Monday, May 9, 2011

Male Stripping Requirements - Part 2

My post Male Stripper Requirements has generated more questions than satisfied answers. These questions revolve around more "physical" requirements of male strippers. Apparently, there are a lot of you guys out there who want to do this job and wonder whether you have what it takes to become a male stripper. Well, I'm not a hiring agent, so I can't get you hired (so stop sending me pictures!). However, I'm happy to answer most questions though.

First off, most questions ask what the appropriate penis size is. Before I go into detail about this, you guys need to understand one thing: If you're insecure about penis size, then you don't need to be a male stripper. If you have any insecurities, then the chances are that a few women will pick up on it and call you out. Regardless of whether you have a big dick or little dick, you shouldn't make an issue out of it. A friend of mine always tells girls that he has a little dick. Several girls have asked to see it, and some even start flirting with him afterward. Why? Because he's secure about himself. And that's the attitude that a male stripper needs.

Another common question inquired about how much body fat or muscularity is ideal. This answer varies depending on the audience. The closer you are to a six-pack, the better. As long as you have a nice aesthetic muscular shape, then you are good to go. You should be larger than the average girl (notice that I said average, not obese), but the Incredible Hulk physique may overdo it with a lot of women. For those of you who have a little extra body fat, then you okay as long as you have an attractive facial features and personality.

Body hair is another issue that came up. I know that some women like body hair, but those that do won't mind too much if you shave. No women has ever complained about me, and I shave almost everything. I'll keep some hair around my crotch region, but the rest of the body hair has got to go. I am so clean-shaven that some women have licked my ass crack at parties. Do you think they would have done that if I had a hairy ass? Hell no. Not many people like to lick hair. Stay on the safe side: shave.

Piercings and tattoos cover the rest of the questions I receive. Like body hair, some girls like piercings and tattoos. Yet, some girls dislike or even hate them. It's better to just play it safe and avoid both if possible. I don't have any, nor do I intend to get them. Even the girls who love piercings and tattoos don't complain about me not having a tattoo or a piercing. Self expression is nice and all, but I suggest wearing a T-shirt or buying a bumper sticker instead. At least you can take those off easily without worrying about holes or scars.

To conclude, physical features play an important role for male strippers, but many of you guys missed my point completely about personality. Personality is where most men fail regarding male stripper requirements. Insecurity, narcissism, and irresponsibility are some of the biggest flaws that most applicants or beginning male strippers have.


  1. I disagree. "Insecurity, narcissism, and irresponsibility are some of the biggest" requirements/personality traits necessary to become a successful male stripper. I've dated a former male stripper and I almost went out with another and both exemplified all of those traits. Sorry to stereotype, but that's just my experience.

    1. So let me get this straight. According to you, to be a "successful" male stripper, you have to be "irresponsible."

      Success and irresponsibility don't go well together.

      Keep in mind that I said "successful" male stripper. Not your run-of-the-mill guy who got the job and acts like a pig about it. It sounds like you dated someone immature who didn't have their priorities straight. The fact that he was a male stripper had nothing to do with it.

  2. I guess "irresponsible" could mean a whole lot of things, so maybe this trait doesn't necessarily apply so well to "successful" strippers, but in this case I meant financially irresponsible. The guy I had dated was a "successful" stripper. He had done it for 10+years, but he had come out of it broke with 2 divorces. Dropping your last $130k on a car and then quitting the industry seems far from responsible for me. But you're right, when it comes to long term success, you can't be irresponsible. I'm sure a lot of you have pretty tight bank accounts and some of you like to toss your $$$ around, but that's the case in every industry. The other guy I almost went on a date with has been stripping for at least 15 years. He asked me to come to his club on a Saturday night and I turned him down because I had already made plans. He got so angry and told me it was obvious he wasn't high on my priority list. I told him I was free on Sunday, but he refused to talk to me after that. I never got to meet him, so I guess I'm not sure if he is responsible or not.

    1. It sounds like this guy didn't have his priorities straight. What did he quit to do?

      Male strippers come from all different varieties of life. I've met guys who worked day jobs as real estate agents, lawyers, firefighters, personal trainers, bouncers, waiters, nurse practitioners, etc. I also met male strippers who did nothing else but strip and have nothing to show for it.

      Financial irresponsibility appears in all occupations. I've run into people who made six figures a year, yet accrue that much more in debt. These were doctors, lawyers, etc.

      I work as a male stripper, and financial responsibility has never been an issue with me. I'm very conservative with money: I have assets, savings, investments, pension, and my house and cars are completely paid off. Then again, I'm not one to go out and spend my money as soon as payday comes around.

  3. He moved to Hawaii to be with some girl and started waiting tables and other random things. He's no longer with her and now he's stuck in rural nowhere with no one to date. That's why he found me through a dating site and wanted me to drop everything in LA to be with him. He's constantly complaining about how broke he is, but then brags about how he used to make $1000 a day and how he dropped $200k on vacations with his ex-wife. He's suggested that I probably make way more money than him (yea of course I make more than $7/hr) and that we should buy a house together. Meaning I should buy a house for him. But, this is not the reason I broke up with him. The long distance/texting relationship wasn't my thing, plus he was verbally abusive and manipulative. He brainwashed me into believing that I couldn't find anyone better than him. Narcissist? Definitely. And did I mention he was so insecure that he became delusional? He would get jealous by picking apart my texts and he came up with crazy conclusions that I got back with my ex or that I was dating a coworker. I stayed faithful to him during those 5 months of nonsense even though we weren't technically BF and GF. What a waste of my vagina. Anyways, he is "trying" to become a firefighter and I wish him the best in finding the most subservient, self-sacrificing girl out there. I think if he at least dropped his ego and narcissism there might be an ounce of decent human being left in there somewhere. Sorry for digressing. This is just the story one out of a million strippers/former strippers out there.

  4. It's interesting to hear about some of these guys. I've met male strippers who had complete disregard for everyone else in their lives.

    The thing is, this guy is going to suffer later if he didn't save anything for later. Looks fade with age, and if he cannot find another line of work to support him for later, then he's going to have some serious problems.

    For me. stripping was a side job that offered me a bonus income. It wasn't the bread winner, except for college. Still, I tried to do a good job and take it seriously. If you read my book, you'll note that I treated the job like a business, and the girls like valued customers. Some male strippers treat the job like their own party connection, and the customers like random hook-ups.