Monday, November 16, 2009

Male Stripper Questions - Part 8

Question #1 - From Tony

"I have a lean body which makes me look a little more 'muscular' than I really am, but not really. My GF said that gay guys go wild for the skinnier dudes and that I should try stripping in a gay bar. Have you ever seen a skinny stripper and did he make decent money?"

Answer: I guess it all really depends on the person and your look. To be honest, I only met a few other guys from my agency and most of them would only do parties with girls.

One of the guys who catered to the gay crowd was a guy with the stage name, Bandit. He did one party where the gay crowd got drunk and kept groping him. When he went into the bathroom to put on his clothes to leave, a few tried to pursue him. Bandit ran to his car and took off, vowing never to do another show for a gay crowd.

That said, if you're comfortable with getting groped, I'm sure you would make a lot more money with the gay crowd. From both a historical and observational standpoint, men pay more money when it comes to sexual arousal than women do.


  1. Wow, the mother-in-law story is hilarious-- the wedding must have been awkward as hell! I don't really think you need to feel bad about what you did, since they were obviously looking for trouble and they would've found it from somebody!
    As for Question 1, gay guys like all differnt types, same as straight guys, but there definitely are plenty who are into the "twinkie" type. Of course, so are plenty of women-- the Backstreet Boys sold plenty of records, after all!

  2. Thanks Ronin. You're right, she definitely wasn't ready to marry. I wonder about the mother-in-law to this day though. Did she just want a daughter-in-law to party with?

    And the Backstreet Boys did sell plenty of albums.