Monday, July 18, 2011

Grandmother, Mother, and Daughter - 07-15-2011

It's rare to see a party involving a male stripper, a grandmother, mother, and three daughters. Such was the bachelorette party that took place a few days ago.

There were many other ladies present. The youngest were the three daughters, of which the youngest was eighteen. The oldest was the grandmother. And the bachelorette was the oldest daughter.

I started the party, like always, by stripping for the bachelorette. Next, I danced with her mom, followed by her grandmother. The grandmother, a very old lady with a thick Alabama accent, traced her hands all along my body, which drew a lot of laughter from the rest of the girls. The liver spots on her hands made me cringe. Her perverted actions also drew a rare emotion from me: shame. Yes, I actually felt ashamed and violated by the way this old woman was touching me.

The old lady pointed a gnarled hand toward two young girls sitting together. "How 'bout you get my grand-daughters."


I grabbed the first one, a blonde who had money in her bra. I licked around her tits before grabbing the money out with my teeth. She gave me a kiss on the cheek for my efforts.

Her youngest sister was my next target. She was a brunette with an olive tan and was a tall girl, standing at about six feet. Her face betrayed a degree of shyness and timidity that is usually found in teenagers. She covered her face as I thrusted the bulge of my thong into crotch. Next, I straddled atop of her and placed my bulge onto her face. "Now take some pictures," I shouted to the rest of the crowd, which included her mom and grandmother.

I finished the party with candid pictures of any girls who wanted to pose with me. The three daughters volunteered the most, with the youngest finding enough courage to grab my ass in a few.

The girls asked what else I did for a living. I told them that I was an English teacher. The youngest daughter said, "I wish you were my teacher..."

"Which college do you go to?" I asked her.

"Oh, I'll start in the fall. I just graduated high school in May."

"Don't worry, she's eighteen," the grandmother said. "She's legal for ya."

Everyone laughed, causing the young girl to blush and look at the floor. I smiled. Seldom do such things embarrass me anymore. I took off my clothes for many years in front of thousands of women. Not many girls can embarrass me... Except one.

"How 'bout I gather a buncha money and hire ya just for myself, without all these ladies around," the grandmother said. "You can strip for me one on one, sexy."

I have experienced angry cowboys who wanted to beat me to a pulp, jealous boyfriends who wanted to kill me, and possessive girlfriends who stalked me. However, the thought of being alone with this old lady scared me more than any of the above.


  1. My wife and I have a look but do not touch policy. Beyond this boundary we consider cheating. We have agreed to that. I would be very upset if my wife lied to me about such activities and not only went to a male strip club but then went to a private party with male strippers. Private parties with male strippers are often pretty much sex parties. The strippers are essentially prostitutes. That is the reason why they are private.

    You can try to twist it as much as possible to make it not seem that way, but sadly, its the truth, from what i have read, it sounds like they are paying you to literally have sex with them, not strip for them, and if it was legitamite stripping he wouldn't be licking girls tits while trying to grab money, or letting the girls grab his dick while jerking him off, its called stripping, not sex.

  2. Its ultimately, her life is HER responsibility and I can’t or shouldn’t be held accountable for the decisions that she makes.

    The flaw with this argument is that yes, responsibility is shared between both you and the girl — but it’s just that, SHARED. If you stand by and let it happen,YOUR JUST AS RESPONSIBLE AS THE INSTIGATOR because you have the ability to stop it.

  3. What i find pretty disgusting and gross is that when during a bachelorette party or birthday and they hire a stripper the bride/birthday girl always seems to sleep with the stripper. And ill tell ya why, she has this mindset of "its my last night of freedom lets get one last fuck in before im chained down, he will never know" and "its my birthday one night of fun wont hurt, he will never know. Along with either her friends egging her on to do it with no thought of her future husbands/boyfriends feelings and they are drunk and she decides to go along with it and do the nastiest shit, so as said up top from another user, its essentially a sex party, not a stripping show.

    I dunno if they regret it the next night since im not in his position but ill give you this. I avoid sleeping with a girl who’s taken or being pursued by a friend if I can. The reason is because I’ve done it enough to see the repercussions it causes: lost friendships, pissed ex-boyfriends punching you, girls spiraling into a depression and calling you crying — all sorts of drama that I really don’t need to be a part of anymore.

    My official stance on it these days is this: If I KNOW for a fact that hooking up with a girl will cause pain and problems for someone, then I won’t do it.

    This basically means the following: I won’t hook up with girls my friends are pursuing (unless they explicitly give me the OK); I won’t hook up with girls who have boyfriends, fiances or husbands.

    The ONLY exception here is when it appears to me that my actions and hooking up won’t cause any damage that wouldn’t/isn’t caused anyway. For instance, a married woman in Vegas who wants to go home with me after an hour, a woman who I’ll never see again. At that point, she has to deal with the consequences and I don’t, so the decision is on her. Or if a girl is miserable in her relationship and wanting to get out of it, and adamant that she’s fine cheating, then I’m OK with it.

    But if there’s ANY doubt that she may regret it, then I don’t do it.

  4. Call it prostitution or whatever, but what kind of single guy would turn down a hot girl jerking him off? Especially if the girl is single as well.

    Now the criticism of messing with married/taken women is warranted, but as the poster above me suggested, there is rarely any consequence for doing so. So the responsibility between me and the woman isn't shared on a 50/50 level. If the woman has sex with a male stripper, then the male stripper goes on his merry way and moves on with his life (unless he's cheating on someone). However, the woman has to go back to her marriage and deal with her husband. If the husband discovers this affair, he doesn't know the male stripper---who is no longer around. Therefore, the husband can only direct his anger toward the wife.

  5. I know lots of guys that would turn it down, life isn't just about sex.

    True there is rarely consequence for doing so but yes you are still responsible 50/50. As the poster said before your the one who has the ability to stop it and if you don't stop it then yes you are just as responsible, but thats just my opinion, some people may agree, others may disagree. Its very complex. :P

  6. True. I can easily stop any advance. And I do.

    Although I have done some stupid things at these parties before in the past, I don't go to a party with a primary goal of hooking up. Having sex with a girl who has a boyfriend/fiance is not on my priority list either. I always prefer single girls, and have turned down several bachelorettes. Like I said though, I have done some stupid things.