Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend: 05/25/2013

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Bachelorette Party

Gulf Shores, Alabama

12 girls

The Bachelorette
The tourists hit the Emerald Coast in droves for the Memorial Day weekend, causing quiet resorts of Orange Beach and Gulf Shores, Alabama to bustle with activity as traffic came to a standstill and pedestrians filled the sidewalks, even well into the night. Just a simple drive-by along the beach strip revealed numerous crowds of bachelorette parties going to the bars and clubs. Therefore, I wondered why I only had one bachelorette party this entire weekend.

But after dealing with my last strange gig where a husband hired me to flirt with his wife at a bar(click here for part 1 and part 2), I was ready to return to my home turf of bachelorette parties. And this particular bachelorette party could not have given me a better welcome.

I spoke with the paying customer, Kristee, beforehand, and already got a good vibe before showing up. She told me that none of the girls ever had a male stripper, so I walked her through some of the decadent activities we could do. She agreed to all of my suggestions and said that every girl would be into it with the exception of a pregnant girl.

She wasn't wrong. For me, this party turned out to attain almost complete perfection. 

Its location was in a three-story beach house in Gulf Shores. I showed up in a police costume and told the girls that the neighbors complained on them for having their music too loud. The bachelorette was the only one unaware of a stripper showing up, so she believed that I was a real cop. I rudely told them to keep the music down, and if I had to come back again, I was going to look for a reason to take some people to jail.

The bachelorette looked at her friends incredulously, and said that they had "a right to have fun."

"Listen up," I told the bachelorettte. "You're beginning to piss me off. I don't have to take your shit. How 'bout I shut this party down right now?"

Her jaw dropped. "Excuse me?!" she said.

"That's it," I said, walking towards her. "You're under arrest." I grabbed her arms and smiled. All the girls began cheering.

She relaxed and laughed. "Oh my God!!"

The strip show began. For the first fifteen minutes of the show, I focused only on the bachelorette. The other girls brought me whipped creme, which I took and sprayed it on the bachelorette's breasts to lick off. She in turn showed her appreciation by grabbing my ass, caressing my chest and abs, and running her hands through my hair.

After getting completely out of my police outfit and running through my initial routine, I called a recess period, because I was going to change into another outfit to strip out of. Usually I only use one costume per show, but Kristee wanted two, which wasn't a bad idea, because it kills much more time for the party.

I put my arm around the bachelorette and said, "Okay, I'm going to change into my next costume. Meanwhile, you pick three girls of your choice and place the dollar bills anywhere you want on them. I mean anywhere."

The girls loved this idea. I went upstairs and changed into a white button dress shirt and a pair of shiny black pleather pants. When I went back downstairs to resume the party, I was instantly assaulted by a few girls grabbing my ass and feeling my legs.

"Your ass looks really nice in those pants," one girl said as her hand rubbed along the backside of my pants. I felt another hand caressing my thigh. The feeling of warmth from receiving such praise would never get old.

After getting felt up in a stimulating manner, I finally managed to break away and resume the party with the three girls of the bride's choice. Interestingly enough, the first was the pregnant girl Kristee told me about. I couldn't man-handle her, so I just sat her down on the couch where she proceeded to grope me with a ravenous, carnal appetite, like I was her sexual morsel to devour. Pregnancy did nothing to stop her from having a little fun with my body. I stripped off my pants and shirt for her; only my red thong and black boots remained on.

The bride's third choice.
For the other two girls, I used the whipped creme and body shots on them, chasing the body shots by taking lime slices from their mouths with my own. I kissed their necks, and spent a little extra time massaging their thighs as I straddled between their legs. Just before I got too aroused with each girl, I got up and moved on.

There were about twelve girls total. Each of them had a wild turn with me, even the shyest who didn't want to participate at first. But after her friends pressured her, she relented acting as though she was going to hate my presence. She cupped her hands over her face and begged me to leave her alone, then she peeked from her fingers, grabbed my ass, then cupped her face again. "I don't want to do this," she said, as I was dry humping her. The sensual touch of her hands on me told me just how much she really hated it. After I was done with her, she got up with a smile and spanked my ass.

The girls ordered a party bus with a stripper pole to pick them up. Towards the end of my performance, the bus arrived. The girls wanted me to perform inside for a short while, to dance on the pole, something I hadn't done since working at the club, Jetset, back in Gainesville.

The driver of the party bus was a shorter guy wearing glasses, who resembled Leonard from the show, "Big Bang Theory." He greeted everyone and opened the door. The girls got inside and sat down while I danced in front of them. The bus driver waited outside. I wondered what he thought of this situation.

The interior of the bus was like a night club on wheels. The bass of the dance music pounded with each drum beat, and it was dark except the ambient lights that constantly shifted to different colors. A stripper pole was in the middle. I hooked one leg on it and twirled around, coming to a stop with my ass in one girl's face. She tucked a dollar into my thong. I got off the pole before I ended up doing something stupid and hurting myself.

I directed my attention only onto the girls who had not had a turn. One of them was quite horny and bold, because as soon as I stepped in front of her, she grabbed my cock and massaged it.

We wrapped up the finale by having the bus driver take a group photo of us. While we were posing for pictures, the bachelorette placed her hand on my cock and posed.

As I was about to get off the bus, the driver asked if he could get my contact info, because he had bachelorette parties all the time requesting male strippers. He said that having a male stripper work on his party bus for the bachelorette party crowd would be the cherry on the icing for business, and we'd both make good money respectively. I gave him my number and told him to keep in touch.

Kristee walked me off the bus and back inside the beach house so I could get the rest of my belongings.

"Thanks for popping our cherries," Kristee said. "We were all male stripper virgins and you were our first."

I told her that I was proud to have the honors. Her party was about as perfect as a bachelorette party could get. They tipped me very well, everyone participated with utmost enthusiasm, and there was a reciprocal enjoyment between me and the girls that was genuine. If only every party went this well.

On my way home from the bachelorette party, I saw a man and woman walking along the highway just past the Florabama club that rested on the Florida and Alabama state line. The man was carrying an American flag and the woman was hitchhiking. They appeared young.

Curiosity got the better of me, so I pulled over.

They both ran over to my vehicle, expressing gratitude. They told me that they took a cab to the clubs on the beach, but due to the overwhelming amount of people over the Memorial Day weekend, the wait for a cab ride home was two hours, so they decided to walk.

It was a long walk too, but only a ten to fifteen minute drive. We talked on the way.

They introduced themselves as Rafe and Andrea from Indiana. They were down on vacation. I told them that I was a male stripper on my way back from a bachelorette party, which incited surprise and laughter. It was a fun car ride full of lively conversation.

Rafe insisted on paying me ten dollars for the ride and would not accept 'no' for an answer. I dropped them off at their beach house. Rafe and Andrea exchanged names for Facebook with me. I added them yesterday and Rafe wrote this about me:
"First nite in florida, thought I could get a cab... everyone told me it would be a two hour wait, so me and Andrea started walking. Little did we know we would be picked up by the nicest male stripper in the world. An 18 min car car ride would of been one heck of a walk, but this guy was so awesome to pick us up and drop us off at our door was probably one of the most extraordinary person I've ever met. Thanks dude!!!"
So for the Memorial Day Weekend, I had a perfect party and met some cool people. It's nights like these where I love my job.


  1. Can't blame them for molesting your ass, that picture clearly showed how much of a fine ass that is.

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  3. Sounds like you had a great night.

    Hope you get more work from that bus company. Seems like it would be a lot of fun; like having your own private club.

    Nice of you to pick up that couple. Looks like you made some new friends.