Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Male vs. Female Stripping

From: Debi Sens
Subject: male stripper questions!


Hi, I am not sure if you are still accepting questions or not but I have a few.

Does being a male stripper make you think differently towards women? Like, did you become more mysoginistic? I read some female stripper blogs and a few of them admitted it sort of made them not like men as much?

Also if you can answer this do you think there are many differences of experiences between male and female strippers?



My Response:

I would say that male stripping has made me think a little differently toward women, but with a wiser mindset rather than a negative one. I don't think I have become more misogynistic (though some readers would argue otherwise). Most women at my parties treat me exceptionally well, pay me more than necessary, and overall spoil me. Of course, I see a few women who behave rather ill for being married or engaged, but I have also seen just as many carry a remarkable amount of devotion and respect.

Regarding female strippers disliking men as a result of their job, I have also read a few female stripper stories and some of them tend to cast men in a negative role, but that's because those strip clubs where they work tend to attract the seedier types of society. My job proves the contrary. The type of women who hire me tend to be middle to upper class without criminal history or a perverted agenda.  I tend to like most of the female clientele I deal with. I have a lot of fun at my parties and often look forward to working them.

As far as differences between male and female strippers, I think they can be quite similar and different at the same time. In my case, stripping only supplements my income. I have an actual full time job while I just strip on the side for extra cash. Many female strippers tend to focus on stripping as their full time job. Moreover, providing amusement and entertainment remain my top priorities at my show, while turning the crowd on comes as a secondary result. Female strippers sexually stimulate their male audience as a top priority, or least that is my perception. Beyond that, male and female strippers dance to music and strip. 

Overall, I don't feel as though I sacrifice dignity when stripping for a crowd of females, but gain a sense of empowerment instead. Whereas most men have to work hard to physically interact with women, I get to do so with ease while getting paid.


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