Monday, April 27, 2009

Male Stripping Questions - Part 6

Q: Did any girls get turned on when stripping for them at a party? by Megan T.

A: Some did, and it's not uncommon. You can usually tell when their breathing starts getting deeper and more audible. This usually happens from physical actions rather than visual.

For instance, the party of girls would tuck many dollar bills into various parts on one of their friends: her cleavage, heels, pants, and sometimes in her thong. It was my job to fish the money out and I did this with my teeth. Before I got the money, I would often trace a path on the girl's skin with my tongue toward the dollar bill. I could feel a lot of girls getting turned on by this, although those who were ticklish usually squirmed, writhed, and wiggled away from me while giggling.

I've even had a whole party of cute girls in their twenties tell me that they enjoyed me as a male dancer because I was fun and I turned them on. They told me the previous male dancer they hired only tried to dry hump and grind the entire time.

Body shots also turned some girls on. There were a few girls who requested massages and enjoyed them a little more than necessary. All in all, I saw quite a few girls at these parties who were getting a little hot.

Q: Did you ever see anyone you knew at these parties?

A: A few times, and were they interesting! I saw a couple of classmates from my college classes at my parties. Their surprise just barely surpassed mine. The more likely scenario though was for people to recognize me in public after a party. That actually provoked some bad situations with ex-girlfriends.

Q: Did you ever strip for a gay audience, or just women? If you've danced for both, which did you like better? I'm kind of friendly with a couple of the guys who dance in a gay bar here in Philly, and they say they like dancing for men better-- apparently it's way better money, and the women at the straight places can get a little to crazy.... by Dave

A: So what are you doing hanging out at the gay bar in Philly, Dave? Just joking---I'll answer your question.

For private parties, I only stripped for women and I prefer it that way. Sometimes women would have a gay friend or two along, but they would only watch. I didn't dance with the men for two reasons: First of all, I'm not gay; second, that would be out of my comfort zone.

I did dance at a regular night club on two nights of the week: Thursday and Friday. Thursday night was "Ladies' Night" and Friday night was for the gay crowd even though there were just as many straight women in attendance. I danced on a platform with a female partner to add decadence to the club's atmosphere. No one was allowed to touch me, but they could leave us tips. I didn't mind working the first few weeks, but I soon detested it.

I quit after a short time because I had to be at the club the entire night and would only get paid sixty dollars plus tips. Tips paled in comparison to a private party so the whole gig wasn't worth it. At a private party, I only had to be there for thirty minutes to an hour and I earned a lot more than working at the club. If I was having a terrible time at the private party, I would just leave (which I rarely did). Most of the time, the women invited me to go out with them afterward.

I've heard of male dancers who did private parties for men for more money. The gay audience probably does pay a lot more money--my agent said so himself. However that's not my thing and money is not really an issue for me. If I were gay though, I'd probably be a rich man by now though! Women can get a bit too crazy, but it's usually the fun type of crazy and if it pushes my boundaries, then I let them know and they stop. But I rather liked it when women went a little crazy with me.

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