Friday, January 17, 2014

Foot Fetish Video Samples

Awhile back I worked with a fetish model for an erotic photo/video shoot. As far as I remember, I only wrote a brief narrative of this incident. I'll get around to writing it all out one day. For now, here are a few snippets from our foot-fetish video we shot together:

Cleaning her feet.
Pouring honey on them.

...And licking it off.


  1. Did you break into this foot fetish video industry be being "discovered" through your stripping job? Will you do or have you done other types of fetish-style videos?

  2. I got into it by modeling and networking with female fetish models. Talked to a few production studios in San Francisco, but they would only shoot me if I were in the area, meaning they didn't pay for travel expenses. I have done other types of fetish-style videos and will write about it in the future. I'm still working on finishing my first book, so it'll be awhile.

    Future video shoots are up in the air. I've had two different girls willing to work with me, but nothing has been finalized. Plus, we all have busy schedules and nothing ever seems to match up.