because of this occupation?

A: I can't tell you how many exactly (nor would I give a number if I could), but I'll just say that this job has provided me with more opportunities than otherwise. It's nothing drastic though.

Q: What race are you? by Jeremy S.

A: Human.

Q: That job sounds awesome!! I envy you dude. I would love to strip for hot women. Is it all fun? What downsides are there? Keep up the stories!! Its a great read. by jrantix

A: Thanks! As for the job, it's not all excitement. Half of the time, I'm driving and looking for the party. That's not very fun unless you enjoy driving for the simple thrill of it.

Like every job, male stripping has several drawbacks. The most common one would be a boring party. Imagine stripping in front of a stiff audience. No one is receptive to you and they won't participate with you. This behavior causes an awkward atmosphere for both you and the girls. Then the girl who paid for you will feel as if she wasted her money. Fortunately this situation occurred seldom and mostly when I was starting out. I learned to adapt with even the most timid of audiences in time.

The second drawback is aggressive women, especially the ones you don't like. Some women, after many drinks, will be forthright with their approach or proposition. While some men would agree that this is a fantasy-come-true, I assure you that this is not always the case. I've had one girl who was slobbering drunk, homely, and obnoxious try to straddle me and shove her tongue down my throat. She became belligerent when I pushed her away. Another time, one girl cornered me when I went to change in the other room, and made a grab for my goods. I politely muttered an excuse and tried to dodge around her, but she was adamant in detaining me. I firmly turned her down and pissed her off, but that was the only way. Some people asked me why I didn't just take such easy offers, but my answer is that I have standards.

One of the worst possible scenarios for my job is the jealous boyfriend. I'm going to settle with boyfriend since husbands are usually older, more mature, and tend to whine less when their wives throw a party. Anyway, the jealous boyfriend would rupture the vein on his forehead at the thought of me in the same room as his girlfriend, not mentioning dancing with her. Such men have tried to pick fights with me, sabotage the party, or just whine and yell empty threats. Even though the jealous-boyfriend's girlfriend was the one indulging herself at the male stripper party, I somehow earn full responsibility for it. He focuses the blame onto me. Luckily, I haven't had to deal with such idiots too often, but it's happened and sometimes the drama is not worth it.


  1. Usually, younger men tend to whine and complain when their wives or girlfriends get lap dances from male strippers because they're so body conscious and yes, some beat or kill over male strippers.

  2. Aggressive women are always seen as sluts and if they try to rape men, they get beaten or raped back. Men are never objects for women to lust after plus rape and abuse. Men hate to be dominated by women and therefore, they want to be dominant instead.

  3. Husbands are also jealous of male strippers. Sometimes they beat them up or kill them. It's happened in home private parties.