Sunday, January 31, 2010

Male Stripper Questions - Part 9

Here are some more questions. I have a backlog of plenty of other emails, so there will be more questions posted throughout the following week:

Question 1: Why are the events often for women only, is that the stripper’s preference or the organisers? - Paul

Answer: The stripper's preference usually determines whether he strips for females only. Personally, I prefer doing parties for only women, so I told my entertainment company that I only strip for women. From what they've told me, I don't think they get many inquiries from gay men, but that's probably because the number of gay men wanting a stripper is fewer than the number of straight females wanting a stripper.

Question 2: Have you every stripped in front of a mixed audience and did you mind doing so? Do other men every feel threatened by it all, knowing a muscular good looking man is getting lots of female attention while they have to wait around outside?

Answer: Yes to the first part of your question. I've done plenty of birthday parties where the birthday girl, her friends, and their husbands/boyfriends were present. One time, a frat guy hired me to strip for his girlfriend, and his friends and her friends were there. Most of these guys carried on a good nature about my interactions with the women. One guy hired me for his wife to celebrate an anniversary, and he told me to turn her on as much as possible. I don't mind doing these types of parties.

However, when a guy acts like an insecure dipshit, I mind. I stripped for a birthday girl once and a few guys were already there. Most of them went to the other room. One guy stayed behind and said to another girl, "If he makes a move on my girlfriend, I'm gonna kick the shit outta him."

I looked at him and said, "Talk all the shit you want, but put your hands on me and I'll fuck you up." The guy pretended not to hear, so I continued, "I'm not here to pick up on your girlfriend. If you're upset about losing your girlfriend to someone, then you should fix your insecurity, because that's what's gonna chase her away faster than anything else."

He said nothing and walked away into another room. His girlfriend didn't even follow him.

To answer your question, I don't mind as long as the men are easy going. However, girls tend to relax and have more fun when there are no other men in the room. Some men feel threatened while others simply don't care. Everyone prefers the latter.

Question 3: Do your girlfriends know you do this? If so what do they say? Sorry but i couldnt date a male stripper. - Tracy

Answer: If I become involved in a serious relationship, then I quit stripping. I find that partying with a group of girls while having a girlfriend to be both unfair and disrespectful.

I had quit stripping to pursue serious relationships before. I found it easy.

As for reactions to my experience, some girls didn't mind that I stripped and didn't make a big deal about it.

The worst reaction I've seen was when a college girlfriend of mine went through my computer and found some pictures of a few of my parties. She became furious even though she knew I stripped before. I, in turn, got pissed that she went through my computer files without my permission, disrespecting my privacy.

As for your personal tastes, Tracy, if you can't date a male stripper, then I see no problem with that. I wouldn't recommend it either!

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