Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cajun Party 01-25-2013

On the evening of 01-25-2013, I went to Orange Beach, Alabama to strip at a bachlorette party, which took place at a beach condominium called The Turquoise. I had been to The Turquoise several times throughout my career. The condo is around twenty stories high and overlooks the white sandy beach that borders Florida and Alabama. In recent years, the amount of people who stay at The Turquoise seemed to be on the decline, yet the condo remained in pristine condition.

One of my favorite things about The Turquoise was large lobby with multiple restrooms. I always used the restrooms as a changing area. Even the hallways next to the rooms of the condo had a small lounge area on each floor that was secluded and allowed me to change. The lack of people staying at this resort ensured many private areas. I took advantage of this fact by changing in the lounge area located outside the room of the party. My outfit tonight was the cowboy outfit, consisting of faux-leather pants, a leather vest, a button-down shirt, boots, my cowboy hat from New York, and a shiny red thong underneath it all.

As I mentioned in the previous post prior to the party (click here to read), I contacted Elena and had a good impression that this party was going to be fun and wild. Before I arrived, I spoke with Elena one last time to discuss preparations. I asked her if she had any lime for alcoholic drinks. She said that she did not, but had oranges instead. So, I asked her to slice up several oranges for body shots. She seemed confused as to what I had planned, but eager to do so.

When I arrived at the Turquoise, I had to pass through the security gate first. An old man greeted me from the booth. I greeted him and told him that I was meeting Elena and gave him the room number where I was going.

"How long are you staying?" he asked me.

"Just a few hours," I said.

He smiled, and handed me a guess parking pass, valid for tonight only.  I thanked him and continued onto the parking garage.

After taking the elevator, I met Elena outside of the room where she and her friends were staying. Elena smiled as she greeted me, paid me the money, and told me that she and her friends had been waiting all day for me. There were seven girls total, including the bachelorette. With the exception of the bachelorette, all of the girls at this party were single, a point which Elena emphasized.

My initial routine was simple due to the cowboy outfit. I would knock, enter, and head straight for the bachelorette and begin to strip. Nothing complicated. Elena told me that the bachelorette had a blue wig on. When I entered the condo, I made my way toward the living room and saw several girls along with the bachelorette wearing the blue wig. Rock music blared from an iPod radio on the kitchen counter. The bachelorette had money sticking out of her cleavage and around the pockets of her jeans.

As soon as I approached her, she shook her head in protest. Protesting is common with many girls at these parties, but most acquiesce to the demands of peer pressure. I hesitated due to the serious look on the bachelorette's face, but the other girls continued to encourage me, so I got down on my knees and leaned forward to extract a dollar bill from the bacehlorette.

The bachelorette placed both her hands on my shoulders and pushed me away with as much force as she could muster. "No, no, no! Absolutely not!"

"Oh, come on," Elena said.

"No," the bachelorette said. "Dance with someone else. I am not cool with this."

"But we all chipped in for this," Elena said. Several other girls tried to convince the bachelorette to change her mind, but to no avail.

I tried to ask the bachelorette if she wanted me to dance with another girl instead, but she was so flustered that she did not even want to speak with me. Without a word, she got up and left the room. The other girls stared at her speechless. The whole party started to fall into shambles.

A blonde girl, who introduced herself as Alice, sat on a chair in front of me with some dollar bills sticking out from her white shirt. With the bachelorette storming off into another room and half of the girls following her, I decided to salvage what I could with this party and strip for Alice. She enjoyed it and two other girls, one of whom was Elena, sat next to her and awaited their turn.

I asked the three girls to relocated to the large, white leather couch in the other half of the living room. These couches were much more comfortable, and I could straddle my cock on these girls without banging up my knees on the hard, ceramic floor. I took turns interacting with these three girls, taking my pants and shirt off. All I had remaining on now were my red thong and faux-leather vest.

Elena volunteered herself to be the next girl. She groped and caressed me without reservation. She mentioned that every girl besides the bachelorette were single and horny.

The next girl was a short, petite and tanned brunette. She was wore very short shorts, which had a few dollar bills sticking out of the bottom. Her legs felt soft as I grabbed them to spread apart to access the money in her shorts. I licked her inner thighs, causing her to moan. After I took all of the money from her shorts, I climbed atop her into the missionary position and began to thrust. She wrapped her tan legs around me, and I began to get hard.

