Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Epidemic Blue Bean

Friday, August 25, 2012. 9 P.M.
Bachelorette Party
Gulf Shores, Alabama

A girl named Lacey hired me for Melissa's bachelorette party at a beach condo in Gulf Shores, Alabama. There were six girls ranging from ages 18 to 28 years old. All of the other girls knew that I was coming except for the bachelorette. When I contacted Lacey over the phone, she sounded friendly and easygoing, which is always a good sign."I don't know how the other girls are going to be," Lacey said. "This is the first time for everybody having a stripper."

"Don't worry," I told her. "I'll make sure everyone has fun."

One thing that puzzled me was the fact that my agent did not specify which costume to wear, so I asked Lacey. She just replied that she wanted 'the most popular costume.' The most popular costume was, of course, the cop, but Lacey said that she didn't care either way, so I chose something simple and easy to take off. My outfit comprised of a blue, button down dress shirt, which only takes several seconds to unbutton. I wore my black, patent leather, knee-high boots that zipped up along the calf, and I usually keep these on even after taking off everything else. For the pants, I chose a pair of faux-leather pants that had a polyurethane coat over lycra, giving them a black, sleek and shiny look. The pants were somewhat tight around my hips and thighs, but loosened around the calf areas, making them ideal to take off while keeping my boots on.

I went over the routine with Lacey: Lacey would meet me outside the hotel room and pay me. I would enter, find Melissa and strip for her. As I stripped, Lacey and her friends would shove dollar bills into Melissa's bra for me to fish out, and they would provide a shot glass and alcohol for body shots. Yes, it was basic and similar to almost every other show, but I hate spending so much time and effort preparing for a routine when in reality I spend the majority of the show nearly naked and dry-humping women anyway.

My trip to Gulf Shores went as planned. When I arrived, I knocked on the door and Lacey came outside to meet me with a cellphone in one hand and an envelope full of cash in the other. She was a brunette that had very light blue eyes which contrasted to her olive skin tone. She was wearing short shorts, and a halter top that hugged her petite hourglass figure; she had an extremely slender waist that flowed out into a set of widened hips that gave her the shape of a Coca-Cola bottle---slim in the middle with wider proportions at the top and bottom. Her appearance and demeanor showed that she took care of herself and was raised with good manners. She thanked me for coming and paid me the down payment. "I'll go back inside, so just knock when you're ready and I'll answer the door for you," she said.

"Sounds good. I'll knock on the door in a minute or two."

"Looking forward to it," Lacey smiled, and attempted to enter the room to the condo, but it was locked. "Whoops, I forgot the key."

We both laughed. Lacey used her cellphone to call one of the girls inside, but no one answered. "I'll just knock," I said. "And I guess you can just follow me inside."

I was happy that I didn't plan an elaborate routine, because things rarely go as planned. After a few moments of knocking, one of the girls answered the door to let me and Lacey inside. Upon entering the condo, I walked through the hallway, which opened out into the kitchen and living room. The living room had two couches which were occupied by every girl at the party except Lacey who was standing behind me. I scanned for the bachelorette, which proved difficult since I had forgotten to ask for a description of her. This party had an equal mixture of blondes and brunettes, and every girl on the couch looked as if she could be the soon-to-be bride.

Fuck it. I decided to wing it. "I'm here for Melissa," I said.

One of the blonde girls began to cover her face while the others turned to face her, so closed in on her. This time turned out like many times before: I stripped for the bachelorette, pulled the dollar bills out of her bra with my teeth, and then took body shots from the other girls' abs. The main difference between this party and the others was that the girls at this party had well-defined abs. Several of them had muscle tone on their arms, which reflected a lifestyle of exercise and eating well. When I asked them if they exercised, a few replied that they ran cross-country while the others claimed to do weight-lifting. Six fitness girls and me. As an avid admirer of fitness girls, I felt like I had died and gone to heaven.

I cycled through each girl, finally getting Lacey, who had a six-pack for abs. As I was taking body shots from her, I noticed a bowl of alcohol-soaked gummi worms on the table next to me. I took a yellow, green and red gummi worm and dangled it over Lacey's mouth. "Open up," I said. Lacey complied and I slowly inserted the gummi worm into mouth, leaving half of it outside her mouth. Lacey closed her mouth and I closed in on her and took the other half of the gummi worm into my mouth, sucking it in until our lips met. The taste of the gummi worm nearly caused me to choke since it had an overpowering aroma of vodka, which I wasn't prepared for.

"Oh my God, Heather," one of the girls called out. "Check this out. You're missing it."

Heather came running from the kitchen to witness my interactions with Lacey, but arrived just as I was pulling away from Lacey, who was beginning to chew her gummi worm.

"Want me to do that again," I asked the other girls.


I placed another gummi worm into Heather's Lacey's mouth even though she still wasn't finished with the first one. As I reached down to get it, I grabbed her legs, spread them apart, and placed myself between them, moving up and down to the rhythm of the music in the room. I made sure to retrieve the gummi worm slowly this time, causing the other girls to cheer and take pictures. Lacey must have felt me getting hard during that time as we were exchanging the taste of alcoholic gummi worms.

