Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Advice: Building Yourself

Occasionally, some requests will come my way asking how to get girls. Being the guy that started at the bottom of the totem pole, I try to offer helpful advice in any way I can. 

Chance, another male stripper, commented on one of my posts about taking responsibility and building yourself for better. In fact, his comment summed up the reality of getting girls better than anything I can conjure up. Below is the following comment he posted:

A man becomes attractive to a woman when he is passionate about something. A man must make his life mission his top priority before and above a woman.

This is to say: If you are finding ways to consistently better yourself; women will become attracted to the project in motion, not necessarily the end result.

You can start by doing this many ways: 
- Hit the gym (health, physique, confidence)
- Start a business (Money, status)
- Create style in your wardrobe (Status, style)
- Restore an old car to new condition
- etc, etc.

The whole point here is you are doing something that you are passionate about and it will help you grow as a person. More importantly, a woman will see that she is not your top priority and will fight for that position; although subconsciously she doesn't want to be top rung on your ladder.

Poster #1 has a typical loser mentality with "Dion has muscles, so he can get girls with a snap of his fingers". (Shake my head)

This further proves my point. What is Dion doing that you aren't poster #1? He is hitting the gym 3+ times a week as well as watching his diet.

If you knew that muscles attract women, wouldn't you hit the gym as well? No, you wouldn't.

If you knew money attracted women, wouldn't you attempt a business or further your education in hopes of climbing the corporate ladder? Probably not.

I am also a male stripper and can tell you that I am approached 10 fold while stripping because all of my qualities are on display (Muscular, confident, socially adept, money oriented, etc.) - It is not the title of a male stripper that truly turns women on; it is the qualities associated with such a task that make their pussy tingle. Not to mention other girls going crazy for you - women are way more competitive than men.

Bottom Line - Make your mission your priority, not women. If you build it (Yourself), they will come (bitches).

Chance made some great points. When I first started stripping, I was just a college student who attended school full-time, lived in an apartment, had little life experience with no other extravagant qualities. Even though I was a young, 21 year old stripper, I wasn't getting even a fraction of them women that approach me now that I'm 31 years old. Throughout the years, I became a teacher, worked in accounting, publishing, etc. I have a good full-time job now, a house, savings, investments, no debt, and even more goals to propel myself forward. It's not just the fact that I have money, assets, and a good life that women find attractive. It's the motivation, drive, aspirations, and the ability to take care of myself that lures them.

Setting goals and standards garnish respect and admiration. When you achieve those goals, set new ones and increase your standards. For example, I still train to further improve my body. I strive to learn more skills to better myself. I constantly improve my house and the condition of my life. 

 A lot of people refuse to improve themselves, resigning to a fate of mediocrity and sloth. For instance, take the obese guy who refuses to go to the gym, giving up on the prospects of improving his own physical health and appearance. Instead, he goes to the nearest buffet and stuffs himself. Another example lies in the starving artist college student. He takes out a huge student loan and gets a degree in art, creative writing, music, or philosophy, then he finds out he can't do shit with the degree afterwards and whines about needing government handouts because he can't earn any money. What he should have done was learn other skills or trades that would have earned him a spot in the work force. Hell, if it came down to earning money, I would scrub toilets for a living if I had to. What's sad is that a huge number of people promote a lazy attitude when it comes to advancing themselves in life.

So instead of lamenting about what you don't have in life, look for ways to improve yourself. Like Chance said, "if you build it, they will come." This quote not only applies for getting women, but for general success in life. 


  1. hi everyone! I had this great opportunity to read your blog, I find it somehow entertainingly informative.Now regarding on the statement you've made (Dion) about building thyself which is valid in my own perspective and maybe it would still be fine if i add a little.
    the thing is that we choose own path and we create our own destiny, if you always do what you have done then you'll always get what you've got.I hope its not only the issue of attracting women to give us a drive of changing our way life but because finally, we realize that we are worthy of giving our own self a value that we deserve by, then it would come our passion, then we can set our goal,then we can advance to change our lifestyle because we aim to change not only to accept by others but also because we desire for ourselves to really change for the better,,,,,

  2. Right. Part of living life is to continue building yourself, improving, setting new goals and achieving them. These are the things that give you fulfillment.

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