Sunday, December 22, 2013

Two Christmas Parties

Saturday, December 21, 2013

It's rare for me to get any work during the holiday season. Most people plan on spending time with their families instead of strippers. In fact, I don't believe I had any stripping gigs since October. I've been extremely busy anyway with my regular work and starting my own business. I work an average of 55 to 60 hours a week

I was very surprised when I got two parties for Saturday night relatively close to each other.

The first party was in Mobile, Alabama. The customer who hired me was male, and I was to meet him at his automotive shop to get paid, then go across the street to a restaurant to strip for a lady at a private Christmas party. My impression was that this was a possible swinger type situation.

It wasn't.

The lady in question was the owner of the restaurant, and the man who hired me just wanted to play a surprise joke on her. I would show up in a cop outfit and strip for her and the other ladies there.

Once I arrived in the restaurant, I noticed that it was a mixed crowd of men and women, both young and old. Mostly old though. I found the owner right away. I stripped a little for her, taking off my police shirt and gun belt, which she found overwhelming. In fact, I did not even get my pants off before she giggled and said, "I had enough! Thank you!"

A friend of hers told me to show the owner my ass, so I faced my ass towards the owner and dropped my pants slightly.

"No, you don't need to show me... Oh, you have a nice ass!" she said.

I did not proceed anymore. I danced with two other ladies for less than a minute each, and that was the extent of my performance. The guy who hired me did not even show up, and no one else was expecting me, so I gathered my things to leave.

The owner offered me food and drink as I was walking out the door. I thanked everyone and left. I was there for no longer than fifteen minutes. Very little work and easy money.

The next show was another Christmas party in Foley, Alabama. The party took place in a large suburban home in a upper-middle class subdivision. I reused my police costume.

The customer met me outside to pay me, and we went over the details. Basically, I would go up to the door and say that the neighbors complained about all of the cars parked on the street, making it difficult for traffic to pass through. It was a simple ruse, but I was there to strip, not elaborate on made-up police matters.

Before the customer left to go back inside, she said, "By the way, just make your routine short and sweet. A lot of girls here probably don't want anything too vulgar. You only need to stay for ten minutes or so."

Great. Another easy one.

As planned, I rang the doorbell, the customer answered, and invited me inside so I could inform everyone of the violation. While announcing the parking complaint to the living room full of women, I took time to study the crowd. There were about fifteen ladies in attendance, all between ages twenty to forty. There was also no particular lady to strip for. No birthday girl and no bachelorette.

It did not take me long to decide on who to strip for first.

While I berated the crowd, one lady leaned forward and tried to pull my pants down. Another ran up to me, turned around, and thrust her ass towards my crotch. I thought a lot of the girls here wouldn't want anything too vulgar.

Well, some of them did and some of them did not. The ones who did not want to participate ran outside where they stayed for the remainder of my performance. One lady ran and hid in the bathroom. The ones who stayed exhibited traits on the opposite end of the spectrum.

The living room had a large "L" shaped couch where the remaining ladies sat. They took turns pawing at me. One older lady took a peek as she tipped me, pulling my thong far enough out to look in. After she snapped it back into place, she rubbed my crotch. She explained that she was into BDSM and asked me if I wanted to be her "sub."

"Sure," I replied to humor her.

I laid a lady with olive complexion down on the floor and pressed my crotch into her face as I fished dollar bills from her pants. She laughed and grabbed my ass and squeezed my cheeks.

The next lady I interacted with had a velvet Santa robe on. She came up with the idea to dress me in the velvet Santa robe and have me sit in a chair so the other women can sit on my lap and pose for pictures with me. I spent the rest of the performance posing for pictures with the ladies taking turns to sit in my lap.

I concluded the show after that. The customer who hired me fixed me a plate of food to take home. The lady into BDSM approached me and asked if I do "private one-on-one" shows.

"Um, sure," I said. "What do you have in mind?"
She grinned. "Oh, a lot of things, dear."

I gave her my number and told her to contact me. She hugged me and kissed me on the lips.

That party was very short and sweet just like the first one was. I wish all work nights were this easy.

When the evening was all done, I arrived home and counted my money. I made over $400 from both shows combined. Earning that amount of money made me question why I even started my own business in the first place. At my business I can work all day and not even earn $100, and all of that money would go into paying rent, utility, and general upkeep of the business--not into my pocket. The only thing I needed to pay for with my stripper money was gas and the occasional car maintenance.

Perhaps stripping is my niche in life.

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