After Lacey came a qwerky brunette named Claire. She wore a loose white t-shirt and short, red gym shorts that revealed her long tanned legs that felt smooth to the touch. I placed Claire on the ground in the missionary position and lifted up her t-shirt, which exposed abdominal muscles that were just as well defined as Lacey's. By now, I was wondering if these girls exercised together. I took several body shots from Claire's midsection and then thrust myself against the crevice of Claire's shorts, where her vagina was. We rested on the floor, entangled and hesitant to extract ourselves. "I'm getting really turned on," said Claire to the amusement of everyone else in the room.

"I had better stop then before I make you too wet," I joked, pulling myself away and lifting Claire from the floor.

Instead of getting embarrassed, Claire laughed. "Too late for that, honey. I'm already wet."

Several girls laughed. "Claire!" one of them said in a chiding tone.

Similar antics followed for the remaining girls. Some of them seemed reluctant to participate, but they soon buckled under the overwhelming peer pressure from everyone else, especially Claire. "Come on girl," she goaded. "You know you want that cock."

After I had interacted with each and every girl once or twice, I began to put my clothes back on. Claire and Lacey approached me during this time. "Why don't you stay a little longer?" Claire asked.

Before I could answer, Lacey piped in, "Yeah, you can play beer pong with us."

In truth, I had never played beer pong in my life. I have watched others play it though. With the exception of taking shots from a random girl's midsection or cleavage, I don't drink alcohol very often. Bars, clubs, and house parties never appealed to me. Perhaps that was why I went all of these years---even through college---without playing a single game of beer pong. When I told the girls this fact, they all were shocked.

"You never played before!?"


Lacey slipped her arm around my arm and pulled me toward the table where several plastic cups were set up in a triangle formation on each side of the table, reminding me of bowling pins but with plastic red cups full of beer. Lacey told me that all I had to do was toss a ping pong ball into one of the cups on the opposite side of the table, and the person on the other team would have to drink from that cup. Likewise if the other team member tossed a ping pong ball into our set of cups, we would have to drink from that cup.

"I can't drink," I told Lacey. "I have to drive home."

She patted my arm with her hand and got closer to me, looking up at me with her light blue eyes. She was so close to me that I felt as though she was on the verge of making out with me. "I'll drink for you then," she said.

The ping pong game started off. It was Lacey and I versus Claire and Melissa. Everyone was so engaged in conversation that the beer pong game carried on barely noticed. Being the most sober one present, I rang the cups with accuracy. Claire either had luck or good depth perception, because she had managed to score a few points herself, causing Lacey to drink more beer. At some point during the game, Lacey had her arm around my lower back and her head against my shoulder. Her arm that was around me lowered until it was around my ass. After several moments of playing ping pong and engaging in conversation, I felt her hand caress the left portion of my ass.

"I like your pants," she said, tracing her hand up and down along the sleek blackness of my faux-leather pants.

"Just the pants?" I asked.

The other girls laughed and began to tease Lacey, whose face flushed crimson. After several more good natured taunts from her friends, Lacey said, "So how do you get your butt firm like the way you have it?"

"Squats with weights," I replied. "But I felt your ass while we were dancing earlier and it was pretty nice for me." My comment caused Lacey to blush even more.
Apparently the alcohol did little to diminish her embarrassment. Claire used this opportunity to announce to everyone that Lacey "had a crush" on me. "You're one to talk," I told Claire. "Didn't you say that you were getting turned on when I was straddling you earlier?"

Claire grinned. "Hell yeah I was getting turned on. I'll admit what no one else will. Everyone in this room was getting turned on by you. Especially Lacey here." Lacey stared at me and said nothing to refute Claire's claims. Neither did the other girls. One girl in the background answered, "Yeah, it's true."

One thing I have noticed during my years as a male stripper is that women get turned by a male stripper much more than I had realized. I used to think that most women hire male strippers for the sole amusement of watching their friends get embarrassed. However, what Claire has pointed out reflects more and more throughout my parties, especially this one. A lot of girls get turned on by the male stripper.

The way that Lacey was staring at me also mirrored Claire's words. Shortly thereafter, we finished our game of beer pong, I readied myself to leave since I had errands early the following morning. Before I walked out, Claire said, "Thanks for giving everyone the 'blue bean.'

"Blue bean?" I said. "What's that?"

"It's when a girl gets so aroused that her clit gets filled with blood," Claire said.

"Wow. I learn something new everyday." With that, I gathered my money and thanked everyone. Each girl gave me a hug before I left. Lacey walked me outside. "I had a lot of fun," she said.

"Me too," I said. "You have my number. Let me know if you ever head out this way."
"I will," she said, giving me a kiss on the cheek.

As I left, I wondered if Lacey had a bad case of the 'blue bean.'


  1. "Blue Bean" is a new one on me. Then again, i don't do the whole party scene like that XD. But that's quite interesting. As a woman, i will readily admit, seeing a guy strip or grind and dance against me is really a huge turn on. Especially if he's a great dancer. Cause a lot of guys don't like to admit they can dance.

    I've never done beer pong either. I have done Flip Cup though. That requires waaaay too much skill while half plastered cause your trying to flip a cup up after drinking from it from the edge of a table is not easy.

  2. It's a new term for me too. It makers perfect sense though. I'm glad to hear that you find a guy stripping a turn on, especially since it reflects on my job.

    I have never done Flip Cup either. I'm quite inexperienced when it comes to drinking games.

    Have a good one, Kiri!