After a few moments, Alice interrupted saying that she wanted her turn again.

"Shall I get those oranges?" Elena asked. "You asked me to slice them up."

"Sure," I said, nearly forgetting about using them for my body shots routine. I also asked Elena to get some vodka as well.

While Elena went to the kitchen, I placed Alice onto the couch in front of me and lifted up her shirt to expose her midsection. Judging by her toned abs, she was in decent shape. Elena returned with a shot of vodka and a bowl of sliced oranges. I poured the vodka onto Alice's belly button. She squirmed because the vodka was cold. Next, I placed an orange slice into Alice's mouth. I drank the vodka from her belly button, causing a little bit of it to trickle down the side of her midsection, which I licked. When I got atop of Alice to take the orange slice from her mouth with my mouth, she wrapped her legs around me and pressed herself against me. I rubbed myself against her, causing her to buck her hips. She attempted to make out with me as I took the orange from her, but the orange peel got in the way. After removing the orange, I stooped down again to remove a dollar bill from her bra strap. As I did so, she ran her fingers through my hair and kissed me repeatedly on the cheek.

"Mmm, it's been so long," she said.

Elena interrupted wanting another turn, much to Alice's disappointment. Just as I was about to start taking body shots from Elena, another girl emerged from behind me and tapped my back to get my attention. I turned around and saw one of the bachelorette's friends holding my cowboy hat filled with cash. She apologized profusely and told me that the bachelorette was feeling very uncomfortable with my presence. "Here's you tip money," she said. "Sorry again, but she's feeling very upset now."

"No, it's okay," I assured her, taking my hat brimming with cash. I was paid well and that was what counted.

Alice, Elena, and a few other girls voiced their complaints, which consisted of the fact that almost every girl was single and this was their sole chance to have fun. I began to get dressed just in case they began to argue, since I did not want to get caught in the middle of it. Elena offered to show me around the condo before I left. I obliged.

The condo was very large with 4 bedrooms with king sized beds. The outside balcony overlooked the white sandy beach, and the Gulf of Mexico that stretched beyond into the night. An outdoor hot tub was outside the balcony. Elena invited me to stay longer so we could all relax in the hot tub together. Unfortunately, I had plans to meet an old friend early the following morning, and he was only visiting for the weekend. I politely declined her offer. Undeterred, Elena tried to convince me by offering to let me stay the night. I said nothing as we toured through the rest of the rooms.

Once back in the kitchen, Alice told me to stay longer and insisted on "fixin' me somethin' to eat." I had little to eat that day, so I accepted. The girls began asking me questions about male stripping, which I answered as best as I could. Even the bachelorette relaxed and took a seat on a bar stool at the kitchen counter. She thanked me for being respectful. Some of the other girls berated her for being a 'party pooper,' but I cut in and said that the bachelorette was just trying to be respectful of her future husband.

"Thank you!" the bachelorette said. "I'm very conservative and don't believe in having another guy get naked in front of me. No offense," she said, waving to me.

"None taken," I said. "I completely understand.

The bachelorette smiled. Many of the other girls remained convinced and wanted me to strip again. Before I could answer, Alice finished preparing my food of tacos and an assortment of fruit. I ate ravenously.

"So Dion, you should visit us in Louisiana sometime," Elena said. "Have you ever been to Mardi Gras?"

"Never have," I said.

"Well, you can go with us," Elena said. "You can be my date, and I'll show you around."

I smiled at Elena, and Alice frowned. The petite brunette from earlier came up to me and told me to stay and hang out. I informed the girls that I had to be up early in the morning, an answer most of them found unsatisfactory. The bachelorette sympathized and told her friends to leave me alone.

As I finished eating, Alice wrapped her arm around mine and leaned her head on my shoulder. "Let me give you a tour of the condo," she said.

"Elena already showed me everything."

"She didn't show you every room, did she?"

"No, but..."

"Here, let me show you my room."

