Thursday, June 6, 2013

Random Update: Pics From A Recent Party

A few days ago, Kristee, the girl who hired me for the Memorial Day Weekend Party, sent me a text message with a couple of pics of the party.

It was very unexpected. I asked her to send a few pics then, and she said she would, but I didn't hear back from her in a couple of days. Usually that meant no pics were coming. Very common occurrence. Girls forget about the male dancer as soon as he's gone, and life goes on.

She was a week late, but she delivered on her word.  I like that girl! 

I uploaded the pics and attached them to the story, so you can either click on the link above or here for the story, or just scroll down:

1 comment:

  1. Hot pictures! Especially the second one. Would love to see more pictures of you in action, Dion! Especially the ones where you dip your head down to women's boobs. So sexy. Thanks for sharing.