Friday, January 10, 2014

Updated FAQ

I updated the FAQ page. You can also click the navigational bar at the top of the page to access all of my frequently asked questions. I recommend that all new readers check it out, especially those who want to become male strippers.

Below are some of the newer questions:


Q: What do you plan to do when you get old and ugly?

A:  Set new goals and reach them. Read more. Vacation. Indulge my hobbies. My happiness does not revolve around looking young and getting laid.


 Q: You write about hooking up with bachelorettes. It's your responsibility to stop them from cheating. Why would you do such a thing?

A: Why would they do such a thing? It's their responsibility not to cheat. Besides, most of these girls are the sexual aggressors. My job is to show up, strip, and give the girls a good time; not babysit someone's morality.


Q:  What kind of women do male strippers like? (example: bigger, petite, fit, etc.)

A:   It really depends on the male stripper. Some guys like bigger girls. Some like petite. Others like fitness models. The occupation does not determine one's personal tastes.


Q:  When is your book on male stripping going to come out?

A:  I'm projecting sometime in that latter part of 2014. I will definitely post more details and updates as progress comes along.


  1. What happened to all the crazy stories you used to tell? Nothing wild happen these days anymore? What ever happened to that guy that wanted to pay you to seduce his wife? Any other wild stories from teaching in Japan or anywhere else?

    1. On my 12/25/2013 update, I mentioned how I started a business and worked a ton of hours each week. Well, it's kinda hard to do crazy and fun shit when you're working a lot. It's even more challenging to write about crazy and fun shit when you're mentally and physically drained from all of that work. The good news is that all of that stuff is in the past now.

      Now I have some more free time, which means more time to write. Check the new update, for instance. As for the guy who wanted to pay me for his wife, I did not get to respond to him. Then my phone died, causing me to lose his phone number, so unless he contacts me (I still have same number), the situation with his wife won't happen.

      I also have some possible upcoming plans that will be exciting even for male stripping standards, but I'm not going to reveal it until it actually happens. I don't want to get hopes up to disappoint.