Friday, August 31, 2012

Highlights From June 2012

Orange Beach, Alabama


Bachelorette Party

This show took place at a condo with at least twenty girls in attendance. The bachelorette called me "David" because I looked like her soon-to-be husband. When another girl attempted to stick a dollar bill up the bachelorette's skirt for me to fish out with my mouth, the bachelorette quickly snapped her legs together and said, "No, don't let him go there! I'm on the rag!"

During my performance, the bachelorette demanded that I treat her "respectfully" because she was getting married. Next, she proceeded to aggressively rub her ass against my crouch, which I would enjoyed had I not been constantly thinking about the fact that she was 'on the rag.' After that, she made multiple requests to see my cock.

The bachelorette insisted that I dance with her as she went to the center of the living room and initiated a dance that reminded me more of a drunken chicken flapping around in place. At some point during her strange ritual, she launched a few kicks in the air as part of her dance. I ducked away and avoided several drunken and flailing kicks, but one caught me with a glancing blow to the face. I ended the show then and there.

The bachelorette apologized, kissed the area where she kicked me, and then got some ice packed into a ziplock bag and began to nurse and baby me. She then fixed me some dinner, so all was forgiven.

When I gathered my things and was walking toward the front door, the bachelorette asked once more for me to 'pull out my cock and jack off' for her. Clutching the ice pack to my face, I shook my head and walked out the door.


Mobile, Alabama


Bachelorette Party

This show took place in nice house in a subdivision on the outskirts of Mobile. Per my request, my company does not have a picture or profile of me available to the public, so Selena, the girl who hired me for the bachelorette party, had a few questions when I called her prior to the party.

Selena (speaking with a Spanish accent): What's your name?

Me: Dion.

Selena: What do you look like?

Me: What do you mean?

Selena: What color are your eyes and hair?

Me: Brown eyes, black hair.

I found this exchange between us rather odd since a girl has never asked me the color of my eyes prior to arriving for a show. Usually women take more interest in what I'm going to wear or what I'm going to do. When I arrived in front of the house, Selana came outside to meet me. Selena was an attractive Hispanic girl, her skin was dark olive, and she had long, flowing black hair and almond shaped eyes. Her face had an exotic grace that made her more attractive. Upon seeing me, Selena breathed a sigh of relief.

Selena: Oh, thank God you're white. I thought you were black.

Dion: Why's that?

Selena: Dion is usually name of black guy and you said you had brown eyes and black hair. The company did not have a picture of you, so I was worried.

I laughed. I was about to inform her that I was half Asian, but decided it was unnecessary. She paid me and I went inside and performed for approximately half a dozen girls. The girls proved to be a lively and receptive audience. Selena appeared to enjoy herself immensely when I interacted with her, as she caressed and grabbed me more than the other girls. After I finished the performance, Selena walked me to my car.

Selena (in her thick Spanish accent): Do you offer private lap dance?

Dion: What do you mean?

Selena: I want to hire you to strip for me. I want private show. No other girls.

Dion: Yes, I can do that. You got my number.

The private dance requests don't come too often, especially from someone as attractive as Selena. In fact, most men would pay her for a private show intead. Selena hugged me and kissed me before I got in my car and left, promising to hire me in the fall for her own birthday present.

That is one show I am eager to do.



  1. Keep up the updates! Really enjoying the read!

  2. Thanks. I have two more updates that are completely written out. I just need to proofread them. They'll be up before the week is through if all goes according to plan.

  3. weren't you annoyed by the latent racism? i would've been, i think..

  4. Working with a variety of different people over the years, I've heard a lot of derogatory comments, political statements, ethical rants, etc. You have to have thick skin in this job.

    I was more annoyed by the girl who kicked me in the head.