Alice grabbed my hand and pulled me toward her bedroom without waiting for an answer. She sipped from a wine glass she held with her other hand. Once in her bedroom, she showed me her bed, then lead me into the shower, which was the size of a some whole bathrooms. As she escorted me about, she told me about her life and her job, all in drunken, slurred detail. Alice worked in a lab that measured the amount of vitamins that go into food. I could not understand half of what she was talking about due to the fact that she was drunk and using a lot of scientific jargon. In the midst of ramblings, she asked if I wanted to see the balcony. Without waiting for an answer, she opened the sliding door leading to the private balcony of her bedroom. She stood at the rail and waited for me. When I stood next to her, she leaned against me.

The sliding door opened behind us, and Elena poke her head out. "Oh, I was just wondering where you guys went off to." She ducked back inside and closed the door. A few moments passed in silence. The wind was strong, but felt very warm like late spring even though it was January.

"Isn't the view pretty?" she asked me, trying to be romantic.

"It's very nice," I said, fighting a wave of dizziness. I had an innate fear of heights and disliked standing at the edge of balconies or any high places for the matter. I would get dizzy just from exposure to heights. It took a lot of willpower just to stand at the balcony, as I had a death grip on the rail. I barely noticed Alice snuggling her head up against my shoulder. Even if heights didn't bother me, I wasn't much into cuddling. Excessive physical contact with girls for over a decade desensitized me to most romance. "Let's go inside. It's windy out here."

Once back inside, I returned to the kitchen where the girls were. Several of them were grinning. Alice nudged me and said, "Let me show you the hot tub on the rear balcony." Without waiting for my response, Alice sauntered off.

I stayed behind to tell the girls in the kitchen that I was about to leave. The bachelorette smiled and thanked me again for being respectful towards her. "Do you want Alice's number?" she asked, picking up her cellphone to look the number up. "She's single and looking."

The petite brunette was cooking something on the stove when she heard our conversation and turned around. "No, I wouldn't do that to him," she said, shaking her head. "I'm serious. She's will turn crazy on you."

The bacehlorette frowned in consideration and paused. Then, appearing as though she made up her mind, she looked up at me. "Yeah, I don't recommend it, but I'll give you her number only if you insist." 

In my experience, some women try to sabotage a friend out of pure jealousy. I did not get that vibe from these girls though. They seemed sincere in their warnings about Alice, but I couldn't really tell. My initial impression of Alice was that she was very demanding and I didn't want to overstay my welcome. "Thanks for the heads-up," I told the bachelorette. "We live several states apart anyway."

"Trust us," the brunettte said. "You're doing yourself a big favor."

The time was 10:30 p.m. and I decided to leave since it would take two hours for me to get home, and I had to wake up early. I hugged and thanked every girl before departing, except the bachelorette. She gave me a handshake instead, but thanked me for being professional and respectful. As I was walking out the door, Alice emerged and offered to walk me to my car.

"You don't need to do that..." I began.

"Shut up," Alice said.

On the way to the elevator, Alice told me more about herself as if she were trying to impress me like she was a prospective employee on a job interview. We got on the elevator and I pushed the button for the parking garage. On the way down, the elevator stopped and the old security guard from the front booth stepped inside. He was patrolling the building. He recognized me from earlier, looked at Alice, and smiled. I imagine that he thought I had just fucked her and was leaving.

The old man exited the elevator on the next floor. Afterwards, we exited and Alice followed me to the parking garage. `

"My car is over there," I said.

"Well, I'll leave you here," she said. "I don't want to get raped."

"You sure? You did insist on walking me down to my car."

"Why don't you stay a bit longer?"

The offer was tempting. Had I been younger, I would have stayed and gotten two hours of sleep before driving home the following morning. However, I was a two-hour drive from home and had to wake up early to meet an old friend who was in town for the weekend. My friend and I had been friends since kindergarten, and I did not want to walk around like a zombie the following day. I tried to explain this to Alice.

She wouldn't hear it. She said that she had been friends with everyone in the condo since second grade of elementary school. Those girls were her best friends apparently, and she was choosing to spend time with me. I found this sad because a few moments ago, her 'best friends' were trying to discourage me from dating her by hinting that she was crazy. "Just stay the night here," she begged.

"Sorry, I gotta go," I said.

