Monday, November 19, 2012

Too Much Information

I'm still getting a lot of e-mails from aspiring male strippers wanting a job or an agent. These guys are providing detailed descriptions of themselves, which include height, weight, degree of muscularity, types of personality they have, pictures, and even their penis size. Seriously guys, why are you telling me the size of your penis? What am I going to do with that information? There is not a single page on this whole blog that requests penis sizes from aspiring male strippers, yet you guys tell me anyway. One guy even divulged about how his penis was "uncut," had a "wide gerth," and was "aesthetically pleasant to look at." Yeah, those tidbits will definitely help with the hiring process. Be sure to tell every agent that (insert sarcasm).

However, a new thought occurred to me as a result from all of these e-mails.  I'm slowly beginning to to think that I should become an agent myself since I have no shortage of applicants. These e-mail would become quite useful and possibly profitable. This is just a thought for now, and it's definitely not a request for more descriptions of penises.

I'm still working on replying on the other 'normal' e-mails as well; I'm not ignoring you.

I plan to update the "Male Stripper Stories" tab above to include some more of both the newer and older stories. Think it of as a revised table of contents. Keep checking back in the next week for a new story---it's written but needs proofreading.


  1. Great business oportunity seizing!!!
    You can't strip forever!
    you should definetly do it!

    Love your blog as an aspiring male stripper! :)

  2. hi dion
    Am waiting for your new stripping stories! Hope you will write about them soon.

  3. There are many things to do and so little free time to do them. I have a new story that is finished, but needs proofreading. I'm hoping to have it out by this weekend.