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Party Log: August 31, 2013

1st Party

Gulf Shores, Alabama

8:30 p.m.

The Maid of Honor for this party booked me almost a month ago. The location was in a beach condo in Gulf Shores, with a dirt road driveway; I almost got stuck in a sandy rut.

About half of the girls were reserved and half were wild. The wild ones, including the Maid of Honor, would have probably taken things further if the other girls were not present. For example, the Maid of Honor lifted up her dress to expose her black thong and was grinding her pussy against my cock.

The bride, a very attractive and tanned blonde girl, did not want to participate too much, but told me to give her friends attention instead. Her friends insisted that I give the bride attention. I felt like a tennis ball in a game of tennis, bouncing back and forth on each side.

I resolved this problem by offering the bride a foot massage, which she gladly accepted. Her friends provided lotion, and I rubbed her pedicured feet for a good fifteen minutes.

The more conservative girls wanted a foot massage too, so everyone ended up satisfied.

Overall, every girl was polite, respect, and hospitable. I left this party with at least $300.

2nd Party

Destin, Florida

12:45 a.m.

My agent called me about this bachelorette party while I was in commute to Gulf Shores for my first show of the evening. I told him that the earliest I would be able to do another party, especially in Destin, was after midnight. He said he would call me back.

I did not expect the second booking to go through, especially being so late, but my agent sent me the booking information that I was scheduled for 1 a.m.

The party took place in a large and fancy hotel in Destin called the Emerald Grande. I was supposed to meet the customer outside at the pool (the same hotel and pool as in this story: $1,500 Gig).

When I arrived at the swimming pool, the bar was closed and the pool was almost empty, save for two middle-aged men sitting in lawn chairs and drinking on the west side of the pool and a middle-aged couple embraced in the shallow end of the pool.

I pulled out my phone and had the following text message exchange with the customer: 

Me (12:43AM): Okay. I am here. Let me know when you want to meet 

Maid of Honor (12:44AM): Okay we can meet in the pool area right now if ya can

Me (12:44AM): I am at pool 

I expected to meet only one girl, so I watched and waited.

Two blonde girls in black dresses entered the pool area and walked around as though the were searching for somebody. They were probably my customers. 

The two middle-aged men saw the two girls and immediately pounced on them armed with their best drunken pick-up lines.

Seeing the two men talking to them, I just realized that the girls did not even know what I looked like, so I decided to send this message: 

Me (12:45AM): I am wearing black pants

Me (12:46AM): Polo shirt

I could hear the men trying their best to flirt with the two girls, asking them where they were from and what they were doing in Destin. One of the girls said she was from Mississippi, then added that she was married to discourage any further pick-up attempts from the two drunk guys.

One guy replied, "Oh really? I fucked a few married girls from Mississippi before!"

The girl who said that she was married took a step back. The men did not get the hint and still tried talking to her. The other girl pulled out her phone as started texting. I received a text message shortly after.

Maid of Honor (12:46AM): We r here too! Looking for u

Me (12:47AM): I am in lounge chair.

Me (12:47AM): are you talking to two guys

The girl checked her phone, looked around and saw me. I waved at her. She waved back and walked over to me. Her friend left the two guys in mid-conversation and hurried over to join. The Maid of Honor sat on the neighboring chair, and the married blonde sat with me on the lounge chair I was on.

The two drunk guys looked over and saw the girls with me and stared in sheepish silence.

"I hope you didn't think one of them was your stripper," I said.

 They both laughed.

"Sorry for taking so long. Those losers were trying to hit on us," the Maid of Honor replied.

The married blonde said, "One of them said he that he 'fucked a few married girls from Mississippi' when I told him that I was married and from Mississippi... classy."

I laughed. "I bet you found that attractive."

"That's why they're single and sitting at a pool drunk on a Saturday night," she replied

They handed me the money and we walked up to go to the hotel room together. The two men watched as I left the pool with both women.

On the way up to the room, I went over the routine. I was going to act as the hotel management responding to a noise complaint. I would scold the girls, mostly the bride, and then strip.

When I started, the bride completely bought my whole act. She apologized profusely until I took my shirt off. Then her eyes widened and her jaw dropped.

When she realized I was a male stripper, she smiled, laughed, and acquiesced to my strip tease. She grabbed my muscles and felt my body like I was her personal present.

"Oh my God," she said, grabbing my ass. "I never even seen a male stripper before. This is just surprising!"

There were only five girls total. I danced for them and even took Jell-o shots from between their breasts. In return, some of them took Jell-o shots from my chest and abs.

None of the other girls ever had a male stripper before, and they enjoyed every minute of my performance. I stayed until 3 a.m. They told me that they will be talking about my performance for weeks.

The Maid of Honor sent me this text message the next day:

Maid of Honor (1:37PM): Thank you!! It was really fun and we have enjoyed our conversations today haha

In total, I earned over $500 for both parties.

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