Alice sighed and gave me a tight hug, burying her head into my chest. She clung to me as though she were starved for affection. When I pulled away from her, she looked up and stared into my eyes. She leaned forward and her lips met mine.

My hands were on her waist resting on her hips. She had an impressive hip to waist ratio, being slender at the waist and curving just right at the hips. Her ass felt firm and round. She pulled away from our kiss and said, "I want to tell you that I work out a lot, but am not completely toned. I have a little cellulite on my ass and can pinch some fat off my stomach, but I'm working on that. I exercise five times a week at the gym and love to work out. I'm not in good shape as you."

From the feel of her body, Alice was in better shape than most girls out there. I told her that she was in excellent shape, which made her smile.

She continued to kiss me again, then pushed me away. "No, we shouldn't do this since you're just going to go home."

I began to pull away. "Yeah, you're right."

Alice pulled me towards her again. "No, I want you to kiss me. Thrust yourself against me like you did on the couch earlier."  She lifted one leg up and wrapped it around me. Just then, the old security rounded the corner. He seemed just as surprised to see us as we were to see him.

"Sorry," I muttered. "We'll leave."

"No, that's okay," he said, smiling. "I'm just checking the garages. I'll be outta here."

After the security guard left, Alice resumed kissing and once more tried to coax me into staying the night with her. Her offer was tempting, and I actually considered it. Then, Alice narrowed her eyes and said, "So am I just another girl? Do you do this every weekend with a different girl?"

Her statement took me aback and helped me come to a decision. I saw a glimpse in Alice of what her friends warned me about. "Whoa, whoa, whoa. What's gotten into you?"

"You're just using me, aren't you?" she demanded.

"You escorted me out here and wanted to kiss me," I said.

"Yeah, but you don't want to stay. You're just making up excuses."

"Well, what do you want?" I said.  "I can stay and fuck you, and never talk to you again. I mean, you live all the way in Louisiana. How exactly would that work out?"

"Really? Are you serious?" Alice glared at me. Then her shoulders slumped. "It's been so long since I dated anyone, and the last guy I dated really hurt me. We dated for two years. His name was Madison. And before that--"

"So you think I'd be much better?" I asked her. At this point, I did not need the warnings from Alice's friends to know well enough that I should avoid her. She was very pretty and had a great body, but her personality like an earthquake--unpredictable and ready to occur at any time.

"You seem nice," Alice said.

"Actually, I'm not," I told her. "I'm a possessive and controlling guy, and I like a girlfriend to do things my way--"

"That's okay," Alice interrupted. "Because I'm used to getting things my way as well. I am the youngest of three brothers so I was always spoiled..." Alice continued to tell me about how demanding she was because she was the only daughter. She rambled on for minutes about her family and I sighed.

This situation was one of those with two completely different options: Have some possibly great sex and face the consequences; or leave without some possibly great sex, but retain peace of mind. Being as horny as I was, I decided to leave. I could not tolerate her long, drawn out stories for the remainder of the night, plus morning. Moreover, I found her demanding nature irritating, and any further contact with her would only make it worse. Alice demanded that I get her phone number before I left.

As I was driving home, with no intention of calling, Alice called my phone. She must have gotten my number from Elena. I ignored it, but she called again, so I answered.

"Why don't you come back and stay," she said.

"I already told you why," I said.

Alice begged, pleaded, and cajoled, but I continued driving home. I told her we could hang out Sunday, but that answer was unacceptable since she was returning to Louisiana on Sunday. I tried to be polite in turning down her invitation, but politeness wasn't good enough for Alice. "You are such a chickenshit," she said. "You're a fucking pussy."

I hung up on her. Man, her friends weren't kidding. They really were trying to warn me.


  1. That's too bad, I thought you had a real chance of having an orgy with those 7 girls.

  2. It was either with Elena, Alice, or possibly the petite brunette. Those were my obvious choices that night, and it was only pick one and not any other. No regrets in my decision. I would've gotten that gotten that girl's hopes up and things would have ended poorly from there.

  3. This is a very interesting read, you should write a book about your experiences.

  4. It's amazing that people who are supposedly 'adults' can be so emotionally broken and devoid of any real personality. You're much nicer than I, because by the end I would have told her off, if but just to take her ego down a few pegs.